House Speaker Paul Ryan is taking on the unchecked federal bureaucracy as part of a conservative agenda Republicans are rolling out in advance of November's elections speaker Ryan believes unelected bureaucrats have effectively usurped the legislative branch under President Obama we've got this evolution of this fourth branch of government unelected bureaucrats this fourth branch of government they're effectively writing our laws that we experience and they're doing it without government by consent they're doing it without consent by the legislative branch therefore people through their elected representatives have no say-so on the laws that they're being forced to live under he said that under President Obama bureaucrats in Washington have more power than ever to effectively write their own laws look the president is just a bonafide liberal progressive who just believes in never there's never enough government endless and unlimited government which never actually ends up balancing we can't have an executive that thinks that he can just keep going it alone and write laws himself the executive branch is not the law writing branch of government the legislative branch is Ryan believes it's imperative that his party makes it clear to voters they have a different plan that will restore constitutional checks and balances we believe we have an obligation to show people how we would do things differently how do we make sure that the government works for us and not the other way around how do we reclaim the separation of power so we have to put in place the kinds of lasting structural constitutional reforms to reclaim the separation of powers and limited government so that we can really reaffirm the principle of self determining people part of Ryan's five-point agenda is to rein in burdensome regulations which are estimated to cost the economy up to two trillion dollars per year and so one of our objectives our fifth plank of our agenda of restoring the Constitution is to have what we call the reins Act which is all major rules and regulations that come out of an executive branch they've got to come back to Congress for final vote and approval before they can go into effect so that we can reconnect the laws that people experience with the law writers the legislative branch before they go into effect and this to me is a critical restoration of the balance of power that we have to maintain that we have to reclaim and that is why this is one of the ideas that we're gonna be running on all year long for the MacGyver Institute I'm Jen Healy