Policy changes in real time-- Highlands Co Jail

Policy changes in real time– Highlands Co Jail

July 14, 2019

hey guys we're at the Highlands County jail here in Sebring I'm out with news now South Florida government accountability are you doing sound minds human being all right guys again we're here at the islands County Florida jail that's really bright out so I'm not gonna be able to see any comments right ii guys so again I'm out with news now South Florida and Government Accountability if you guys haven't sub to those guys go ahead and do so they are working tirelessly coming out with me all the time and help them back me up so again guys I see somebody some people are commenting I won't be able to see it out here in the Sun but I do want to let you know that I I know you're commenting so again this is the jail and facility here in Highlands County Sebring Florida and this with most detention centers you get the bail bonds across the street Paul Blackmun's the sheriff here in Highlands County [Applause] oh is that a law or is that just a sign somebody printed out okay Sandy's supervisor I guitar riser sir hi listen I'm just recording the general publicly areas for you know people that can't make it out whether physically mentally challenged taxpayers that want to see and what the taxpayers money vanity okay well you can you can record all you want from that side of facility there's not room in some silly that is and I was asking them I said a law okay cuz I go to jails all the time okay cellphone use is not allowed inside here okay but I'm not using my cell phone yeah your videos so okay so my camera what's a cell phone there too well right but if I had a camera instead of a cell phone as I said no cameras you can use cameras from outside okay okay I was just wondering as if it's a long cuz policy doesn't you know Trump too long 184 to 197 that's and gentlemen if the lobby want to know about law about taking pictures at the inside of the lobby out here that's what we've been hearing policy I can't tell you about a statute like I said if you all want to go outside and take videos you're more than welcome to but not inside the facility okay is there is there a minister here that you can give me the name of that I guess yeah the administrator for the jail is major Tim Lethbridge hey Jim Tim left bridge okay we'll get in touch with him thank you all right guys so see Dad they don't let you in the jail so we'll have to talk with the major there and get that policy corrected Tim left bridge I can look up his number guys [Applause] so [Applause] all right I figured as much you know I get booted out of the other jail or actually it wasn't even let into the jail the other day at Fort Lauderdale I haven't put that video up yet for you guys but uh they wouldn't even let me in the jail in Fort Lauderdale you guys are gonna get a kick out of that yeah we're gonna walk around the back here guys and see if we can see any see if we can see any cars or Sallyport or anything else going on here we left because there's not much more you can do I mean unless I want to stand and yell at the guy who arrests me I mean there's really not much more we're gonna do at that moment in time they have a policy in place I mean the only way to fight that is to go up the chain of command get off my livestream and I could go on to Google and I could look up the administration for the building and I could call the major and I could talk with him and give him the rundown and the spiel and everything and let him know what you know what the haps are but I'm not too worried about it today I'm just gonna finish doing my video and then I'll contact him at a later date and we'll get the policy looked at and changed what happened to hate the state he's in jail I don't know how long he's gonna be there it looks like he's got a lot of a lot of charges on him that sounds like there's a sounds like there's a rec area here too next to it that's right man it's all about the long run it's about the long game you try to come out here and play the short game with these people and you're gonna end up on the losing end sooner or later like Ian did you can't just go around harass people or you know tell people you're not going to leave their facility I mean when the jury if I was to do that if I was to stay inside there and tell the guy I wasn't going to leave and he arrested me for trespassing or whatever and the jury sees that do you think I'm gonna get money or very much money I mean some people you know gotta use some logic it's uh it's not a it's not a difficult thing to understand that we're trying to get this to be about their actions and not my actions my actions are innocent my actions are that of a concerned citizen who's trying to figure out what's going on with our laws and and the violations of them you know so a wise gentleman said that whenever we're out here recording that we should always act as if the jury is walking with us and if you do that you're going to come out on top a lot more in your cases you're going to get a lot more support from the public and it's just gonna be better all around for you know here's the sheriff's office right here right next to the jail thanks Wisconsin I love Wisconsin I've been up through Racine Madison I've got some cousins that live in Waukesha so I've been through Wisconsin quite a bit all right guys Highland County Sheriff's Office again we're out with news now South Florida Government Accountability yes I may see saving a hero's place no they have a cheer put out for me oh I love you know what they have this in just about every Sheriff's Office I've seen and there's 89 of them and it's always the same scene the the officer and touching the young man to come over to play with his horse or something of that nature but they're in all