morning happy Tuesday hopefully everyone is doing wonderfully this morning most high grandma's another morning to be partakers of his wonderful plan for us and there's another opportunity for us to get it right so we're in the next chapter of the religious liberty crisis the Battle of Armageddon and this chapter is entitled the movement for religious legislation is inspired by satanic agencies that we're going to jump right into it with a quick word of Prayer so for those who are tuning in good morning hope you guys are doing well so let's bow our heads for a word prayer most gracious Heavenly Father thank you so much father for granting us life once again for blessing us graciously and mercifully for with a wonderful love for Gavin giving us life again this morning father I pray for the Holy Spirit to be granted to us father to say reminds of heavenly things that keep us focused in steadfast holding on to with that which is true according to a holy precepts in thy Holy Word and father please grant us more strength in our faith so we enjoy these last trials that are taking place in the last days which are cranking up the heat truly and that's the furnace of affliction is cranking out helpless to really take it up with our faith and step up and make our calling and election sure father so I pray this all by all this and faith in by love and yes on your shoe is precious name we all say sure all righty so we're going to dive right into the second chapter this movement for religious legislation is inspired by satanic agencies ever since his fall Satan has been at work to establish himself as ruler of this earth review and Herald March 9th 1886 title stay in behind every move naughty move has been made in exalting the idle Sabbath and bring an aroused Sunday observance through legislation but Satan has been behind it and has bend the chief worker review and Herald April 5th 1890 title sayin scheme will have been perfected when the legislature frames laws which exalt the first day of the week and put in place of the seventh day the device of Satan will be perfected review and Herald April 15th 1890 title The Satanic movement will be amassed by letters legitimate and commendable Reforma t measures note this combining the temperance reform with this Sunday movement they represent themselves as laboring to promote the highest interest of society and those who refuse to unite with them in the nap are denounced as the anemone enemies of temperance and reform it is one of Satan's devices to combine the with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausible 'ti spirit of prophecy of volume 4 page 404 and if you if any of you haven't heard of or haven't learned about the temperance movement and took place in 1870s which was a social movement that was against the selling of alcoholic drinks and the consumption of alcoholic drinks and also with that being said shops during and pretty much after the temperance reform movement prohibit the sales of the selling of the prohibit the sales of alcoholic drinks which set in place blue laws or Sunday laws to close down shops alcoholic liquor shops on Sundays so if you haven't learned about that look more into it yeah I learn our history to truly understand these things that are happening now title so close an imitation that human detection is impossible Antichrist is to perform his marvelous works in our sight so closely will the counterfeit resemble the truth that it would be impossible to distinguish them except by the Holy Scriptures by their testimony every statement and every miracle must be tested spirit of prophecy volume 4 page 411 title we shall be commanded by law to worship the counterfeit Christ Satan comes as an angel of life in the wilderness of temptation to deceive Christ and he does not come to man in a hideous form I'll repeat that he does not come to man in a hideous form as he is sometimes represented but as an angel of light that's why it says Satan comes as an angel of light scripture gives that to us man has an another interpretation you come present personating issue of the Christ working mighty miracles and men will fall down and worship Him as Yeshua the Christ we shall be commended by law to worship this being whom the world were gratified as Christ review and Herald December 18th 1888 and now please note this 8 homes him Christ if say Satan coming as an angel of light to man that makes him more deceivableness for him because if he was to come as it he is for him we wouldn't know who he looks like and we will be able to distinguish truth from error but him coming as an angel light makes it more more cunning so please keep that in mind because Satan is very deceptive and him having that perpetrating light that you use them to corner devil carrying a pitchfork is such a falsehood that is not even biblical title spiritualism modernized into Christian Science will become the devil substitute for genuine medical missionary work as spiritualism it simulates more closely to the nominal Christianity of the day it has greater power to deceive ensnare Satan himself is converted after the modern order of things he will appear in the character of an angel of light through the agency of spiritualism miracles will be wrought this sin will be healed in many undeniable wonders will be performed through spiritualism Satan appears as a benefactor of the race healing the diseases of the people and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith spiritual sphere prophecy volume 4 pages 405 – 406 title due to great errors by which they