Shaw, Fox and Seymour debate policies - over cake

Shaw, Fox and Seymour debate policies – over cake

May 16, 2019

Jacinda Arden look I'm totally convinced about that right and if I was trying to work out when was the last time in New Zealand political history when any political party had a 20-point jump and that's pollen in the space of a fortnight I mean I well and I can tell you James it was Don Brash in 2004 and you know he nearly made it after your decision yeah after his classic races diatribe on the beaches at Ottawa yep he had a huge jump in the polls trying to get the the bigoted vote from New Zealand's Pale Male style collection madam of Fox who's going to be the experimenter Inuyasha oh look I think it's a really close race I mean she think that Bell English did very well in the debate the other night Jacinda got some good points across except when it got to the question about raising Marty out of poverty and she put on her cloth cap our socialist unionist perspective again and said until you until you fix poverty and put food in the bellies of our children we can't teach them well that's the excuse they had throughout the entire 80s and 90s which allowed Marty and Pacifica in this country to flounder at the bottom of every education statistic while everybody made an excuse that they couldn't teach them because they didn't have books at home or shoes on their feet now that's rubbish in hekia Parata has proven that it's rubbish charter schools prove that it's rubbish Marty medium schools prove that it's rubbish in Huntley where you have area of great disparity the top performing school in this nation is a narco among among us David Seymour who is going to be the next so so far James are saying just in there dear madam I'm not sure all right I think it's a bit Seymour look it's a very close election and I'm glad we're having this discussion because third parties actually will make the difference the way obviously theatre does look Jacinda a dune is always going to be a shooting star the only question is whether New Zealanders are going to make her Prime Minister before she starts that to seem very didn't people say the same thing about John Key I remember it's people saying I remember people in the Labour Party saying John Key's a shooting star the only quiz how long before he distance to the scene well as it turned out it was eight years yeah exactly and I suspect that her descent will be a little bit quicker you know the difference between her and the current lot and Helen Clarke and Michael Collins government is that Clarke and Cohen had lived through the 70s that I've seen what Moulton did to New Zealand but being members of the fourth Labour government they did actually have some sensitivity about the sensibility around the world these guys are the first generation of student politicians who will be a government and someone like Chris Hopkins thinks there's nothing wrong with ringing up your mates in Australia using parliamentary privilege to try and play games political games across the ditch that's seriously dangerous people need to look at Labour's industrial relations policy you're just batter the season how old are you before you are a first term 34 year old and you're being condescending about the Labour Party yep that's right because I'm not promising to be Prime Minister I'm promising to introduce ideas to a government that does actually have experienced people that's why I'm supporting Bill English to be Prime Minister over to sundar D and that's why I vote for it as a vote that seems to write government because actually that other one are a little bit danger okay and I've got every right to call them out on that James sure I know that the point of this discussion is to do more than reduce politics to some kind of horse race sure right yeah but we need to talk about your poll ratings yeah are you setting do you think based on the best data that we've gotten I think ready ready in New Zealand's poll of polls has us on I think about six point eight something like that at the moment um the last set of polls has a scraping north and there is the direction of travel that we want to be here how brutal of the past few weeks being actually the past few weeks have been great so I've spent the last couple of weeks out on the campaign trail anywhere between Queenstown and Phung a day so you should be by yet right by now you should actually be the walking dead basically but you are rather enjoying the Sun I'm having a great time I'm having a great time John I understand and what is great about the time you're having look so this is obviously what this is my first campaign not just as a member of parliament but also as the leader of the party and so this campaign has a different quality to it from the previous campaigns I've been a part of so I have been all over the country um you know east-west north-south and I'm getting to interact with communities and with groups of people from different walks of life that I would never have had the opportunity to otherwise and there's a fantastic experience and people like I mean you know you talked about that the hunger for change I mean this is why I'm saying with such confidence that just cinder I don't know with an experiment a stir because on the ground I really detect that strong mood for change will the Green Street back in power yes absolutely will the Maori Party be back in public guarantee it put money on it okay so in order for that to happen you have to get 5% which the poll suggests is highly unlikely or a seat that's the seat you hold is yre key how astute adored lots of polling have them close our internal polling don't have them as close when you talk about when you talk about them you're talking about turtle Ryan is who was a strong Labour candidate well he is a strong Labour candidate but suit at all level has a proven track record is a very good minister as reliable his great integrity and he is well known around the traps and Waiariki for actually just being a down-to-earth guy he's always at the monoi he's always working for his fun do you think you're one absolutely guarantee now what happened last time is he won the party got 1.2 1.3 which means that you came in on the party this time you have how a tamati running a very strong campaign and hau'oli right and so if you went to electorate seats don't know any more than that right but that imperils your ability to get back in on the absolutely it does we need to either have more party votes than we do seats or I have to win my seat that's the only way benefits you are away behind the I I'm a little way behind and now polls have us have me about our internal polls about six percent Labour's internal polls about eight percent the poll that Murray did on the weekend was 16% and but you can feel that there is a strong labor loyalty the loyalty is not to the incumbent in peers to Parekura Horomia and to the Labour Party they've held that seat for 70 years so I felt that there was a really good swing til Jacinda