the sheriff's offices this is civil so civil would be for the filing of any kinds of summons or anything if anything like that I would imagine but we'll come over we'll take a look and see bone on here it could be old Sparky hey bless your heart how are you yeah judicial process this is authorized personnel only it's a pretty big building as you can see well that's the Sheriff's Department that runs both if not track it down Chad Pensacola that'll be a couple months I'm looking at a buddy it's a little bit further than I normally go so I'll have to take the wife and the kids and get a hotel room and come on up there man I saw someone that was coming down here Richard yeah buddy I'd be fine to talk with you as well if you're if you're in the area and we're gonna be here for a couple more minutes but we'll wait around by the City Hall towards that said no video recording and I just want to see the actual policy I want to see if there's a statute on it oh yeah no no no that's the that's the lost property whenever I'm looking for adverse possession so it'd be something like you could go that the bank owns you know pay property tax on for a couple years you can move right in and the taxes anyways well it's yours until they can get you out but it takes years and years if you can hang on to the property for twenty years you get the title yeah it's called a first possession so yeah I want to see how many people had done that there was actually a story a kid on Facebook did it down in Miami it was like a million dollar mansion and his neighbors were up in arms over it like like we've worked and paid money and here's this like 20 year old kid living in this multi-million dollar mansion he got it for free thanks John McCain thank you bless your heart Brad dreams in here what's up Invictus how you doing buddy so let's while they're doing that guys I'm gonna walk in here and take a look around see if I could find were these guys partner cars it's gonna get dirty all right so this looks like parking lot visitor parking maybe but it looks like it's got some cop cars in here as well public parking sheriff's office only all right we got a vehicle gonna go kick the tires and not actually kicking but check them and see if they're pretty good on the tread on the front back looks pretty decent see we got some stuff hanging out in the rear view I do believe that's a no-no I have to check the law on that it's a pretty nice day out today guys we've already been to quite a few places but we do have a couple more places to go we tried to go to the Avon Park Correctional Institution and it's on a freaking Air Force Base that and that they have a juvenile detention center that's also on the Air Force Base and they wouldn't let us on the base to to go to those places so that kind of sucked but whoa here's the public defender's office we're waiting on them go check out the public defender the defender of the faith take off my glasses I'll be able to see you guys better all these premises have been tobacco-free so there is a probation office it is Highlands County's tap out [Applause] I'm just in here checking out the public building saying what how everything is very much ma'am you too guys hey Scarborough England spend a lot in here rush going you know office is probably in the back me access to get into public defender really doesn't know really doesn't do much doesn't uh you know help me in any way hold on let me get sued by this probation office ladies I saw a sign on the window for the probation office where is that okay so go cross Main Street okay thank you ladies okay she's saying go across the street and should be over there so we'll head on over there in a minute I just want to make sure I don't lose these guys Sumter County yes I've already been in the Sumter County a couple times I do have the videos up on my page one of the Sumpter County one's hilarious is a I don't ID but you might remember me from made from TV docudramas is the name of it I believe it's pretty funny check it out if you have not already so okay I'm guessing the probation is right over there news now South Florida's back out with us waiting on government accountability there's a probation office over here public defenders over there I just went in yeah they're good [Applause] what's my take on Ian I mean he's a he's a great Auditor I think he you know the audits that he does are good all right so excuse me so far yes sir yeah great yeah good to see you you bet again with Ian he you know he did some stuff that was kind of on the edge and and when you do that you know you got to be able to to legally back that up so I hope the best for him you know like I said I love this stuff I always have he's a he's a he's been doing this for a long time and and you know I think he just ran out of content is what it was he was trust guys from everywhere he ran out of content and he just started riding that edge [Applause] hopefully hopefully he gets out you know because we need people out here on the streets even though everybody doesn't agree with what ian was doing I mean as long as he wasn't doing anything illegal then I have no problem with it I said that before many times yeah so I'm not sure who said that [Applause] what haven't you aged you give up on to request if she finds out anything about what you want to email to me and I'll get to you I'll probably mail them I get home too and just say hey Richard yeah how you doing bud yeah publisher here I believe if you can get to it alright guys so one of the guys on the live stream reached out and he's up here to see us yeah I hope he does fight the gun charges you know I don't know the whole situation down there so I don't like to pontificate on it again my stance on the end is if he's doing you know things the right way I'm 100% backing them if