My name is Chantal St-Jean. I have been a volunteer for the Charles-Bruneau Foundation for two years now. The Foundation raises money for research and aims to give all Quebec children the best chance of recovery. The Foundation does this by holding several events throughout the year. Now, why do I volunteer and support this foundation? Well, because I have two healthy children of my own and I also have two cancers. So I can relate with some of the struggles these young children have and also live with some of those challenges every day. Children often don’t have a chance to build an immune system and their body’s defenses are not as mature as adults, therefore it creates more complications and sometime resulting in after-effects of treatments. So when I volunteer at the events, I get to meet some of the Hero children. They are the strongest, bravest and happiest little human beings and they are thankful for the support and donations the Foundation receives because they know it goes towards research and someday could save their lives. As a cancer survivor myself, my way of giving back is by donating, supporting and volunteering my time to these sick children. So the way I see it, children are our future so let’s take care of them. And give them a chance. Thank you.