members we come now to the social assistance residency qualification lead to state legislation bill and the question is that part 1 stands part I call dan boudoir madam chair it's a pleasure to take a call this evening on the social assistance residency qualification legislation bill I would just be a brief call today madam chair but I want to explain our rationale on the National Party side for supporting this bill through its current stage through to 6 through to its eventual passing later on this is a very important bill the purpose of this bill is pretty clear it's first and foremost about flexibility it's also about fairness and it's about giving locals who live in the realm who are New Zealand citizens the opportunity to go back and contribute to their local economies but at the same time fulfil the requirements for to access the superannuation so just to describe a little bit about the bill I mean certainly while I support it it's it's essentially allows any person from the realm that is from new way took allow all the Cook Islands to essentially live here and contribute to New Zealand's economy but then after they turn 50 as long as they complete five years in the realm of where they come from they can move to the Cook Islands new way or Tokelau then they will essentially qualify for the New Zealand superannuation or veteran's pension and I believe that that's a really important step to make of course as the Minister will know and that in the chair at the moment our relationship with these countries is very strong and it back a long way in terms of our history economic relationship in terms of remittances but also our political relationship as well and I think Madame chair or mr. chair now that this bill is essentially really important to enable people from the round realm to get their superannuation entitlements but at the same time contribute go back into their country and contribute to their local economy just going through the bill since we aren't committee stage looking at the amendments and part one certainly very supportive of those clauses in terms of what the policy problem that I see it mr. chair that we're trying to solve for is essentially giving people the opportunity to fulfill their 10-year residency requirement plus five over fifty as we know but also allow them the opportunity to go back to their countries from the realm and contribute to their local economy and also fulfill the requirements for the New Zealand superannuation or veteran's pension now mr. chair we were on the Select Committee as part of this process and we heared a total of seven submissions seven of those were were written and two of them were submitted orally and essentially mr. chair there were three arguments that were made around the the bill that would prevent this bill from going forward and I just want to highlight them I don't agree with them but I want to outline what the issues were that were raised in the submissions and why I don't think that we need to address him and listen sirs so firstly there was a it was an issue from one of the submitters that this bill essentially discriminates and what I want to assure the person who made the submission is there this bill is open for any overseas person that in New Zealand that wants to fulfill and can and do the requirements to fulfil the requirements to get their pension but then also wants to move to any of the islands in the round whether it be Tokelau Cook Islands or a new way and they are able to essentially move to those islands and also fulfil the residency requirements there was also an issue that was raised in the Select Committee process around the fact that this might actually harm some of the economic contribution to these nations and I would actually argue mr. chair that it actually does the opposite through giving people the opportunity to work in these countries to go back to these countries but also to fulfil the requirements of the pension it also essentially is going to be a contributor to that I call the Honourable Tracy Martin Thank You mr. chair just a quick call on behalf of New Zealand first