Hello everybody welcome back, we have talked about 3.0 so many times already, the importance of this update for star citizen and how it’s going to transform the game but we have never mentioned before what comes after 3.0, after all this update is going to be the beginning of star citizen, the beginning of a better and new star citizen and not the end. There are actually four more updates planned and announced for star citizen after 3.0 up to 4.0 and each one of these updates will add more professions, more activities, more ships and more locations in the persistent universe and each one of these updates will make the persistent universe bigger and better. So i would like to go ahead today and take a quick look together at these updates that are planned and announced already for star citizen after 3.0 and see what they are going to offer to us, see how they are going to enrich the game and make the gameplay much better. So what we are all wondering right now is when are we going to see these updates and this is a tricky one because it all depends on the release date of 3.0, 3.0 and the other four updates, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 4.0 were initially announced in last year’s gamescom, gamescom 2016 and back then the plan was to have 3.0 by the end of 2016, something that obviously didn’t happen. If that had happened then it would have been quite possible to get all the other four update in 2017, now it all depends on when we are going to see 3.0 on the live servers. We had a very nice discussion about the release date of 3.0 and i think that most of us, if not the vast majority of us, agree that we are probably going to see 3.0 around June, if that happens then I don’t think it is impossible to see a couple more updates after 3.0 before the end of 2017 and this is mainly because 3.0 is the hard update to get in the live server for CIG, it will expand the persistent universe, it will add planets, moons, it will give us the opportunity to land on planets and of course it will add the first professions and let’s not also forget the netcode, the improved netcode that CIG wants and needs to get into the game to have a better performance. So it is quite obvious that 3.0 is the hard nut to crack for CIG and after that i am pretty sure that everything will start flowing smoothly and we will eventually get one of the best if not the best game ever. So let’s go ahead now and take a look at the features that each one of these updates will add to the game and how it will enrich the star citizen universe and the gameplay and of course we are going to start with 3.0 the most important patch for star citizen. It is the most important patch for star citizen because it will add planets and moons, it will add planetary locations, right now in the persistent universe, the mini persistent universe we have a small part of the Stanton system, the area around Crusader, a small area around Crusader, which is quite big to be honest for the stage of the game, for this stage of development. With 3.0 we are going to get the entire Stanton system, that means five planets and a lot more moons, space stations and locations around these planets for us to explore. Four of these planets belong to the Stanton system and they are ArcCorp, Hurston, Microtech and Crusader that belong to the corporations that bear the same name and we will also get a fifth planet, Delamar that doesn’t belong to the Stanton system but will be imported from the Nyx system and this is in order to give us extra variety, create extra variety for the players and of course for testing purposes, to have more locations to test and explore. 3.0 is not only important because it will add planets and planetary landings and planetary exploration, it is very important because it will add other basic professions such as trading, cargo hauling, piracy and mercenaries, bounty-hunting. This will give the opportunity to the players to try something different from what we have right now which is pretty much going out there to shoot stuff. So with 3.0 we are going to get trading finally in the game, we will be able to buy and sell commodities via kiosk and the NPC, via NPC stores in reality, around the various landing zones in the Stanton system, so it will be possible to visit one of the planets, go to ArcCorp for example, try to find a nice commodity that will fetch us a good profit and go sell it somewhere else for gaining that profit. Another activity that I am really excited for is smuggling, we will be able to start this career with 3.0, we will be able to perform this activity and in general we will be able to try and make money following this darker path. The introduction of trading in the star citizen universe will give the opportunity to players that want to follow this activity to make money in that way and enjoy the game but it will also give the opportunity to other characters, to other players that want to play the criminal role, to follow more darker roads. So we will also get piracy in the game and players that want to be a pirate, they will be able to do it but because we will have pirates, we will also have mercenaries that we can hire in order to protect us when we are trading, when we are traveling around trying to make some profit and this will have as a result the introduction of the service beacon system. The service beacon system is the system that will allow players to create their own missions, to ask help from other players or to offer a quest of their own, a mission of their own, ask players to do something specific for a certain reward. Obviously in 3.0 we will not have many options with the service beacon system but with the rest of the updates, as we are going to see very soon, this is going to expand and become better and better and let’s not forget about bounty hunting, if someone is a bad guy, if someone plays the bad guy there will be a bounty on his head and if you are playing the bounty hunter you will have the opportunity to go out there, find him and kill him or arrest him. The same goes with npc of course, there will be contracts that will ask you to hunt down and arrest or kill NPC, each one of these updates will also bring some new vessels in the game and with 3.0 we are going to see the Ursa Rover and the Drake Dragonfly, great options for ground exploration, which is going to be the thing to do in 3.0 and we are also going to see the Constellation Aquila fly ready, In this list the Drake Caterpillar is also reported but the Drake Caterpillar is already in game with the 2.6 update so we should take the ships in this list, for these updates with a grain of salt, after all CIG is following a “you get them when they are ready” policy, so we are going to probably see most of these ships sooner than they are reported here. 3.1 is going to add mining and refining, great additions for players that want to follow more peaceful activities and don’t want to spend all their time fighting NPC or other players. With mining we will be able to retrieve metals, minerals but also gas in order to refine them and process them later and