Diplomacy and Tact: Effectively handling
difficult or sensitive situations concerning others. Being able to understand where people are coming from and keeping your opinions to yourself is
quite valuable in the working world. Anytime I interact with a member of the
community I am the face of the organization. Even when I’m frustrated, I, I do tend to be pretty diplomatic. To develop your Diplomacy and Tact,
start hanging out with people who are different than you. Reach out to an
organization of a different political party race or gender views and ask if
you can sit in on a meeting. You could even go volunteer or simply just reach out to somebody from a different country and see if they want to get coffee. Try to get an idea of where they’re coming from. What are their stories? How are their views of the world different from mine? The better you are at understanding where someone is coming from and keeping your opinions to
yourself, the better you will be at Diplomacy and Tact. People will respect you for it.