We both are farmers and the city is our home. We were thinking of ways to connect
farming with the place where we live. We’ve also been worried by the
low quality of vegetables offered and so we wish to find a way to grow
high quality and delicious food right in the city. Thus Herba Fabrica was born. Our actions have been inspired by several facts.
According to data from the UN there will be 9 billion people living on Earth by the year 2050. [URBAN POPULATION GROWTH]
This means that we will need to double
the current agricultural production. However we are continuously losing agricultural soil.
We lose 13 hectares per day, in the Czech Republic alone, [DECREASE OF AGRICULTURAL SOIL]
which is about the area of 13 football fields. [DECREASE AND CONTAMINATION OF DRINKING WATER]
Another pressing problem is the decrease
and contamination of drinking water. Contributing factors are inappropriate
agricultural practices and the use of pesticides. And finally we are concerned
with the issue of food transport. [CARBON FOOTPRINT LEFT BY TRANSPORT]
Before an ordinary vegetable reaches your table, it often travels around 2000 kilometres
and leaves a significant carbon footprint. Herba Fabrica is a vertical farm
based on a hydroponic system. This means that we grow crops in
vertically stacked levels using nutrient solution. We conserve not only space but also up to
95 % of water compared to ordinary agriculture. And what’s more, we don’t use pesticides. We are able to create a farm
in all sorts of unused urban buildings, even in your own neighborhood. Thanks to that you know exactly
how and who grew your vegetables. And so we can even create a farming
community in our home city.