Political parties fail to submit data on electoral bonds, Who is funding your Neta? | The Last Word

Political parties fail to submit data on electoral bonds, Who is funding your Neta? | The Last Word

June 12, 2019

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  1. Concept of a political party is unnecessary & facilitate pay to play scams. All parties should be disbanded & every contestant should contest as an independent.

  2. What is this nonsense of these saffron clads in Parliament . Dual status of a religious figure and MP, you will find this only in the BJP . They like to play the religion card. This should not be allowed in the first place . Religion is one thing on hand and politics is another thing both don't coincide and don't go hand in hand. I don't see other religious figure in Parliament only these saffron clad persons.
    That S Maharaj went to meet the rape accused , must have gone there to give him some tips how to get out and come out with some new development. You can't trust them do you think they will tell the truth why did he go there , then he must be kidding , many of these saffron clad persons in the BJP talk all nonsense. See that Pargya has she replied she was given 10 days , is it forgotten . What action Modi took , only by saying he will not forgive her means nothing , without no action and deeds are meaningless.

  3. The BJP came out with this electoral bonds , this is legally to transfer your black money into donations ( yeah haat se de woh haat se le ). Modi says no corruption , is this not corruption. The big donors will be The Ambani's, Adani, reliance , repairs of roads all those big babus, to get big contracts for sure which will be covered up in no time. Will anyone just dish out so much of money you think . Protecting yourself under an umbrella . You use the Metro the ticket is Reliance, the more metro's the more money pumped in to Ambani's hands. Adda cutting chai involved in all this. All this goes on in the BMC and Shiv Sena is also very corrupt . What the SC has said they will pay a deaf ear and try to buy time with other issues and all jumlas , some time framework should be stepped in.

  4. This money "donated" for the winning Party in thousands of crores will be expected back with 10x 20x return. It's not donated by charitable trusts but pucca business men and foreign governments. Taxpayers will be looted for giving it back. Legalized form of corruption. RIP Indian Union (1947 – 2014) Banana Republic 😢 (2014 –

  5. But it's our Great people who voted him to power…in the Lok Sabha…..so, all his actions must be correct, isn't it?
    If not…blame it on the East India Company…or…the Indus Valley Civilisation may be…..
    Jai Shree Ram…..Bharat Mata ki Jai……and Jai because we Love glorifying child rapists and molesters…..and that what makes all of us Great…..irrespective of which party we voted for……because…as per the constitution….it's "We, the Citizen of India……"
    Kudos….keep up the good work…..

  6. Legacy of Modi for Indian elections!!
    Black money in party funds!!
    Unprecedented crony capitalism!!
    EC puppet of government!!
    No shame in speaking lies and PM him self being a model of how to speak lies on public platform on anything and everything, including digital cam, email, radar theory!!
    Lowest level of discourse from political leaders and winner no one else but Modi himself!!

  7. I wonder, where do those andh-bhakts hide when such news is shown! what are their arguments on these issues.
    I so want to discuss this with a sensible pro Bjp follower (yes, sensible and bjp follower, hope they exist somewhere)

  8. When ever these people who are asked questions, and, are not able to answer it, their simple say you should ask that person, how am I to answer, that person knows why they did that, 😀😀😀😀😀😀. "I say these people", I met every, single politicians.

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