you do something illegal you know I'm still gonna say I back it but I can't really back you and in a way that's gonna make much of a difference besides words because unfortunately the law is the law you know we all have to obey it and and if you do something that's outside of the law then then then you know you have to be prepared for that I mean I've been in that same situation 25 years ago and and I had to deal with it then and and we all have to deal with it when it comes on our time guys again it's hard to see the comments so I'm just commenting on some here and there that I see there is support for the Second Amendment in Florida I haven't met her on audited with Ian but I have talked to him on the phone ian is in the Charlotte County Jail I don't have the number per se on hand so so I'm not sure okay this says it's the state probation office up here so we're gonna check that out here in a second offender restoration office so we're gonna wait for that gentleman to come back over here that had stopped us and then we're going to we're gonna check this place out you're not muted ho near but again I can't see a lot of these comments if I have the day off work I might go to his court date yeah I would go to his court date again if I have time off work my main priority is supporting my family so okay policies that we're and I wanted to see if they have a statute attached to it or policy so our policy doesn't allow any recruiting within the secured area the detention facility okay so I'm not sure what was told to leave the public law being cloudy I guess I want to be clear as to what is right so now what is the secure and is the firm we got kicked outta maybe it was a misinterpretation okay a lot of times we find that's all of this friend just said major something true light love bridge but he would he directed us to him he said that's fun and so what we do want to do is so the lobby itself there's parts of it that are are not secure that you're more than happy to take pictures and videos and we're completely fine with that there is a portion of the lobby in which there are visits going beyond aside letters this is taking a video from inside the secured area yeah and so so that when we concern there is that there would be video of chair inside the accurate area so if you give us a moment we'll have you go and create your own privacy we give you a moment we will okay we're gonna ask that they shut down this business for the time being and allow you all the pictures that you want to take in there then we shouldn't be about a few minutes yeah we just want to ensure that it's not giving away any video of this at the same time there are areas in there that are not a secured area and I want to make sure that it's being interpreted absolutely you coming with us you got a buddy give us a minute we'll be right back over alright guys so you heard it and I go back over in the lobby I'm sure you'll be fine I'm step into the lobby make sure they're shut down it's all secure hey guys I can see a little bit better now yeah they might have a jammer on so it might uh might disrupt the livestream I do have to the other guys here and we're we're all videoing so we'll see how it goes and see what the deal is I've got nothing but time go in check it out thanks guys mission statement dissertation just an ATM to leave money and the inmates accounts this is the visitation in my visitation center thank you alright guys so we're gonna go back the same way we came cuz the gentleman is over there waiting on me he wanted to talk to me a couple of minutes yeah you guys saw it they a couple minutes they went ahead and let us go back in and do our videos so yeah there's a long walk but who's with me I got Government Accountability and I got news now South Florida thanks guys I appreciate everybody watching and tuning in you know I wish my my audits could please every single person every single time but sometimes they're not going to but I do the best I can and you know I'm looking for I'm not looking for not looking for per se interactions or confrontations I'm just looking for changes so you know if I go to a County and they're doing what they should be doing I'll still post the videos and you know they might not get as many hits but you know what I think what we're looking for is changes right we're looking for the fact that go out and do these things and not get harassed at all so that eventually we won't have to go out and do these things positive changes that's right man do something about the COFF you know I wish I could I wish I was a doctor and everything you know I do smoke I'm trying to quit smoking but uh it's hard man so especially when you're putting yourselves in stressful you know situations all the time but you know I do what I can so you know I'm going to keep going out I'm going to keep doing this I got again lots more content coming up from my Fort Lauderdale trip my West Palm Beach trip I have some videos up from this trip so you'll be able to see a whole bunch going on vacation next week for about a week and a half but I should still be putting up content even while I'm gone I don't think I'll be videoing while I'm up north I don't think the wife will be down with it but we'll see if she changes her mind I'll bring my equipment just in case who the sativa instead of the indica I don't know if pots bad for the lungs I'll have to test that out and get back to you hahaha I'm a funny man all right guys I'm gonna shut the string down we're gonna get out of here you know I'll be back with you again keep an eye out for more content I'll have some videos and getting uploaded tonight thanks again guys for all my supporters everybody that sends money Oh sounds like we're getting rained on alright guys thanks again man appreciate it later how cool is that

