Mike Bloomberg started as a middle class kid
who had to work his way through college, then built a business from a single room
to a global entity, creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs
along the way. He could’ve stopped there, But when New York suffered the
terrible tragedy of 9/11, he took charge, becoming a three-term mayor who
brought a city back from the ashes, and brought back jobs and hope with it. Creating tens of thousands of affordable housing
units so families could have a decent place to live, raising teachers’ salaries and kids’ graduation rates, and creating a more open and livable city
for the millions who call it home. He could’ve stopped there. But when he witnessed the terrible toll of
gun violence, he put his money where his heart is, helping to create a movement to take on
the NRA and the politicians they own, to protect families across this country
and help turn the tide. And he’s funded college educations for
thousands of deserving low income and middle class kids, and supported life saving medical research. And stood up to the coal lobby and the
outright denial of this administration to protect the only home we have from the
growing menace of climate change. But now he sees a different kind of menace
coming from Washington. So there’s no stopping here. Because there’s an America waiting to be rebuilt. Where everyone without health insurance
is guaranteed to get it, and everyone who likes theirs
can go ahead and keep it. Where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the struggling middle class
will get their fair share. And jobs that just allow you to get by
will become jobs that let you get ahead. Mike Bloomberg for President. It’s going to take all three to build back a country.