Star Citizen - Making Money with an Aurora [GIVEAWAY]

Star Citizen – Making Money with an Aurora [GIVEAWAY]

May 16, 2019

hello and welcome to this channel this is the Eradicator and today we're having another video today I am going to show you probably the quickest way to make money with the glued old and trusty Flying Brick that's right the aurora but before we do that I wanted to tell I want to tell you about very giveaway this month to celebrate the what the channel is picking up I'm really humbled by the support guys we're about to have 300 subscribers so thank you so much there's a giveaway I'm giving out and Aurora speaking of all Rs LTI Aurora with another a Legionnaire with squirrel 42 and also star citizen that's there would be a giveaway yep so the winner will be announced in you know just for Christmas Eve I'll tell you who is the winner and hopefully there will be someone happy for Christmas and but no word there will be other giveaways and I have lots of plans for this channel but anyway here we go entering the trusty little Aurora I actually I don't even know why I haven't no it's a loader shape but I don't even know for which which ship I'm not supposed to have an aura it's like the basic 1d or arm M R which is like the cheapest most basic Aurora actually can't do a couple of things we are going out so I want to do I want to go to the missions you need to go to personal there we go maintenance wasted that is the mission you want to have this mission is going to take you to a lab and there you go we are going to go to the lab on gala can you guys guess which lab are we talking about that's right we are talking about the drug lab we are going to go to jump town now say but you say Arad it's impossible right now to put any car on any boxes if you're landing you cannot put any bags boxes in the Aurora it's just that it just does right now that's right but we're not gonna pick up the trash at junk town do you guys know where I'm going that's right we are going to buy some questionable goods now the good thing about the good thing about the about taking this mission that's the reason why I'm taking this mission is that I don't need to look for the I don't need to look for the place I don't need to look for oh I don't know where it is where to go I don't need to I just need to follow the marker so here because I've been doing this for quite a while I know that it's on the other side of the planet so I'm going to take the marker the orbital marker here which is om you have to follow these oh my cos they take you to various places around the planet and they're going to help you go on so I see see unfortunately it's nighttime so the only way you can find the drug lab at nighttime because you don't have you don't have some people say oh I need to find this little island of eyes and that's the way it looks like and it's easy to find yeah sure but that only works if it's the day now at night you're not gonna see these these these indicators are markers so the only way you can go to the drug lab at night is to basically take that mission the wasted mission and so it's tough because sometimes it's on the other side of the planet so you have to really you know look around on the surface but I think that's gonna be it so we are going now to go down make our approach yeah so if you guys yes every right why why do you have these a flashy flashy like that's because I actually cry randomly crushed into an asteroid that when I was doing some song recording so that's why anyway it's not worth showing so we're going to go straight to to the drug lab now and as you can see the problem is that it's nighttime we can't see anything that's when you are really glad to have that indicator about you know where is that collection site which happens to be the drug like it's never great the drug like is never going to be shown as a you know jump town or drug lab on your on your on your on your screen it's always gonna be a collection site if you happen to have a mission here because the devs here the plan was you know if you go there for the first time you're not supposed to know that this is where you're going to buy all these you know goods ok here we are with just a bow let's try to find a good place to land where is it where is it where is it I can find it I think I'm just above it which is the reason why there yeah of course I was just above it all right so let's try to find a way to to land I usually like to land near the stairs so I don't spend too much time alright alright alright alright come on come on baby there you go okay so the other good thing about coming here at night is that well you don't have all the griefers or all the people who come here because they've seen on the Internet oh that's how you get there and they follow all the different visual cues that people would would give on these videos because as I said you can't see them an ID only way you can find this place at night is if you have the mission indicator so I still closing the ship oh it also closes okay feet and I'm going to get in and guess what I am NOT going to pick up the trash I'll just leave the mission open and that means I can come whenever I want I don't think I don't think there's a timer I don't know if there's a timer for this mission and so there is the the shipping console now what you want to buy is the over all right you just have 3su you want to buy weed oh and and when you see that screen that means that all the widow has been depleted that means everybody bought all the widow and we need to wait for the lab to produce more that means I came for nothing you would say well not exactly you still have the other drug the are true Cal toxin or whatever the profit is not nearly going to be as good as widow you can literally double your you can double your money with video it's just insane but I'll trigger the toxin however it's it's still you know it's still decent money for an Aurora remember guys what I have is no constellation is no it's not a cutlet it's just an Aurora with three SC you so if you can make you know a couple of a hundred a couple of 100 alpha UEC with an Aurora that's actually still very good so that's why I'm going to content myself with the ultra Kerr Thaksin even though I wished I could have taken some we do so the thing when you are at Jap town you never know who can come up you know maybe there's gonna be some griefer who will see my aura and shoot it from afar so you want to get the hell out of here as fast as possible and I think my engine was already on I'm sorry about it and there we go we take off now now you have the you have the drug you say where'd it go hmm can I go to Polo Lisa well we'll find out I'll show you what you should not do and where you should go it's very tempting to to go to Porto Lazar so because it's just you know I made Crusaders just there so you just need to leave the atmosphere and quantum drive and there and there we are all right so we just need to get there and land back to port only sorry oh that would be very quick you just do that go to yell ah taking the drug repeat and well you're gonna see it's not that simple unfortunately it never is with artisan which is why I know I it's quite interesting when you actually get some money you make a nice profit it is quite rewarding because you need to know all these little details but you can do what you can't do and yeah that's just I really like it so we're the comms