You may have noticed that most online casinos like lucky login advertising offer some kind of prize or free money to help you start playing. As with most things in the world, nothing is free. Before you start claiming this free money and then getting mad that you were tricked, I suggest you keep reading and learn how the process works.

It’s part of their plan to stand out and sell themselves. In simple words, online casinos are usually “skins” from a certain software company. This means that behind the different owners’ licenses, graphics, and other things under the hood, there isn’t much difference between all Playtech-powered casinos and all Microgaming-powered casinos.

If they’re the same on the inside, there must be something that makes “X” casinos online better than “Y.” Aside from the graphics, legitimacy, support, and image, you can also attract potential players by giving them something. In this case, it’s a bonus.

After you’ve solved the problem, the next question is: Okay, I’m sure Casino X is giving away $5,000 for free. I might sign up, get my money, try them out, and then go to the Casino Y.

Also, the answer is simple. Most online casinos require you to make at least one payment before you can get a bonus, unless they say otherwise. We’ll talk about it again later.

Before we get into the details of the different bonuses that online casinos offer, there are a few more terms and details you should know. This way, you can talk to a support rep before claiming a bonus to make sure you understand the situation and what you’re entitled to.

Wagering requirements: Most bonus deals have to be played through or wagered a certain number of times. You have to bet money before you can take money out of your account that you’ve won. In general, you have to bet between 15 and 40 times, but you have to pay attention to how much you bet. In some cases, you may only need to bet the bonus amount X times. In other cases, you may need to bet the bonus amount plus the amount you put down X times. This second situation is more common.

Another thing to keep in mind about the wagering requirement is that in most online casinos, if you ask to take your money before you’ve met all the wagering requirements, you’ll lose your money. This is true, but it’s not exactly right.

Played games: Check out the rules for this game. Since slots are one of the most profitable games at online casinos like, most deals are only good for slots. This is how most games work, like keno and scratch cards.

In other cases, you can play your bonus at any game, but not all games count 100% toward the playing requirements. For example, slots count 100%, but roulette only counts 30%, so you’ll need to bet three times the amount to meet the wagering requirement and cash out your profits.

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