I am Naomi I'm 17 years old and I'm a scientist I'm Audrey and I'm Lily we're 11 years old and we're the twin chefs Disney citizen kid celebrates ordinary kids doing extraordinary things the series is powered by milk life because starting the morning with milks protein can help feel kids potential to be extraordinary my name is Vivian I'm 8 years old and I sell lemonade I call my lemonade stand make a stand because I'm making a stand for child slaves we all call this business we call this a Guinness I believe one person can make a difference follow your dream never take no for an answer I started a recycling company it's an important thing not enough people are doing it I really care number a day I wasn't skating I don't know what I would do without getting I just love it so much and I want other kids to be able to do it it feels great when I'm teaching them I enjoy volunteering at the local science museum when kids come into the museum I kind of see that curiosity in their eyes that I haven't always younger as well where citizen kids I am a citizen kid I am a citizen kid I'm a citizen care and I'm a citizen kid are you do you know a citizen kid share the story using hashtag citizen kid start your day with the protein in milk and power your potential