you are the newly-appointed strategist of the party your task when the upcoming election handpicked politicians to gain the support of lobby groups and when they're not convincing enough do not shy away from engineering events to your advantage can you help the party win the next election politics is a light-hearted card game for 2 to 4 players full of references to familiar names and events from Maltese politics even if you need not know anything about politics or even speak Maltese to enjoy the game its illustrated by mark Schiff Luna the hand behind a space boy dream and bus bosses who is put in buckets of ink and stylus miles into the game I was involved in one of Gordon's play testing sessions and that was there that we decided to work on politics together of course being a cartoonist for a local newspaper had me in being familiar with the local politicians but I was also excited because I got to work on politicians from the 70s and 80s which I have been drawn before the game is designed by Gordon Pat the brains behind mathematics of discrete structures for computer science ah you may not have read that one oh well tens of years have tested this game over these past two and a half years not to mention hours of computer simulation to ensure that the game is run balanced it's been like solving a huge puzzle like trying to find a mathematical model with where the goal is that of making the game as simple as possible and yet not any simpler so how does the game work the game is played over a number of rounds in each round a lobby group or organization is willing to meet up with politicians to decide who to support in the upcoming election players take it in turns to play politicians to influence the interest group they can also play event cards which bend the rules of the game helping your politician or screwing up those of others at the end of the round the player who's politician is most influential gets the votes from that interest group the first player to obtain a majority of votes wins and gets to cockade around the room yes it's that simple we're running this campaign to raise funds to produce the game we need support to finalize the last few illustrations and send the game off to production and that's where you come in by supporting this IndieGoGo campaign you can make this happen in return you'll get your hands on a copy of the game before your friends not to mention the extra is not otherwise available outside IndieGoGo our plan is to ensure the postman will be knockin at your door delivering a box full of politicians before Christmas 2016 make sure your address will be on Santa's list by supporting us you