My name is Sam Stevenson I graduated
from VCU in 2015. I am currently working as a recruiter for costar group in
downtown Richmond. I was home-schooled from first grade on and to kind of get
myself ready for college. When I graduated from high school I attended
John Tyler, so for me it was a really great connection I was paying my way through
school by myself, so I knew it was gonna be a financially smart decision and knowing that community colleges students would graduate with an associate’s degree within Virginia, you would be guaranteed acceptance to any school within the state. So for me
that seemed like my ticket in. The program had a lot of really good reviews,
everybody I’ve talked to that’s come here has really enjoyed it as well. So I
knew it was where I was wanting to be. I worked my entire time since I was
financially responsible for my schooling. I spent a lot of time bartending,
earning money that way, but I was also using it as networking opportunities to
kind of talk with folks about careers and growth after school. I did do an
internship with CBRE Richmond. I spent ten weeks with them and their wheel
program kind of going between each department, spending time with each one
so that was where I did majority of my internship and kind of sparked my
interest in commercial real estate as well. The organization I spent my most
time with was probably VCU Athletics as an attendee of the basketball games.
That’s probably what I did the most. I think what makes VCU School of Business so
special is I think it’s the teaching staff. I think that the teaching staff
here is so focused on making sure that you’re getting, not only a books smart education, but being ready for the real world.
The professor that impacted me the most was Dr. Bob Kelley. He ended up making a
really big impact in terms of how I looked at those projects and kind of
talked about it. He actually sparked my interest in branding and marketing, which
is where I hope my career takes me is in that direction. I ended up finding my
first job out of school at the VCU Career Fair. When I started with a local
grocery store chain as a district manager, he used to work for the Ukrop’s company,
which was a big Richmond chain of grocery stores. He actually took the time to
take me to a grocery store and talked about what he was focusing on with his
district managers and what he would look for in his his individuals and things I
should be looking for. They really prepared me for that career, definitely
one of the more impactful teachers that I had while I was here.