[Applause] on Helen – Bessemer Costa chris Roberts [Applause] it's a pretty loud music there so thank you very much for nice entrance so hopefully you guys have been having a great day so far but I you know think the new formats actually quite fun and it was actually nice to get run around a little bit and talk to people that were safe playing in university and hopefully hopefully you guys have done the opportunity to spend a little time and talk to some of the devs I mean we had the we had the presentations in here but also there was quite a few of the dev staff that were down in the atrium showing various things like the plan aired solid which is the planets in the solar system editors and I don't know if any of you guys got to try the the Foyt the face over IP I don't know as hopefully you did it's pretty cool it's made some strides since Games Khan and played in the planetary playground so it's been a I think quite good so let me this thing's actually good there we go so there you go well anyway I was talking about the auditorium where you know I think we had some pretty interesting panels I seemed like the animation guys did quite well with their nice videos and obviously the Pioneer panel we had just before here which is something that I was saying actually when I was wandering around in the universe some side is the the extra amount of game mechanics at these planets that having the planets that we're building allows us I think it's pretty exciting because there's a lot of potential gameplay that goes beyond just straight sort of combat or trading which is what you were typically getting a space game so that's pretty cool and then obviously you know we spent some time talking about beginning the stance in the system and I don't know if any of you got a chance but this is really cool all my radar app which will now have before the moons of stansson and Delamar which is which kind of pretty cool to watch it spin around on the my radar app and of course the Raven was cool in the atrium and so hopefully you guys like I said had a good time in the the atrium talking to the devs and one of the things that we were doing there was letting you guys sort of get a hands-on with the weapons team and we have a weapon that's sort of a special skin for citizencon which you can get on the web but for everybody here I think a fair number you were sort of hands-on with the team and they were sort of helping you guys were interacting deciding or giving him or feedback on like what a weapon design or color scheme could be so I picked the two best ones there was a few more than here but these are the two ones that I felt could be okay in the game as there was a few that were maybe a little more colorful or interesting I should say so what we're going to do because everybody that is here in citizencon will get the weapon that we pick for free in their account and they can run around with it in 3-0 and treszura goes live so what I need you to do is pick so we have a so I want to and then we have B so I'm going to ask and I say who likes a and then the C out loud you are and then who likes pcl oh yeah so who would like to have a be the weapon again [Applause] yeah it's pretty loud so let's see how the be found is gonna do who would like be to be the weapon again okay I have like that sounded exactly the same okay all right we do it one more time be really loud for the one you want a DS [Applause] okay I think [Applause] all right screw it baekje will t bear to them yeah okay and you know obviously hopefully you guys went and played in the universe room you could play a little bit of a taste of kind of what it's like flying around and interacting on one of the moons of 3:0 and those machines are all set up with the fast octane drives and the Intel stuff so I think it was pretty fluid was pretty cool so hopefully you guys had fun who got to play who played up in Universal yeah okay alright and then yes you got to mingle with the devs which was I think pretty cool hopefully you guys got to talk to other devs besides maybe me yeah and then we had our livestream which I did hear that there was some lag apparently on but yeah yeah we spent a lot of money in this venue to upgrade their internet so it certainly wasn't that so we're gonna blame it on twitch at the moment I was watching some of it back when we work in the presentation back there and I wasn't getting like I was getting a couple of like it would pause and that'll be fine but I didn't get lag and it wasn't stuttering but I who knows who knows Sarkis anyway here we go so what's next so right now as most you know we're working on getting 3-0 out we've currently got it in evocati testing or then evocati members here okay well thank you guys very much because you're dealing with the painful part of it where it crashes a lot and you guys have to sort of not concentrate on the fun but concentrate on the areas we say please we need a lot of people playing this thing and I have to say I don't know what you guys do but our QA staff never managed to do the things that you guys did to the servers so we're like oh this is looking good it's 30 frames a second and then we put it live to you guys and it's like now eight frames a second what are they got oh they've got 20 staff errors what are they doing so but yes so in the final test and there one of the nice things about what we're delivering 3-0 is also the Delta patching so you know on the dev side we use it all the time our updates away quicker I think probably for you guys will never caddy when you download it's nice not to download 20 gigs every time there's an update so I think I think that's gonna be better for iterative stuff and it's definitely going to be better down the road for our sort of future develop their future delivery