look this is where identity politics goes right you have this guy from California who's become a presidential carrying today I don't know anything about him right so I've literally just discovered this guy because I watched this 22 second clip from being interviewed by vice news and my god this this is the worst example of identity politics got mad that I can think of right the the very question of him running because he's a white guy is the points of contention why should another white guy be President why should another white guy be President as if she as if the identity politicians just get to decide what kind of person gets to be President and you are asking them permission to say well look it can I please be President and they're like yeah but why white guy wear the kingmakers here not you so we the media will decide using identity politics what who's gonna be the the person in charge and why should we why should we have another white guy like ever I've had enough white guys haven't we I mean I know that this is racial and section of the sexist discrimination but like why should why should it be another white guy and instead of saying hey that's totally backwards framing it's the public that decide not the media surely and why are you discriminating me in against me in arbitrary ways instead he just goes oh well I'm a progressive well white guy who doesn't see other identities or understand other experiences should not be President listen to how broken he sounds right you can't muster self-confidence and sort of moral integrity which is what you're trying to do when you do this by just conceding that really there shouldn't be you know and definitely not one that doesn't understand identities but I do and so I'm a woke white guy I mean surely that's that's good isn't it that's what you're looking for I do and you know where there would be gaps and my knowledge or my experience I will pass the mic to people you know who do have that experience I then why do we need you why on earth would anyone vote for you if that's the if you scream like well no this person can talk like that's not leadership why I mean apparently you're polling on 0% so I can kind of see why did that you're being treated like a second-class citizen like just the fact that you are a white guy or hang on a second white guy you're you're part of the undesirable class actually and so I mean you know I'm not saying that we're in it you know well get judge you for it but you are and we have other plans do you understand we have plans for society that don't actually involve white guys so you know what are you gonna do I've also pledged that I would ask a woman to serve as vice right okay why wouldn't we just have a wooden president why are you a privileged straight white man standing in the way of the first woman president ain't gonna get the votes may are you they are absolutely not gonna vote for you because you were a straight white man that's where the left has ended with this identity politics you are the problem with too many too many straight white men we need less straight white men more queer women of color do you understand how they're trans if possible really right on the tippy top of the stack like why why should we have another white guy it's like Jesus can you even imagine asking that about anyone else my god oh really you know why should we have another woman journalist does anyone ever thought about answering else asking that question what would the answer look like hysterical screeching about misogyny right so how is this not misandry how is this not active group power being used against a group that is not even allowed to defend itself in that way like this is this is predatory that's how it looks to me it's predatory to have one person one group of activists using a particular kind of group power in which the other side cannot answer and it's all just completely moral for the that's it's the moral thing to do – then just steamroll over this other group and I'm just like okay I I don't want the other group start I you know doing politics in the same way because I find this kind of politics cruel I find this to be something that is soul destroying I mean it's soul destroying watching him talk you know he's like I know I should be trying to do something but I'm literally in the wrong class of person like I'm I'm literally not physically able no matter what I do and it's not because of any deficiency in me it's because of their bigotry like it's soul-crushing to watch it's the most unmanly unmanly thing I've ever seen in my life and it's I did you know you shouldn't be according to the philosophy you're following you know you have no argument and no legitimacy in this regard you have been made a second-class citizen by identity politics no no one's voting for the undesirables man especially not in your region bloody hell and in the other regions where they're not looking at you thinking you know in the same way then they're looking at your lack of Manliness and vim and like self-confidence and just thinking well no way no way do I do I think this guy's gonna do a good job other thing is like I said I don't know anything about this guy right he's probably a very competent man in all other aspects of his life but man when it comes to present and I know hey I'm not gonna I'm not exactly one to judge about presenting yourself as political candidates right okay I'm not I'm not saying that I have all the answers all I'm saying is I'm looking at this and just thinking this is the the very worst of identity politics writ large is it completely presented to the world and saying look I am I am literally like the servant of these other people and like I'm just gonna be the footstool and yeah I'm still asking them to put me in charge it's ridiculous on the face of it but anyway I could probably go on about this all the time but this is where the left eventually meets a kind of caste system where now we're looking all you're part of the undesirables caste should we have another white guy probably not let's be honest that's that's the conclusion we're gonna come to well probably good for the woman of color you know she's got close to connections to other people is also she probably better than you