– Do you remember the old playground song? Two people were sittin’ in
a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, right? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. There was some timeless
truth in that song, but some groups are trying
to rewrite the song entirely. In their version it goes
something like this. Multiple people sitting in a tree engaging in all kinds of sexual activity. Forget about love, transform marriage, and don’t worry about those
babies in the baby carriage. I’m James Gottry, Vice
President of Public Policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. Our society has gone through
quite a sexual evolution. First we separated sex from marriage. Then we separated sex from love. And now we’ve transformed
God’s design for marriage and parenting entirely, and we are trading lifelong commitments between
one man and one woman for a lifetime search for
anything that might satisfy us. At least for a moment. The latest frontier is in the area of polyamorous relationships. Not couples, but trhouples, not fidelity, but consensual nonmonogamous arrangements. Polyamory has gone mainstream. Polyamorous relationships are
featured on primetime shows on NBC, CBS and Netflix. Popular dating sites are adding features for people seeking
polyamorous relationships. In Europe there’s a whole day to celebrate polyamorous
relationships called Polyday. I can’t tell you how
many stories I’ve read about men or women who left
their spouses and children in search of personal fulfillment. Does that sound like an evolution? Perhaps a better phrase
is a sexual devolution. But we have a choice. We can curse the darkness,
or we can proclaim the light. We can rail about what these
poor souls are distorting or we can start showing
them what they’re missing. Our society doesn’t work
without strong families. And children need a mother and a father. So men, if you’re married,
love and cherish your wife. Commit yourself to her fully. Don’t joke about the ball
and chain you’re cursed with. Celebrate the queen that
you’ve been blessed with. Spend time with your kids and
teach them by word and deed what it means to live in lifelong
covenant with your bride. Women, if you’re married,
honor and respect your husband. Commit yourself to him fully. Don’t joke about the big harry idiot. Praise the honorable man that
has pledged his life to you. And train up your children
to respect themselves and their future spouses. Let’s show the world
what we have to offer. I’m James Gottry. Thank you for following
us on social media.