of content and features and patches so we're quite excited by the Delta patcher and as we move into the wider PTU and their live everybody's gonna get to experience but it definitely makes your life much easier and getting sort of quick patches and updates as much less of a deal and if you've got constricted bandwidth I think it's definitely something you are so what are we going to do after three zeros out in the very very near future so we've decided going after 3-0 that we're going to shift to a date driven model versus a content driven model so our goal is to do quarterly releases and we're going to have a road map of features and content that we're working on and the ones that sort of make the date get in that release and if not they'll shift to the the quarterly release after it and so the idea is to try to have more regular updates for you guys to play so you can give us feedback and iterate on and see the game grow because 3-0 obviously it's been quite a while since we delivered the last patch which was to 63 but really the last major patch was to 6 so it's been you know whatever it is now sort of since 2 6 10 months or so and that's just too long to sort of have a sort of content drought for you guys so after 3-0 well now that we feel that we've got the bones in place for the persistent universe in terms of you know fully persistent ships characters items you know the planetary system item 2.0 you know you know the entire UI the mobi glass all that's being revised feels like it's a really nice building block to be dropping on features as we go and constantly grow so going forward the plan on star citizen is to like I said be date driven not so much feature of content driven which three zeros sort of feature a lot because we have to deliver a lot of these things all together else you know any individual one of them won't work so I think they'll mean a better sort of more regular experience for you guys which will be good because after if there's a Content drought for a while everyone sort of gets a bit bored and that's not very good so we were able to do that going forward after 3-0 and the new Delta patch is definitely going to be something that helps us from do that which will be good and you know we're working on our sort of production report formatting so next week we're going to update it I think to be a sort of a little more readable or understanding for the closed-down of 3-0 and Beyond 3-0 we're going to present a full road map for the star citizen roadmap in terms of what features and content were working on a while order and that will be as we go live with 3-0 we'll release that with you guys and then we'll also present a road map for squadron during a holiday livestream as well as show you you know a portion of what we've been working on on squadron so that's sort of a plan going forward and along the lines of that we are now going to give you a bit of a preview of what we've been working on beyond 3:04 star citizen so this is the fun bit so Glen was gone to the stage yeah okay so a lot of you would probably recognize this this is astro mada that's an art court which you probably know from when we released the social module and one of our challenges is that you know the new paradigm of star citizen is you can go to all these planets you can explore all the planets we're not just going to have a cutscenes go down to the surface and have a very limb – landing area so the old or our Corp you basically were in a sort of well detail first beer first person small level and everything outside of it was sort of a you know kind of this you know it was sort of it was basically faked and in the new way a new planetary tech we can't so here we are in Austria Marda the Ravens there which is the you know the spaceship who goes with the update and beyond three zero we're gonna let you we're going to add the ability to buy or lease ships so that would be you know the first place you're probably doing that would actually be on arccorp in the Astro modest or and of course you also seen some level of our sub sub Shanae I going on which is also something with continually working on improving and next year will be even more self-aware all right let's say it out okay so we've got a bit bigger [Applause] the big difference with our thought that we have now is that there isn't really a skybox everything is real so are not realized well this digital but it's there it's a digital digital so let's let's just head through the main plaza of area 18 here at our fault which you can like to send you guys will have known from the social module although it's quite a bit different than it was in terms of scope scale obviously you can see a lot of the advertising and five stuff let's head out through the customs you're clear move along all right let's go so everyone's in a line as always if you're going anywhere to get through immigration there we go the main five parts so yeah very blade runner-esque got going this is a tariff it which again isn't it 3-0 but is going to be just after three zero although I think we should probably climb shouldn't raise let's let's start there's the small amount right the new Aurora perhaps welcome to awkward space industries enjoy the wide system check engines are all all right not show we're gonna let you actually get this close to the populated areas right you know you guys do it okay [Applause] so what you're seeing here is our core which is essentially a full-size earth-sized planet completely covered with man-made structures and add a real scale so you're seeing everything to their eyes and fully covered basically fire all over aren't so you can see off in the distance another city club that however the distances area area 17 and we're flying over the suburbs now so this is pretty much chorus