came in so our people looking at the polls going we could change the government and you on the ground you go door locking they want to change and so the poles are reflecting that and it we need to call that back because they need partners and they need an independent voice because you look at them re in peace inside the Labour caucus and they're hamstrung by their leadership every time they punch up an idea that they think might be good they're told get back in your box we don't want that Co Papa Marty idea that's not our policy and I'm yet to hear just them to come out and say strongly exactly what is their policy around treaty around mighty rights and water around the rail mighty language being taught in schools there are so many Maori specific issues that labor are campaigning on that they think they're going to be able to have the voice for yet I'm yet to see one policy from them that says so one of the things it also hasn't been talked about much is climate change in James Shore we'll come back and talk to you about that but i want to go to david seymour and talk about able you're gonna win it well the polls have got Lee sixteen points ahead and the level of recognition and warmth I get knocking on doors and so on is much greater than last time what response do you get the biggest difference this time is that it used to be you know hayoung David's and now they say you yeah we know welcome so that's that's a big difference and a lot of people just tell the unsolicited that you know we're going to vote for you so that's really nice why why are they gonna vote for you a couple of reasons one is that I have actually taken being an electorate MP very seriously you know it's a real honor to be sent by your neighbors to represent them in Wellington and to be the last line of defense on a lot of issues people have issues of a health care system ACC immigration taxation council etc so I've been there for them about two and a half thousand people have come through my office but the other reason is the simple logic sorry to interrupt two and a half thousand people would come through your office in the same way that Peter done work being elected MP very effectively so they've come to Claire I can talk about block trains and all some of them you could end a phone call others I was on your show absolutely fighting inside here and her family for two years so you think you've got it look at all the indications look that way but I've never be complacent what it does mean is that me winning ipsa means every party vote or act counts towards giving more act in peace and that is critical in the selection because and I hate to say it to James but you know that the poll of polls is actually going down it's still being held up by those old polls before the slump these guys are in serious danger being out of power and being a wasted vote and it's going to be one of the tragedies of this election but one of the feistiest and most fun MPs in Parliament who's a million times better than most of the I'll call it and you won't be back and your tweet you're talking about madam a foxy adopted John because I'm a recovering electrical engineer and I just look at the numbers you have you have the good grace of national rolling over and say please vote and get this buoyant yes without X in the long term they have no coalition partner and they're stuffed so you know we work together very well it's called having a political joke so you've just told Jane sure that he's leaving Parliament James sure is looking across at you as you speak and nodding in agreement with what you're saying [Laughter] something that he kind of bangs on because it's useful to his political yeah I used to wait for someone else to say we're all going to die [Laughter] this is a bit of cross-party assistance I'm trying to help green voters who are in danger of wasting James Shaw are you too reasonable I'm looking I've got here and you seal them here at article and the headline is greens unveil poverty plan for 100,000 kids yes do you know what the date of that is yet 2014 it's 2000 and holy is the Olympus mm yeah six years before ages ago yeah and I'll talk to you about what must be meaningful et bonne chance campaigning in favor of child the issue is how do you solve it no that's why there's been so little program I do want to talk to James sure though about the fact that you seem to be way ahead of what everyone on everything everyone's saying is theory every want to do something about the climate but it didn't make a single appearance in the least about no it did not no I was pretty disappointed by actually so how do you make that relevant weeny everyone is talking about housing about child poverty by getting into government so I mean we are the only party that has made climate change their centerpiece of our election campaign and we know that people you know don't kind of you know there's a lot of people who kind of aren't that they're worried about it but it's like it's not very high up their list of priorities but that is the point of you know a plural per allistic political environment is that you've got parties you say actually this is important I've got a question for you then about climate change of climate changes your as your pivotal campaigning strategy yeah the thing you care most about the globe organization of which we are all members and a cross-party agreement it was heated even David even David was headed by Kennedy Graham who you've now got rid of I didn't get rid of me walked out and then they wanted to come back and you fella said no thank you very much but I mean the thing is that climate change is larger than one person every political party is low than one person I have been leading on climate change you know for years so point is and and I know you answer this you said really the greens yeah but it strikes me that people either plagiarize the greens or or or completely ignore your central policy when it convenient to do so and your job is to assert the relevance that's what yes and end at the end government but are you achieving that are you achieving that connection with the electorate this time now ask me again on the 24th of September but I'm asking you now so yes actually yes we are and I think that there has been a significant change in the last 20 years in terms of public opinion around climate change it has now elevated to the point where people are really concerned about it that it does have a much broader constituency whereas there is actually a great deal of consensus in society now that didn't exist on look at the current prime minister but um if you look at the current prime minister who only ten years ago drove a tractor up the steps of Parliament to protest the idea that farmers might have to pay a small levied in order to assist with agricultural emissions research which has government you know later on introduced you know I think that the the things have changed but no other party is making at the top of their political agenda and I think for people