the OPD see Secretary General but gone Nina but upon said the World Bank's research team will collect two types of information including opinions of legal and financial consulting firms and interviews with government agencies this year Thailand has advanced in all aspects particularly in the use of electronic systems to enhance various functions reduce paperwork and facilitate the workflow by eliminating redundant tasks as a result businesses have lower expenses and the average cost of electricity has decreased from 77050 baaad to about 2,500 bod thailand has also developed business platforms to support people who want to become entrepreneurs the World Bank's research team interviewed different government agencies to gather more information about the business environment in Thailand the research team will measure the Ease of Doing services provided by the government ranging from starting a business to resolving insolvency the World Bank will use the information to complete its Ease of Doing Business reports for the year 2020 Lin Lin Vanek and some dog doing business making mean a couple of co2 candy fan man well I saw some do it returned some lowered support name when member loonibin Kappa Tau Kappa vicinity until applause why me kan kan I will a team a some lohanya some loot over 39 nah Pancho Villa my job support what happened capital city a module name happening when company manga Japan based practice they can't him when renewed Lee to a potato him laughter come down and even in Kazakhstan sunny danke when Anton I don't have Deccan they thank you what couldn't be you can do a royalty Kaioken for the more Brooke at Hensel World Bank country manager of Thailand expressed admiration for the Thai government for being able to put Thailand in the top at 30 economies out of 190 countries worldwide nonetheless she also pointed out that among other initiatives Thailand could use more digital technologies and work more closely with the private sector they have always many areas where governments can work further but I really would like to point out the strong leadership that the government showed to put Thailand in this top 30 position among hundred and ninety countries and what we see as perhaps further areas to develop is in enforcing contracts and to make sure that there's more digitalization and automation of cases for instance for commercial courts but also to have a very strong public private sector dialogue that easily gives the feedback to the government we're still issues that could be further improved and we see very strong signs that the leadership is taking it as a very strong exercise to have this dialogue with the private sector