on and this is this is our ancient wizard engine wizards in the frankfurt office this day this bark i've got better and Alex from Artie who will be out here in a bit and actually area 17 over there's 25 there's agitation is it isn't a 97 longer term we're going to be building a navigable populated planets multiple landing cents Mary area 17 I would have passed around on folks is such a big credit in detail the scale that we're going talk we sort of feel like it has to be more than just one landing zone or two landing zones and then nothing else on the rest of the planet so it has the field believable at the scale of our universe and that's always quite a challenge but some of the technology that we've been building is allowing us to do that as you can sort of see from the visuals that we're flying around here where we literally have a planet covered by a city all right so I'll Corp is one of our planets gonna head up to space something here in a bit but I have a little view of area 17 as you go beside it I think any other games quite on this level of scale right good I love red the red cluster you see up there is actually the thyroid system we leave Stanford now be one of our destination don't worry we're working hard on and see you guys we're gonna head to one of the space stations in orbit around our core so I think I've mentioned before that most of the big kind of more advanced though settled our industrialized planets have quite of will have quite a few space stations in geosynchronous orbit so that when say so on with a large ship like a whole C or D brings in cargo go to the space station and then the cargo could be offloaded abroad down to the planet so we're just going to head to one of them it's built using our new modular space station setup and it's actually beyond 3-0 you're going to see a lot of space stations and variety and we'll talk a little bit about how we're going to put it together and build them up in around the standard system and the other systems that we expand down and the key is it's all you know we're not lower with this you know there's no loading screens or anything is we just flew up from the city we were down in an area 80 then we were flying around these huge ice scrapers and now we're just heading up to the orbital Space Station Glatt glitz is showing off [Applause] and again this would be like I said one of the places what cago would come in it would be unloaded then the FPC's or plague potentially takes more amounts out so to give you an idea of this is you know the beauty of the sort of stuff set is a 64 bit precision it's like we fully fully you know it's all there we're up here in the space station looking down on the planet [Applause] [Applause] show I don't know glad should we jump or not Joe mad I think so alright [Applause] all right let's get back on the platform but his Evy a canister gravity plus gravity is much weaker up here that it's not on the planet the gravity is actually properly supplied all the way through based on your distance to the center of the planet so inside inside these these are all got interiors and in fact we'll we'll show you kind of how we build them in a second but yeah just give you the idea of the scale because you know the space station didn't look that big from a while ago and of course see how big it is now that we're a plus and if we go through here there'll be an elevator we get through on the other side that would get us into the atrium we'll show you a bit of that a little bit but let's kind of continue on with our journey there's a cop now that doesn't look very big Leicester's we're sort of zoomed out on the star map but Louisville is twenty three million two hundred and five thousand families whatever those matters in Game six of six now sixty eight kilometres away which is by long distance social we star concert and says you can see we both we've upgraded the whole sort of jump backs and everything using the GPU particle system that's coming into 3-0 yeah okay yeah another thing that we've added which you can see where the contrails of the engine trails now 23 million kilometres even at point to the speed of light takes about eight minutes now and actually in the gameplay side of things they probably would actually take you longer for the journey because you'll probably get pulled out of quad term by you know some other ships or and they'll be probably we won't probably let you go wuntch up directly to the other jump because it needs to be some time invested in getting there like taking cargo or whatever else but just a pure and elder they do the uninterrupted jumps about eight minutes in our quantum speed so while we're doing that we're going to take a little bit of time to reflect back on the tech that you saw on display so Sean you want to come to this stage and Alex from RT who's one of the team people after seeing all set and I'll hand it over there they sort of talk about what you how we go all right hi there everyone so for those that don't know me my name is Sean Tracy I'm the tech director of content here at cloud Imperium games and up here on stage with me is one of the bright minds behind some of the content that you saw there an area 18 and arccorp and behind some of the tools and his name's Alex Ramadi he's our lead technical artist at cloud Imperium games so figured while we're on our way to Hurston that we kind of show you a little bit about the tools and basically how we're gonna go about filling you know hundreds of systems with just as many planets with you know meaningful content and things to do for you guys and the way we're gonna do that is through super powerful tools really talented art teams really powerful and hyper intelligent engineers so we're gonna have to go picture and picture here for a minute alright