what's up guys welcome to crown Ric Auto China where we search decommissioned police cars for goodies weapons guns today we're gonna search this 2006 ford crown victoria police interceptor we're gonna figure out where it came from what it was used for where it's going we're gonna figure out what the hell happened here so it looks like all the windows are bashed out in the meantime I gotta be watching out be super alert I got this flare gun as a self-defense weapon and this fox pepper spray because we do have a criminal who broke in here let me show you where some loyalists came and cut the fence here see so he broke in and he stole my catalyst converters though the converters are this car in that car right over there damn criminal loyalists let's see what kind of goodies I can extract out of this I have center caps I have really nice tires spotlights let's see what kind of goodies I can find inside nothing but glass in here I should not gonna stick my hands in there let's take a quick look inside we got a center console wonder what the hell happened here they probably used this car as a shooting practice or something I don't know maybe we'll find some evidence figure out what the hell went on here Oh what's this Sheffield knife cool all right found my first good goodie Zack there's a gun lock timer in here I'm gonna have to remove we have Wheeling model 52 serious you have to test these out all right I'm gonna start putting all the goodies right here so I have Nick over here removing the spotlights let me see what you got yeah no you just gotta pull hard like that see gotta give it a little oh look at this you're slacking right behind you it was camouflaging I actually I mean like you didn't see it you're not looking for goodies but you should be oh crap now this makes sense this is probably what happened to all these windows yeah because uh all these windows have bashed out this thing is pretty beat-up I couldn't pull it from that side look how freakin heavy these things are that's perfect because I got a security car coming that needs to be upgraded so I can throw those on their gloves and stuff down there but there's soap in nasty water and I don't want to touch it these plugs are good for covering up antenna holes too just in case you didn't know we have to do the same in the back oh man there's been a good boy day so I'm gonna show on my little secret stash check it out oh yeah these are marine little mini flags Whelan – King mm strobes got red and blue I'm gonna autograph this one and post it and I'll probably do the same for all of these right here because I got so many of them looky what we have here a slug Oh super sock ammo yeah oh there's some yes another one I don't know if these are work though these are so rusty there's more in there here's some way Emily you think they'll work you said maybe you're hoping to get on the show all right so of course we're having trouble getting into the trunk I was thinking about getting any with the battering ram but that's a lot of work she probably is close to the lock huh yeah this guy he's got his food we're gonna go ahead and try to yank it good to go it's on the metal part ready go damn that was a fail I'm actually gonna save this bulb it's a good bulb all right okay we'll try ready do anything okay I got an idea that's the ammo we got real quick and yep that's let's do it driving to a safe spot where I could shoot the trunk off everyone else is too chicken to drive this let's do this we're gonna go with the super sock first then the slug let me show you roughly shoot without recording didn't work all right now this is Lucknow slug look at that slug Wow watch this guys so I can stick my hand in there and grab it all right let's uh please be a biscuit and holy crap what is this there's probably like a sniper gun in here yeah stingers all right we're gonna have to google and see how this thing works don't step on that nice let's fuck let's just put it to the test all right let's see what else is in here though real quick I definitely gonna want to get these tires swapped out because these are really nice and put some some crappy tires and it's go let's go test out let's do it five we're gonna go test out the spike strips I'm making this L II I loyalist eliminator interceptor big shout-out to LDI industries they're a company that refurbished his police cars they actually inspired me to bring his baby back to life every one of my first sponsors so I totally appreciate them and I'm supposed to be a star of some sort draw the funny man what did he look like anyway d76 just the case a many things with the police huh look at what we have here drag Piper Oni what do you but uh but you have to do P shut up dude I'm gonna don't know what the heck hey how'd you get out of your cage you can't borrow the movie car it's back in jail [Laughter]