who are saying actually if you look at the long-term challenges facing New Zealand and the world of which climate change is clearly at the at the forefront then that is why the Green Party needs what's our effect monomer thank you for raising that week so so not just a statement we've actually proposed creating a young humanitarian visa category as if ik Islanders hello sliced by rice it's a because at the moment been not recognized by the United Nations refugee systems so you want to get this so that so that that's the highest priority for the greens right well at the top of the list oversee well what is it for you in it or its housing and education and they go together you know if you're worried about child poverty you've got to break the cycle with better education but you've also got to recognize that the biggest cost that the poorest New Zealanders face you know 30 years ago when we passed the RMA the poorest New Zealanders were spending 27 percent of their income on housing now it's exactly double that 254 so you wonder why these stories about people living in cars and garages while we've got children literally dying from being brought up in unhealthy homes why we've got this generational divide of heads and have-nots why you've got so much agitation about immigration it all comes back to the fundamental problem that we build half as many houses as we built in the 1970s because of stupid council red tape and regulation absolutely underfunding of just because you played a really passionate and compelling case on behalf of what we might lazily described as an underclass and I'm sorry I hate that to him but it's a shorthand that works when you have got much time you've also been part of propping up a government under which all the indicators you describe have got worse over the past few years everybody well the the Kido is saying life John is to focus on the things you can change and and and let other people deal with the things you can't if you look at what I've done in government we've been there to say look you've got to fix this housing problem you've got to replace our land use planning laws I used to have discussions with John Key about this and say when are we going to sort of you say well we've got 59 votes and you've got one do you know anyone else in Parliament who helped us replace our land use planning regime now unfortunately and I hate to say it murderer but these guys decided it was more important that the e we got consulted about the building of homes than building homes for the poorest people you have concerns that you have consigned nine people to poverty my reforms or not the amendment that we negotiated yep that you weakened it everything in it you stalled it for two years we now have resource management and I asked you you guys weren't on board for serious land-use regrets that would allow us to in title position Texican what is the thing you are most proud of achieving in your association with the national lead government increase spending for far no water for one so that it can be rolled out to help the thousands of families forty-five thousand families in the last three years alone we've had over 300 people helped into their own homes 76 new entities just in the South Island of Marty who came and said this is we're a hundred and seventy million dollars each how many people helped into the new homes about three hundred what about the we're not housing New Zealand I'm not the house let's scrutinize on a bang for your buck about the people who have moved themselves out of poverty and into job creation the people who have moved themselves out of poverty and into a safe warm home that people have had their homes fixed the people have gone off their addictions and are working to strengthen their families to improve the life for the for their children we have helped 45,000 families for the different reasons that they've come to us for and that might be to find them a home it might be to help them get a job it might be to overcome addictions but it is phenomenal and it is a game-changer for the way in which this country does its business because now you have fan of water groups popping up all over the country because they know that's the way to do okay why should people vote for you david seymour why should i because look we need to fix housing we need to fix education and the answer is not more texts and government spending the answer is more entrepreneurship cutting red tape and regulation allowing New Zealanders to provide themselves and create the schools that will educate the next generation and what's more I'm the only person on this stage that can say that of party vote for act confidently will bring more equities ekdam piece into government and make a difference it's rubbish you know the only one who can say that James my mother my Fox I'm gonna give you the last word because if you want a government that is committed to making New Zealand a world leader in the fight against climate change if you want a government that is committed to cleaning up all of our rivers and to ending poverty in this country once and for if you want to label it government with just under our donors Prime Minister but you do not want Winston Peters calling the shots then I would say give it I devote to the Green Party and they'd need some mates caused by current polling you're not going to get there with you to on your own and in order to get and whether you can you could go into the coalition so I've seen it before imagine just sender material somebody and Madam of Fox three-way Natur running the country we change the world but that's not the only option that this country has and they need to get across the poles first if the Marty party aren't there there is no guarantee that an inside any of those parties they've been talked about that Marty issues will be made front and foremost to addressing the great disparity and inequality that currently exists in this country and if we don't make the right changes now in 2050 when we are 50% Brown where our population of Maori and Pacific era are 23 years old medium age we will be the backbone of this country and the economic driving force of this country we have to make the decisions now that will help get us there what are those decisions [Applause] MMP offers us I was in the gallery premium MP I was a young political reporter pre image making is that it is much broadly a reflection of New Zealand now thanks to the MMP and thanks to the fact that people like you three and your parties are in Parliament so it is an M&P election and you have reminded us today of what X stands for what the Marty party stands for and what the Greens stand for thank you for being with us tonight good luck for the rest of your campaign Thanks yeah well it's been our pleasure and on behalf of everyone on the checkpoint team thank you for listening or watching and thank you to our political party leaders for coming in tonight and thanks for the cake

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