so go ahead and run the tools alright so the first one I want to talk a little bit about is our procedural city generator so here it's a top-down sort of tool that we've built for the artists and the designers and what they basically do they draw the perimeters of all their districts now I realize it looks a little bit about like minesweeper or even like a Sim City kind of look but actually that's a really nice interface to this kind of thing so you see what he's actually done here is all the T's are little transportation districts and all the little yellow ages are actually an elevated area so these are different districts with different properties within them and it's important that all those districts connect to each other because of course if we got NPCs living there that's going to be an important point then we hit fill the city layout and this is when all the models and everything starts to get propagated but I should mention it's it's not just models its particle effects its NPCs its shops its signs it's all kinds of different content that really make the game for you the other important part of it is of being able to set you know the actual districts so it's things like commercial residential industrial and you might have heard of these before and he sets different heights these ones are suburban areas or suburb areas and this is where you know the NPC's will live it'll be different habitation sorta areas and then we hit save city layout and we've got our city so it's really exciting tool set and again this comes from lots of artwork and really really really attention engineers so you can see that in the distance is our elevated area we've got a sort of industrial area that's been built up you've got the signs you've got the shops yeah and you can even see before when it was a little higher up that there's transportation between all of these districts so you can still move around between and that could be mono rails that could be roads that could be whatever you know the artists actually come up with or design rather they come up with it so as he flies around you can see that this was more the commercial kind of area this is where you'd find some of your shops things like dumpers Depot and then over here was that sort of suburb area that he actually built up so again it's a really powerful tool set but it's really only one piece of the puzzle so the next piece of that puzzle is building up the interiors to this so keeping that same concept in mind we load up a different tool set and this one is called we call it our layout editor so this is our interior layout editor and it can be used for all kinds of things so here is our data for generator you might have seen this on a TV before and this is where we set up all our you know real meaningful data so these are different libraries that are used but for the artists and designers what they actually use is a flow graph system and each of those boxes or nodes are actually rooms and each of the connections are hallways or doors or elevators and things like this and you can see that all the rooms are connected and in a certain way and in a meaningful gameplay way so those are elevator shafts we might have a mission giver room we might have a treasure room we might have a pickup room we might have a secret room there's all sorts of different properties that go within them once we've got that flow graph we go to our editor we load that flow graph then we give it a deterministic seed and click OK and the tools go ahead and build that environment for us so now an artist so an artist or a designer could absolutely build this there's no reason why they couldn't but there's a lot to do here so you got to connect walls you've got to put lights in you've got a place NPCs even some kind of technical things we've got to place atmosphere areas we have our room system we have a power system and one of the problems with that is that it one it's a little prone to error so like oh if I forgot my link I didn't name it right or whatever or I used an art kit that the art team wasn't quite ready for things like this so it kind of mitigates that problem but you can see there's very meaningful content and we've got you know a level of like port olisar already generated within a couple minutes and again design or an artist could absolutely do this but again we've got to fill a massive amount of content here so he explores around a little bit we can see that there was there was a shop earlier I think we might have gone through casaba check that out and the other thing about it is a lot of these sort of systems will only generate like a certain one floor but again if we put like a like a stairs node within it we're gonna get different different levels so here we load a different flow graph this one is a different procedural seed and it builds up right again so again we can regenerate and regenerate and regenerate so many different sets of these interiors all right so that's second piece of the puzzle and the third piece of the puzzle and one of the more exciting ones do you want to run the next video is integrating it into our planet ecosystems so the ecosystems of what happens in this video is we're changing some of the properties just off screen of the ecosystem scattering so it actually scatters all of these assets so again the cities plus the interiors within them and it integrates them seamlessly into the art arccorp cities so you can see there's area seventeen in the background kind of looks like LA with the smog but we changed some of these different properties and you can see the scattering happens over and over so we're about to hit Hearst in here I'm gonna go ahead give it back over to Chris but I really hope you guys enjoyed the tools and really thank the team for working