sell them for profit, this will have an indirect impact on trading as well since it will add more commodities that we will be able to buy and sell and pursue better profits, we will also get more shops that will be able to deal in one or the other form of these commodities, 3.1 is going to be also great for combat oriented players since it will add finally quantum interdiction and bounty hunters or pirates will be able to interdict player ships from quantum travel. It will also enrich the service beacon system, since it will add refueling and escort contracts, it will be possible to ask from other players to come and refuel you, so players that own a Starfarer will be able to put it in good use but also ask other players to protect you while you are traveling from one area to another, for the first time we are also going to see quantum linking, since it is going to be implemented in the game with 3.1 and that means that multiple ships, ships that are in your party or however this group is going to be called, will be able to jump together, this is definitely something i can’t wait to experience. As for new ships, with 3.1 we are going to see obviously the Prospector, a small mining vessel for solo operators, that is going to be invaluable for this update, the Drake Cutlass Red and Blue, that many of you have been waiting for quite a while and it will enrich gameplay for this very famous model, the MISC Hull C a medium-sized cargo ship that will help you pursuing better profit when you are trading, or when you are carrying minerals and other commodities and the origin 85-X is also reported in this list but as we all know it is already in-game with 2.6, 3.2 now is going to add another great activity in the game, salvaging and of course the ship to perform salvaging with, the Aegis Reclaimer, another amazing vessel that we can’t wait to see in-game. For this first iteration of salvaging we will have the opportunity to strip commodities from ship hulls by using our handheld tools, by using our salvage guns that we have seen some time ago been mentioned by CIG developers and we will also be able to retrieve crates and other valuables from derelict ships and debris. With this update we will also get repair in game and we will have the ability to repair damaged ships via tools, something that will prepare us for the Crucible that will be added in one of the other updates that will come after 3.2 but also we will have the opportunity to repair damaged satellites or stations, maybe in the form of a mission and talking about missions 3.2 will enrich the gameplay that they will offer, we will get mercenary and covert operation missions that will ask us to patrol areas of space for example or even advanced mission scenarios that will require us to infiltrate a place, an area and steal, retrieve data or objects from enemy, from our target, sabotage their factories for example and even have missions that will require us to save hostages. Definitely very interesting addition to the gameplay and something that we have never seen before in star citizen. As for new ships along with the Aegis Reclaimer that we have already mentioned, the Anvil Terrapin will be added to the game and the other two variants of the Constellation, the Taurus and the Phoenix but also the other two variants of the Vanguard line, the Harbinger, which is the bomber of the Vanguard line and the Sentinel, the E-war variant of this line, 3.3 is the next update and finally our dream is coming true, we can be a farmer in star citizen, we will get farming as an activity in the universe of star citizen and we will have the ability to plant and grow crops, harvest when appropriate and sell the final product. So if you always wanted to have a plantation in the star citizen universe, 3.3 is the patch that you should be waiting for, this patch will also add rescue in the game, we will get missions that we will have to rescue NPC from a variety of dangers, such as powerless stations, damaged ships in decaying orbits, something that sounds very exciting and evacuate personnel because of one of these dangers or something else that CIG can imagine. Definitely really interesting, the rescue mechanism, that we will have to rescue NPC from such horrible and fascinating scenarios. Of course 3.3 will add new ships, the Anvil Carrack is planned for 3.3 and I really hope that we will see it sooner but even if we see it in 3.3 i am really excited for this ship but also for the 890 Jump, that is also planned for 3.3 but the Banu Merchantman as well, three great ships, three amazing vessels are planned for 3.3 and to be honest i hope we will see them soon. The rest of the Reliant variants are also going to be added with this update. And last but definitely not least, maybe a patch with as much importance as 3.0 is 4.0 that will add jump points and actually will add more systems in the game, for the first time in star citizen, we will be able to leave our initial system, Stanton and visit one of the other systems that CIG is going to add to this magnificent universe. I have no idea how many systems CIG is planning to add with this new patch the 4.0 but there are three systems around Stanton, that are connected with Stanton with jump points and these are Terra, which i hope will see with 4.0, Magnus and Pyro, all these systems sound really good, they have a lot of places that i would love to explore and discover and hopefully we will see them all with 4.0 This patch will add jump points in game, will add exploration and discovery and we will be able to go out there and actually perform exploration properly this time. There will be unknown asteroids, asteroid belts, derelict ships, fuel sources, bases, commodity locations and of course we could always scan space and surfaces in order to utilize, share or sell the info. Along with exploration and discovery 4.0 will also bring science and research and i am really curious to see how CIG is going to implement this activity in the game. We know there are already ships in the game that have science in mind, when they were developed so it will be really interesting to see how this activity is going to take shape. What CIG is mentioning here is that science and research, with this activity, we will be able to retrieve samples from space and planetside locations for analysis, atmospheric manipulation, scan and analyzing various phenomena, can’t wait for it. New ships that will come with 4.0 are the RSI Orion, the mining behemoth and the Anvil Crucible, a dedicated ship for repairing. These are all the updates that have been announced and planned for after the 3.0 release and when we will see them in game depends heavily on the release date for 3.0 of course. I am really excited about trading and smuggling that will come with 3.0 but also salvaging and exploration that will come after this. Which one of these updates seems to be the best for you and which one of these activities you are excited for, i would really love to know. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more I am SquidofLove and I will see you next time, bye bye.