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  1. No policy change here. The public relations dept stopped visitations to give you a escorted tour. The way it's supposed to be for all media. Set up appointment.

  2. former Jackson County sheriff's deputy Zach Wester had been arrested and charged with 52 felony crimes, including racketeering, false imprisonment, fabricating evidence, and drug possession

  3. They lie constantly when the truth would do and they wonder why we don't trust them? While I don't wish cops any harm, I can understand why so many of them keep getting shot. Personally, I don't think anything much will change until some DA's and some judges are targeted, as well. THEY have the authority to reign in bad cops, but in almost EVERY case – they choose to "back the blue" – from not filing any charges to begin with to throwing them out of court on a whim. They truly have created a society where it is, indeed, "us" versus "them". "Contempt of cop" is now a KILLING OFFENSE. Remember that stroking a cops ego is your ONLY plan of survival. They are "trained" to ENFORCE – not negotiate or converse in a civil manner and in every confrontation they initiate they WILL escalate until you "comply" to THEIR satisfaction. No one else at the time matters – not the "law", not a judge or jury, not an attorney – just that officer. Your very LIFE could depend on it. "In this day and age…."

  4. The bitchy girl said it all. “The POLICIES are over there on the wall”. It’s POLICY…. NOT LAW! Man, the mind really IS a terrible thing to waste! Stay safe. Watching and supporting from 🇨🇦

  5. Flag shown around 11:00 +/- shows total disrespect and desecration of our Nation’s Colors. Read 4 U.S. Code §8 (g.)! Flag needs to be respectfully disposed of! Who are they that they are so damn important they think they can put their mark on our American flag? Talk about narcissistic and arrogant people! Putting a thin blue line on our Nation’s colors needs to be stopped and no longer tolerated by “We the People”!

