ourselves at a very exciting moment with
the Skywalker saga coming to an end. We’re at a place of, what’s
next for “Star Wars?” One of the things
we’ve always done is be able to use our
franchise platforms to explore the
creative potential of the “Star Wars” galaxy. And so what if publishing was
more of an incubation place and bring in great
talent and just let their imaginations run free? We put together the
really unique writers room where we had diverse voices
with very different opinions about “Star Wars.” – We all love “Star Wars,”
but we’re all coming at it from very different places. This has been a very free
environment for everybody to just throw things out there. – We’ve all done
lots of storytelling. But this is unique
and really special. – The idea that this thing has
been simmering for so long. – It’s the secret
history of the galaxy. – Yep, that goes way back to
the beginning of “Star Wars.” – We gave them,
essentially, a blank slate. What would you like to tell? – For over a
thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the
guardians of peace and justice. – A line that we’ve
been hearing since 1977 and we thought, you know,
what does that look like? – It is a golden age
where there’s much more peace and calm in the galaxy. So we’re calling it
the High Republic. – The description that we’ve
used for the Jedi of this era is that they are the Jedi
Knights of the Round Table. – But “Star Wars”
isn’t just about Jedi. And we will tell stories of
new smugglers, new scoundrels, new bounty hunters. – The threat and the
tension really comes from the Republic’s borders. Because the Republic
does not extend from one side of the galaxy to the other. – It’s a bit of a Wild
West new frontier. We see a different kind of
Jedi that patrols the frontiers and is more of a Texas Ranger. – We’re now bringing in concept
artists and illustrators and visualists the
same way that you would when you’re making a movie. – We even had Ian
McKay come down and just do sketch
after sketch for us. When you have a guy who
designed the look for Darth Maul sketching Jedi
for you, it doesn’t get any cooler than this. – The scale of this initiative
is really new for us. We’re going to have stories
for adults and teens and kids. – We’re building this
out simultaneously across multiple publishers. It gives us the
ability to tell fast, interconnected stories
across multiple years. There will be a
core group of heroes that will expand over time. There will be villains. – Our main villain are
the group called the Nile. We kind of like to refer
to them as space vikings. – Their motto is, “You
can’t take it with you. But we can take it from you.” – Our story starts
with what we’re calling the Great Disaster. – It wouldn’t be “Star
Wars” without adventure. And there’s definitely
a series of events that that will spin the galaxy
into a dangerous new direction. And it’ll give the opportunity
for heroes to rise up. – The cool thing about this
that there’s going to be a story for every “Star Wars” fan. – It’s really fun to be able
to keep readers on their toes. This era is ripe
for storytelling. The eureka moment was the
question, what scares the Jedi? And that made us all
go “oh, something wicked this way comes.”