May I ask you about the quality of your housing? Or can we go through a questionnaire with you? We are okay. Do you think there is someone in this
house who has specific housing needs? So this is neither a hostel, a
reception centre, nor a shelter… So it’s a squat? Yes. How long have you been
without a stable place to live? It’s been 14 years already. How long have you been without
your own place to live? Since he has been there. I lost everything. We paid high rent, which I couldn’t
afford with my maternity leave. It’s impossible in this environment. We need privacy, a quiet place for doing homework. They are going wild here! Valerie and me, we’ve been asked from
Housing First Amsterdam to come and give some trainings here in Brno. We’ve come to the conclusion that Housing First for the Roma families here could
be an even bigger success than Housing First in Amsterdam. Which parties are involved if
you deal with disturbances. I hear the family, I hear the organization… Are there others? So you talk with families,
landlords and in some cases, with the whole house block. We use Fundamental Rights Agency – LERI fund to
develop the Registry Week methodology here in Brno. We used the funding for basic data about
housing needs of families with children. Rapid rehousing is intended for two years. We will follow the families for
as long as they need. For some of them it is for the first time in life to have keys for proper housing. As they’ve spent their whole life in hostels or
asylum houses or even worse conditions. So this is a very strong situation which is full
of emotions and for us, the social workers, it’s for the first time after seven years,
I’m telling the people they are going to flats, not that they’re losing their homes. From our base of thinking and looking at life,
we see that there is no difference. We don’t force our clients, we try to stimulate them and make their own choices, and we
show them what the possible outcome can be of their decisions. Actually what we do is we give them space to make mistakes, and to learn themselves, so they
can really make progress in their evolution.