We are the fifth richest nation on this
planet and we’re talking about taking away something which they love! It’s company for them! It tells them what’s going on in the world! I don’t think these people who are talking about about taking away this little concession really know anything about life. The people who are making these same these rules and conditions by the way, probably earn six-figure salaries they’re not sat in nursing homes or in a little flat on
their own having to put an extra blanket around themselves to keep them
warm. The only thing that keeps these people going in some circumstances is the television set and we should be ashamed of ourselves! Ashamed of ourselves! To
even contemplate taking away their complimentary licence. I will be 80 in
September and I can afford a licence but there’s millions who are not as
fortunate as me. We can’t take that away from them! We can’t do it it’s not
right! Didn’t someone say once it’s a land fit for Heroes? So let’s look after them like you should look after heroes. They’re not asking for
handouts, they’re asking for a free television licence so they can sit at
home at night and be entertained particularly those who live on their own.