Vladimir Putin’s re-election is certain.
Don’t waste your time looking at his carefully-scripted but sterile campaign
for clues to Russia’s future. Instead, look at the $327 billion dollar defense modernization program that Putin signed in Sochi on
November 27th after a non-stop, four day session with Russia’s top military brass.
This in a country where personal incomes have been going down for four years,
growing poverty is a key problem, and social protests are up 56 percent. But
that’s exactly the point: Russia is effectively at war. When he
signed the defense modernization program, Putin called on all Russian enterprises –
private or state – to be ready to switch to military production “in a time of need” as
he put it in order to, again a quote, “efficiently neutralize” external threats.
The message is clear: Putin is a wartime president, and wartime
presidents are not to be replaced so long as the war is going on. And Putin,
his propaganda machine, and his generals will make sure that it is, and gets
hotter by the day. So what do you think will happen in Russia after Vladimir Putin’s re-election in March 2018? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know
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