Hello everyone! My name is Jeff Kahler I have the pleasure of serving as the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance on campus. I wanted to just take a couple of minutes to update you on things that have been going on, will be going on, are currently going on, and how we’re trying to help the campus move forward. In the area of technology services I know that phone issues have been difficult for the campus… … we are currently exploring our options there for alternative services, and also looking at our contract. The contract for phones is with the Department of Administration through the state. So there is a little more red tape than normal to deal with that, but we are looking at options and hoping to have a good resolution and solution to fix the problem. We’re also currently starting in the very early stages, working with BP Logics to help with electronic routing of forms and other business processes. They’re currently starting to work with business services in the area of purchasing cards and trying to automate that process and review, as well. In the area of HR, we’re currently working on moving functions to shared services that are a good fit for the campus and looking at restructuring the office. We’re currently hiring for an HR assistant and hoping to have that position filled within a month. In the area of parking, hopefully you notice when you came back a few of the lots had been fixed or repaired. We know there’s still work to be done. And then also, I know it’s early to say the word, but we are working on plans for snow removal and coordinating that with SSC, our contracted vendor. In the area of facilities, the biggest thing on the radar is capital planning and capital budgeting. We’re entering our new process for that and have a number of projects and things on the timeline for the campus. Currently, upgrades to Old Main HVAC, Barstow, Holden Fine Arts. A number of projects… a campus fiberoptic project to help us with infrastructure. We’re trying to take advantage of funding that is in the capital budget at the state level right now. Some of these projects do require some campus funds, but generally speaking anything for academic buildings or program radically related things, are covered 100% by the state. So, we want to take advantage of that while we can. We’re also looking at training and how to deliver that to employees. I know that Lindsey in Environmental Health and Safety has been working on an online platform for those things, as well. So that’s what’s been going on in the area of Admin Finance. I want to say thank you to everyone for your work and participation in Strategic Planning, and in helping with the Board of Regents meeting. I had heard nothing but positive comments and a lot of positive feedback, and just thank you everyone for your efforts in that and making that a great positive experience for the Regents. And to close, I’d just like to say thank you for your service to our students and the University.