now president moon faces a major
shake-up in his diplomatic calendar this month following Chile’s sudden
cancellation of the APEC summit watchers say could force him to take a rather
different tact on his peace and analyzation drive with North Korea Shin
Semin with the details on an unexpected change for South Korean leader moon
jae-in in regards to his diplomatic schedule for the month of November it
had been confirmed by South Korea’s presidential office that the president
would visit Thailand for ASEAN related meetings traveled to the APEC summit in
Chile and make a stop in Mexico on his way there there is also the korea-asean
special summit in the country’s southern port city of busan toward the end of the
month but with Wednesday’s announcement by the Chilean President that he was
scrapping the APEC summit in Santiago due to intensifying anti-government
protests the doors to president booths planned sidelines meetings with other
world leaders also slammed shut although South Korea’s presidential
office has said it would closely monitor the cancellation reviving the APEC
summit at this late stage looks highly unlikely it was thought the South Korean
president who would meet with US president Donald Trump in Chile for
talks on speeding up denuclearization talks with North Korea there could have
also been sideline talks with the leaders of China and Russia both deemed
to be critical partners in efforts related to the north on top of that
efforts to soothe Seoul’s relations with Japan were also expected to be on the
cards amid their trade spat with a termination date of their bilateral
intelligence sharing pact known as ji somya scheduled for just days after the
now cancelled APEC summit there was speculation the leaders of South Korea
and Japan would hold sidelines talks and Chile there are also questions hanging
over whether president moon will now travel to Mexico the presidential office
has yet to confirm whether it will go ahead or not the sudden change in plans
leaves a lot of unknowns in major diplomatic projects what remains intact
however is the boon of munis stern resolve in overcoming what the
president had expressed as the last hurdle on the denuclearization talks and
it’s unchanging stance in repairing ties with Japan through dialogue Shin Semin
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