the President of the United States of America wields an astonishing amount of power with the stroke of his or her pen the executive branch of the United States administers and enforces the laws passed by Congress and executive orders in many cases are used to interpret and execute the laws passed by Congress and orders by the judicial branch this is the cool facts show subscribe for more cool facts this episode is brought to you by want to learn more download a free audiobook can get a 30-day free trial at audible trial com+ cool facts show Americans must be prudent when voting to ensure competent leader that can serve Americans but remain mindful of the interests of peace development and worldwide cooperation this choice can have a significant impact on billions of people article 2 of the US Constitution states that the executive power shall be vested in the president of the United States of America executive orders are one way a president can exercise power executive orders are subject to judicial review but do not require the approval of the legislative branch do an expense the president can use this power to implement policies about asking the Congress facing a public debate or giving its opposition any warning the first recorded executive order was President Abraham Lincoln's executive order establishing a provisional court in Louisiana released in 1862 executive orders memoranda and proclamations differ from one another even though they are all issued by the president's post executive orders and memoranda bear what is known as the force of law while proclamations don't necessarily have any legal impact federal agencies are required to follow the president's orders as long as they do not violate the Constitution although both executive orders and memoranda carry the power of legislation they don't go through the same process executive orders are numbered and published by the official record of actions of the United States which is a federal register executive orders are designed from people inside the government while proclamations are intended for those outside the government's for example president Trump's executive order on immigration forced the Department of Homeland Security to exclude people from certain countries from coming into the United States a proclamation could be something like the president declaring national green agenda history has been defined by presidential executive orders the New Deal to cope with the worldwide economic crisis President Franklin Roosevelt signed the executive order number 7034 announcing the establishment of the WPA which created 8 million jobs over 600,000 miles of roads 125,000 bridges 8,000 park and 850 airport landing strip japanese-american concentration camp the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in the signing of executive order number 9066 by President Roosevelt this is the controversial order that required japanese-americans to be incarcerated for having japanese ancestry the Manhattan Project President Roosevelt issued executive order number 8807 on jun 28 1941 this order established the office of scientific research and development the office responsible for conducting research and testing the atomic bomb the Emancipation Proclamation this order changed America forever issued by president abraham lincoln on january first 1863 disorders freed over three million slaves living in the Confederacy executive orders are powerful but they're not absolute they can be revoked or overturn there are a number of ways to overturn an executive order any president can revoke modified or supersede any executive order oftentimes presidents revoked the executive orders of previous presidents Congress can revoke modify or supersede an executive order with legislation it has the power to override an executive order by passing legislation that invalidates and can override the president if he vetoes the law courts can declare an executive order illegal or unconstitutional in 1935 the supreme court overturned size of President Franklin Roosevelt's executive orders in 2017 the courts overturned president Trump's first quarter on immigration want to learn more about executive power we recommend listening to secret lives of the US President what your teachers never told you about the men of the White House for the cool facts show fans listening to this episode is offering a free audiobook download in a 30 days free trial so you can both check out their service and get this book or any other book you'd like at ww audible com flash the cool facts show find the link on your screen and in the description did we miss any facts from presidential executive orders let us know in the comments below if you liked this video please don't forget to press the thumbs up button share this video with your friends and family new videos are posted all the time this is the cool fact show subscribe for more cool facts have you seen our video on the Department of Homeland Security 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