on that [Applause] blew out went to the space station look down an article that quantum travel flew through the space we have done any loading it's always the same star system and now we're in orbit like high orbit actually will fly it weighs out Hurston which is another planet inside of stanton system arccorp wasone is all in by article in the standard system the ue least each one of the major earth-type planets two different corporations in this case it's Hurston dynamics which primarily is a weapons manufacturer and person itself is the kind of it's the sort of planet that is what happens when there is no regulation and there's no environmental protection so it's probably gonna be like China in a hundred years or America after the EPA's being dismantled but so let's just head down and you know this will be an example of a different style of planet and you know ecosystem biome and it still we're still early days on this because obviously you know we're still getting three-30 out for use of the environment and the sort of procedural planet team have been working on art corp and hosting because they've finished all their 3-0 stuff and this is we're preparing for the next major release all this stuff but there's still a ways to go so remember all this is work in progress and there'll be a lot it'll be a lot better and cooler when you actually get your hands on it in the future so we're just going to we're just going to do a short distance short distance quantum travel so we actually do a lot we have two kinds of quantum travel in three zero and beyond one is a long distance one like going on between our corporate hjerson between major celestial bodies and then we have a short distance quantum travel that allows you to navigate around or circumnavigate large celestial bodies so like here we're just going to come much closer up to a the kind of sort of lower low orbit gateway into into Hurston so I'll let Glenn take us down with his consummate flying skills and so you know the the German Engine team that does all the procedural planet stuff is been adding I hope you see a lot of stuff to the procedural planet attack the oceans have all been ported over to GPU and ultimately we're not doing it here but you know they actually has though if we get low enough you'll probably see there's it's full wave simulation and we get low enough we want to have the thing where they wake from the ship crates waves but that's not in yet but we will be doing that at some point yes oh yeah we're heading in a way to Louisville which is the the main landing zone on Hurston so so and as we sort of build this out in the future we'll be a lot more sort of binding infrastructure this is basically an area that her sort of strip ban for all the minerals and creating its weapons and it sort of factories that we'll see we'll get to it a bit but as we move forward and just sort of begin the beginning of fleshing out sort of the secondary locations and objects we're going to add things like you know big you know macro vehicles that would be excavating dirt and stuff and give it a lot more variety because surcin is going to have quite a few more ecosystems and we're showing right here but let's head up towards person you can actually see in the distance the big person dynamic is sort of like the Tyrael building from Blade Runner so this is main area and actually when you land in Hurston that's where you're likely the lander that has all these beautiful shops inside it's all nice for the outside of it's all kind of smog and factories that flew to there so let's so fly up through and again laurels built using using the same tech is a different kind of building set for a lot of it but it's using the same sort of distribution tech that we do to sort of build out a city at a realistic scale for the for the ships that we have in the games that you know which is kind of important for our game because we want to have everything feel real visceral tactile and you can sort of appreciate just the sheer scale of these planets because you know often the distant system didn't look very big and now we're flying through it and you know it's a you know these are pretty tall big buildings Glenn likes to show off [Applause] so let's let's sort of head to the outskirts outside the city because we want to sort of give you a sense of kind of what it's like in the ecosystems outside and then also the sense of scale and you get because you know when you're flying around you're maybe pretty fast when we're flying it you know a pretty fair clip relatively I don't think they'd like you flying around say Frankfurt at this speed just above it but to give you the sense of being able to you know fly over a planet and then get down on the ground it's all seamless and also all the details so we'll just go out here beyond the main city areas and find their landing spot sidewalk that's not rock again [Applause] so here we are we're down on the ground and they actually consider see the large structures up in the distance which maybe didn't look so big while we're flying over but really actually are quite massive and this is kind of like the kind of Tundra area outside Louisville let's and again this is sort of odd our goal is is to try to kind of deliver the kind of you know on first person crisis level of detail for the environments that you're in but you know doing a lot of it procedurally and you know on a planetary scale so it's it's quite challenging but you know very confident that we're going to deliver all that goal and you know the team we have doing it who a lot of them were here giving a talk earlier incredibly talented and pretty excited by the potential I mean we've got a lot to go in terms of building further ecosystems also creating a foreigner for planets so there's a