People are queued up and determined to make
their voices heard. This is just one of at least 120,000 polling
stations across the huge country. There is anticipation in the air. But also concern and skepticism. There is concern about violence and doubts
whether the election is going to go ahead without any major disruptions. But as you can see people are lined up, some
here are camping for hours to get to the top of the line and cast their ballot. So the overwhelming feeling is excitement
about the elections. But it’s not just about who is going to
win it what’s at stake today. Whatever happens during and after the elections
will say a lot about the state of this still very fragile democracy – 20 since the end
of military rule. There are more than 14 million newly registered
voters compared to 2015. Many of them are first time voters. Especially young people want change – and
are ready to vote Buhari out. “A lot of us are not happy. There is bloodshed; the government is not
doing a lot about what is happening in this country. Really let’s tell ourselves the truth.” Others believe, not everything was bad under
the incumbent President Buhari. “He has fought corruption and actually he
has provided a direction.” Before you can cast your ballot, you must
check if your serial number is on this wall at your polling station. Grace does not find hers. She is angry. “I have checked, I have not seen my own… I saw NWOG..but supposed to be NWOH… but
I see NWOK… I have a voter’s card but I cannot vote because
I don’t have my serial number, my picture is not here, I cannot vote.” Things are a bit chaotic this morning, but
in the end an official assured Grace she can vote regardless of the register number. How this election will play out, how fair,
free and transparent it will be, will help determine the future of the country.