I am NOT I'm not used to fly ah there it is we actually have a screen that's dedicated to cards so if you are flying the over alright yours your come screen is going to be the one on the far left now I'll be honest with you guys I am never flying over actually giving some thought about the over alright the other day and it turns out the aurora does have some uses actually one of my next videos is going to be what is the overall good for so don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you want to know when this video is up it should be about two days maybe one or two days I'll make more Aurora missions not missions I'll make a hit area that's so my name's videos maybe about all our missions and then I'll make about what the owner is good for I wanted to say I'm going to make more aurora videos because it is the most popular shipping star season a lot of you guys have an aurora or maybe just on Aurora and you're kind of wondering you know what is this ship good for it's possible to enjoy the game with an aura now can you do as many things as you know someone would have a Cutlass for example absolutely not but you can still be part of that universe you can still do know a couple of things that just make you remember guys as people would always say this is all for so it's alpha they are always gonna add more and more things that are going to make your experience more interesting and I would totally wait if you want to have a better experience with star season with just Norah I would totally suggest you wait until the ship rental system is up but that's for another video anyway so here we are at the console and so I was a little bit too far there we go used and let's sell make where's my aurora there he is and so I have my out to talk scene but unfortunately as you can see in the acceptable items in the middle they are not buying that they don't want it that means that if you buy some drugs you should actually go to this place which is where I'm showing yes the truck stops the shady trucks stops you never know you know it's like it for your life you know truck stops you have sometimes shady people who just know pop in pop out do some business buy stuff and there's no real authority here if you're committing a crime here and no one's gonna see as you can see there the icon of monitored space is not available if I want to shoot you outside of the army system not a problem the ones no one's gonna report my crime so my point here is if I bring some questionable items or sell them here no one's gonna say anything either which is why when you buy drugs it's better to go to actually a truck stop like here that's where you want to go so we're gonna stop by the way of course I've of course I'm editing the video because you don't want to see the whole thing but I've spent about a bit less than then then 25 minutes so far so I've actually shown you most most of what I've been doing alright let's just land or a ship there we go so now we're gonna get the hell out of here now I remember I remember when the truck stops were we're out a lot of people were visiting them and they were just the ships were staying on the on the bay for too long and people were stuck outside now it's much more reliable they're not going to keep the ships for a very long time and people also come to the to the truck stop less they prefer to go to either lower wheel or they are back to less your port olisar so it's it's a much better experience to go to the truck stops now that it used to be before so shouldn't be afraid of being stuck out out there waiting for Pat to be assigned to you well the elevators are still slow though right now we are going to go don't forget to check out where your pad was so here says pad 2 because if you want to take your sheep and then you forget where the pad is that is a little bit embarrassing so don't forget to note down where your pet is looks like there's o against some love in the inner chat someone's getting reported yeah yeah yeah there's always some love happening in the in the chat I love reading your the chat so we have to go to the admin that's what the trade console is and so there we go and we're gonna sell or or drug here we go and we're gonna sell we're sending the whole thing for a little bit more than 600 alpha UEC now you would say era that's not a lot it is not a lot indeed but guys that's what you would make you would not even make 600 alpha you see if you were selling some medical supplies with a with 20,000 up my eyes I did that with 4000 something entity that's not a lot of money guys you are making 600 NTD 600 NTD so that's where I live we invest the currency where we were making 600 alpha you see out of 4,000 alpha UEC that is a lot of money for the investments man can you imagine how much money I would have made with a you know let's say I had 20,000 alpha UEC on a cutlass so everything is related sure it could have been much more and I'm going to show you there's a way to find exactly how much money here there you go I could have very easily $3,000 you see this is actually from trade vertical that's the app I suggest everybody should should should use this tells you what to buy and where to sell for the best prices you can have different routes and it's going to tell you exactly where to go for the shortest amount of time best ship past both best you know commodity possible and that's really awesome so if you don't want to do exactly if you don't want to do what I did which is going to a place and then oh no they're not saying buy my commodities go to verse verse made calm I'll put the link down below and your that is how you're going to save a lot of time now if if I hadn't been – if I hadn't been – to pot oh Lisa I would have done that in a bit less than 20 minutes that means I've made 600 alpha UEC in 20 minutes you can repeat that three times in an hour that means if you take it if you are basically dealing that low-class drug instead of Widow and we don't know Aurora you can easily make 1,800 alpha UEC an hour so there we have it guys how to make quick money with an Aurora so that's gonna be all for today thank you so much for watching don't forget to like this video if you did like it and subscribe for more star citizen content this is the Eradicator I'll see you in the verse

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  1. I think that the toxin thing is not a viable choice nowadays. You can do delivery missions that give you 3900 UEC in the same amount of time or faster.

    And you can fit a box in the Aurora: just hold the box, enter the ship holding F (the box will stick to your hand) and place the box in front of the bed. You can also open the ship door, place the box from outside, but that's bit buggier.

    You can see this working in my video:

  2. Changing your gama setting will help you identify the landmarks necessary to find the drug lab at night, but this is an excellent method for sure and your tips are outstanding!  Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This gave me some inspiration to make the aurora the most inconspicious looking drug runner around. Unfortunately it doesn't have anything else to it yet aside from looking harmless..

  4. When I first saw the Aurora I thought it was really ugly but, seeing it in game I actually grew to love the look quite a bit. Must be why small, ugly dogs are so popular nowadays

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