and welcome cement together spiritualism private ISM and Rome through the two great errors please note these two great errors the emmitt allottee of the soul the stay of the dead and some Sunday sacredness Satan will bring the people under his deceptions while the former lays the foundation of spiritualism this in mortality the soul will lay down the thrown foundation of spiritualism the latter Sunday sacredness creates a bond of sympathy with Rome private ISM well yet stretch her hand across the Gulf to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold power which the dragon the beast and the false prophet our our country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of the conscience spirit of prophecy volume 4 page 405 title a false revival a false universal worldwide revival promoted by a united effort of the world in the church spiritualism and Rome to usher in the millennium the line of distinction between professing Christians are professing believers of Christ and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable the church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them and Satan determines to unite them in one body and the straightened his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism spirit of prophecy volume 4 page 406 papers who boasts of miracles as a certain mark of the true church will be readily deceived by this wonder-working power in Protestant who has a way who have having cast away the shield of truth will also be diluted Papists and Protestants and worldlings will alike set the form of godliness without the power and they will see in this union a grand movement for the conversion of the world and the ushering of the long-expected millennium spirit of prophecy volume 4 page 46 now I wanted to share a short story with you because this point just this paragraph reminds me of this of this not incident but a conversation I had with someone online and so this person asks a question and you guys know about and speaking of tongues and all that stuff that they're doing encourage my taking Pentecostal churches and stuff they ask the question have do you have the gift of tongues the asset question is up there was a poll I hit no and as soon as I had no I already knew this person was going to try to preach to me about me the gift of tongues and so they did and so they said that will by having to get the tongues you have the Holy Spirit and if you don't have the gift of tongues you don't have the Holy Spirit and so I asked him this question I said well what if a false prophet our false teacher has the gift of tongues how can you distinguish between them being truly genuine or being false how do you know if there are false teacher if they speak with the gift of tongues this person really couldn't give me a clear answer they didn't they pretty much say that they don't know they just know that you know the gift of signs is up the Holy Spirit I said well clearly Christ says that in mock Matthew chapter 7 verses 15 to 20 false prophets shall rise and how do you know them you don't know if a person is a false prophet or false teacher a false passer by them having a certain gift of this you know them by their fruits by their character you shall know them cousin a good tree will not bear bad fruit and flip the other way around a bad tree will not bear good fruit so please note that the miracles that papist will boat that boast about these miracles of as a certain mark of the true church say and can recreate we can counterfeit those very miracles and it can be very undetectable if we don't know the Scriptures so I just want to share that note we're almost done title under Satan's personal personal generals generalship only a few will discern the genuine from the imitation now is the time now is the knee there is now the need of earnest working men and women who will seek for the salvation of souls firstly and as a powerful general has taken the field in this last remnant of time he is working through all conceivable methods to close the door against the light yah would have to come will have come to his people he is sweeping the whole world into his ranks and the few who are faithful to God's requirements his requirements His commandments are the only ones who can ever withstand him and even these he is trying to overcome go to yah for yourselves for yourselves pray for a divine enlightenment that you may know that you do know what is truth that when the wonderful miracle working power of Satan shall be displayed and the enemy shall come as an angel of light you may distinguish between the genuine work of the Most High and the in temp intimidation or the Institute imitate imitation scuse me intimate intimate information work of the powers of darkness review and Herald extra December 24th 1889 and that concludes the chapter o the religious light legislations are inspired by satanic agencies so let's be very very careful as we approach the closing work of our history we're in there as we said as it says here we're in the REM the last remnants of time we don't have much time left but the most high is willing to restrain the four winds if we are determined to complete this work and Lily by that evil hold it back much longer so let's work steadfastly and spy on this trip and continue studying continue reading your word that's only SR shielding our defense so with that being said I love you guys so much and I pray you all were blessed by this reading stay tuned to the next chapter of the religious liberty crisis have an awesome and blessed day guys you