  6. Every one wonders how they get away with violating our Constitutional rights. We the people need to have the knowledge of why and how they are able to get away with crimes against all of us. First when we get a SSN we are turned into (on the legal basis) a person- corporation. A corp cannot carry a sidearm, a corp cannot have free speech, the first 10 AMD to the Constitution. The supreme court back in the 1930s ruled that Line #6 anyone who avails them self of govt (SSN) benefits will NOT be heard by the courts. ( Brandels concurring opinion.) second, during the Civil war Martial Law was enacted by A Lincoln, after the war congress reduced martial law to martial rule. ( the Cavalry was the military police enforcing martial rule) why did we have war with the Indians after the war, they would not comply, there was a treaty in place, the fed govt broke the treaty with the martial rule clause. The Indians were trying to enforce the treaty. Third There is only two forms of law that every nation in the world recognizes, Common Law and ROMAN CIVIL LAW, Common Law is the first 10 AMD of the Constitution, Roman Civil Law is the 13th 14th 15th AMD to the Constitution. Remember what the 14th AMD states " All Person are SUBJECT to Congress" a "person" is a corp. No rights to the first 10 AMD unless they allow it. They allow us to have them but will take it from us if they so choose. When you see a cop take the rights from an open carry Citizen the cop is using the Roman law against us. None of these order followers have this knowledge, so they do what they are instructed and trained to do. "Policy" Fourth, judges have this knowledge, they know all about the PERSON status, the key is they do not want us to know. I wish I could just show everyone here how simple it really is but that takes years of study and understanding to grasp because of the many years of brainwashing by our govt and public schools. Simple proof that the system is military, the US flag is only to be displayed with Gold fringe and or Gold tassels if a declared war by congress or during a time of rebellion. Police have a gold fringe flag on the uniform, they are military ranked, the system calls us CIVILIANS (military term) Firemen military rank, attorneys are "officers of the court" judges are "magistrates- military" . The next time if God forbids you have to stand in front of a "judge" call him magistrate he or she might respond back with no I am a judge, respond back with is this not a military court you are flying military colors on the flag right over there in the corner, this is a ROMAN CIVIL LAW court. They will either freak or clam up. They do not want us to know this it scares them that we the people are starting to learn about their TREASON…. Just remember to start calling them to the truth that they are using military law against all of us. And if the body cams are on it is being recorded what you are saying, the DA will be thinking oh shit the judge will think the same, when more and more of us bring to light their treason based on these facts it will get harder and harder for them to enforce MARTIAL RULE. Many years ago I went after custody for a second time for my little girl, I had this knowledge but I was still green with facts, my neighbor was a retired judge, I asked him how do I deal with these roman civil law courts dealing with my custody hearing, he responded with " where did you hear this term" I told him that I have been studying history and law to fight for my little girl. ( I had known him for several years and I thought we were friends) he got a scowl on his face and walked away…. That was proof to me that what I had learned about the system was true, he never spoke with me again. So fellow Citizens remember they are using military law against us. I hope I put this information to all of you and it is understood… Cheers……. By the way these traitors think I am a traitor simply because my Dad was a State trooper…

  7. All conviction should be taking to upper courts where you should have a good chance of winning. There are big cost to this So the viewers could help for this It will benefit us all. People please help liberty Freak with his cost. Thanks liberty Freak for what you do👍👍

  8. 28:26 – Why is it with LE and government, it "may be a misinterpretation" and they get to clear it up…but with citizens, it goes directly to a citation or arrest, $100s of dollars in fines, jail, and $1000s of dollars of lawyer fees with NO ability to "CLEAR IT UP"?!?!

  9. Unarmed with the correct info.! You brought a knife to a gun fight. Should have been up the “chain of command” before you took on the project. Walk softly but carry a big stick.

  10. at 28:53 where he says that parts the lobby are secure is soooo funy!!!! The very definition of a LOBBY is the entrance. Either it is or it is NOT secure. I cannot believe none of you did not correct him with this.

  11. Goddamn I hate to say it South Florida could never make a good auditor he won’t let somebody finish a fucking sentence without interrupting….Jesus Christ does he not realize he does that…it was so awkward I know Rogue Nation/Captain Awesome was wanting to clarify everything but the poor guy couldn’t even tell you all that his tyrants were wrong and you could go without big mouth cutting him off….I mean how would he like it if someone interrupted him or talked over him every sentence….

  12. Hey Captain Awesome, I heard you voice your desire to quit smoking. I use to smoke cigarettes from 16-23 yo & 27 – 34. In 2015 I started using a quality e~cig and I greatly prefer it to regular smoking. My “smokers cough” and annual case of bronchitis subsided pretty quickly. My blood pressure went back to a healthy level too. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive even compared to rolling your own cigs ($50 a month for me). So give it a try if you haven’t, you can do both even for a while, after time the e-cig May grow on you. They have a different style e-cigs now that are targeted at cig smokers. Those are I believe use a lower wattage set up with a e-juice called nicotine salt. I haven’t tried it but I’ve heard good things about it from active smokers. It’s not as harsh as other e-cigs. Just my 2 cents, good luck!

  13. I would have continued talking to the person before going back. I would have said we;ll be back there in an hour. You got permission why go back right away? Go back tomorrow and see if you're ok to video. You're always in control so dont let them manipulate you. Watch for that. They always want to be in control.

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