South Korea’s election watchdog has
started taking preliminary registrations from those seeking to run in next year’s
April 15th general elections candidates can submit their registrations between
now and March 25th of next year and those who have signed up will be able to
conditionally begin their election campaign however this time candidates
are jumping into the unknown to a degree as the National Election Commission is
accepting registrations based on the current electoral map which could be
redrawn prior to the election Rawal parties have been wrangling over the
passage of the fast-tracked electoral reform bill which would introduce a
mixed of member proportional representation system the bill seeks to
raise the amount of proportional representation seats from 47 to 75 in
the 300-seat Assembly and if the parties reach an agreement the Election
Commission plans to make the amendments swiftly before the official registration
period which begins a March 26th of next year