there's a sense of wildlife some could be hostile something to be passive but you know we essentially want to make these planets living places that feel visceral that have their own identity you know when you go to arccorp or you go to her store they feel totally different you know they match with the sort of story and the history in the law and they feel tactile they feel like a place that you could visit a place that you could go and tell stories of take you know pictures of a share of your friends so someone conveniently left us or not could use that to get a bit closer into the city systems activating systems on so you sort of could see the city stuff that seemed quite small as we flew over it but down on the ground and it's pretty huge all right let's see if glad you're just showing up now see it's just a show-off glad I don't think it's that good of a show-off so here we're sort of coming to the outskirts of one of the city the factory areas of Louisville and again we just have the beginnings of sort of our MPC population system so some of the other stuff besides the interior procedural stuff is you know longer term while working on sort of a background crowd simulation system a traffic simulation for ships coming and going in the background yeah that's the NOx is that sound a little physics bugs going on then we have foreground MPC so if you like mission givers that have their own full schedules and stuff like that but all the places will get populated didn't feel like the full of life so you'll have a you know like I said the whole goal is to have 90% NPCs to 10% players in the universe and when you come to a place like Loire Valley it plays a guard Corp it has to feel like you know it has millions of people in it because these cities are that scale and that's sort of what we used to and so we're working very hard to build background systems to be able to do that scale it create them on demand and create a you know realistic feeling location on whatever planet you're visiting so as you can see there's the Hurston dynamics you know main building off in the distance so it's a you know again that gives you a sense of like the scope and the scale of the city really is and as I said one of the things we're working on is fauna so so these are first these are the Oni the sacred Barney crabs so they're little scavengers on Thurston and there's quite a few other things that we're going to have on hearse and we'll do it but you'll have them running around and a bunch of other ones there you go there's this Louisville bears her sir so that's the sort of preview of where we're going and you can and you can see the the amount of attention to detail the amount of love and hard work that's going in from the team to do that because we really want to build out the universe of star citizen to the level that matches the vision of us and you guys plus all the amazing concept art that everyone's done so we you know people can say no you can't that's crazy to do that well our goal is to actually do it and so they've been doing a great job a lot of the team here that's worked on this is here and I actually at the end of here I'd like to get all the team members up on the stage people that have been showing stuff on the floor help for the demos together helping assist through the livestream so everyone it isn't necessary to run the cameras and livestream when you come up on stage here to get a well-deserved round of applause so come on and send and where's sandy let's bring sandy out here we go well I'll get my okay Scott but by the way ladies and gentlemen I Marco cabarrus here he's quite shy but he's actually the prime engineer behind the procedure it's quite a few other people the entrance in the den but a lot of all this fire stuff is a semi-automatic ladies and gentlemen all right support Marco because he's quite shy he doesn't really want to have any attention that's why you didn't want to do a panel or anything but I like to embarrass him but well done Marco is awesome stuff and the environment team that built all that stuff did an amazing job I mean you met quite a few of them Michele Cooper back here rezian be in somewhere there's Ian Pascale somewhere I don't know where Pascal is as Pascal so remember I got anyone else here from the parrot there no and then there's when Sasha as he hidden somewhere yeah there's Dan tripping in the back who put together all the little NPCs for Power Corp and stuff what's that yeah oh yeah well shush that's why I see where's Josh turbine there he is hiding in the back so I know so obviously the characters in the for the the on e crab and we got we've got quite a few other creatures in the pipeline right Josh yeah it's gonna be good but everyone I mean honestly everyone here's done an amazing job and all the volunteers that have helped us do the event it's been pretty awesome I mean I hope you guys like the new format i I don't I look at it it's song it essentially on the it says happy 5th birthday alright I just cut it [Applause] all right [Applause] there you go it's okay hey come on sign yesterday you want some cake all right Jared here Jared yeah yeah yeah all right now we got blue off my hands all right all right well thank you and by the way the other thing the outside of everyone here is done awesome job is anyone in the crowd and everybody watching online and everyone that's been and is in the community that's back to the game because we couldn't be making this game and doing stuff at this level of ambition without all your guys support so every everyday we are grateful that you guys allow us to be doing this so thank you very much and with that I think we'll see you in the biz yeah all right you guys all right now I need to get my house please Danny I get my house please [Applause]