Karla Grant: Ddid you know that there are 430
delegates here plus 54 speakers from across Australia, New Zealand and the US?
It looks like we’re going to have an amazing two days together so please
join me in welcoming Marcia to share her thoughts on self-governing . Marcia Langton: Most people
who are informed about the status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
people agree that many of the present policy settings are contributing to a
tragic and avoidable decline in their well-being especially the vulnerable. The
children and youth are victims of a failed view of the Indigenous world and
of indigenous people. We must imagine a future in which Indigenous people thrive
and we must do whatever it takes to reach that future. This is urgent.
Jill Gallagher: In the beginning their framework was too rigid, It didn’t allow for local
aspirations so the framework needs to be flexible enough to make sure
none of our mobs get dudded. Lil Anderson: We have negotiated 89 treaty settlements and
would you believe it we are four to five years away from completing all
Treaty settlements in New Zealand. Craig Ritchie: How we conceive of an issue will influence
the course of action we advocate so thinking, reimagining and dare I say
dreaming matters and we should take the opportunity that these two days give us
to do that. .