in addition to the partner report which includes the financial information every partner should report on the progress made with a policy instrument to do so you go to your dashboard and just scroll down to see on the right hand side the policy instrument progress you can open here the policy instrument report there's one report per semester which is in line with joint progress report and the report covers all the policy instruments you can create the report whenever you want and it can be done by any partner now it created report on policy instruments for peer 2 and also for ps3 because we are already in semester 3 anyway now we interested in the reporting for progress report too so we select a report on policy instrument for PR 2 first you can see the overview of all the policy instrument with the respective partners so let's say we are partner – we are responsible for Policy insolent – so we select this policy instrument in the upper part we see all the information and the general features which were was already provided earlier and which is now blocked when we scroll down to the subsection policy change we can actually report on any achievements so let's say in this semester we achieve the first policy change we select here yes and the text fields become editable so we fill in the text here and when we are done we save and to knowledge show that we did not forget any mandatory fields we can check via this button now I was found so everything seems it seems to be filled in correctly we can go back to the list and we see here a green check sign which means as a reporting for this policy instrument is completed the information filled in in this part is transferred automatically to the joint progress report and when all partners completed the information so basically when all the policy instruments have the green check sign here the lead partner can lock this section for editing