good evening the news gang is here and no it has not been gagged and tonight all that glitters could be faked but it could also be a recorded phone call and lots of politics who is competent enough to tell us about CBC we examine magadha's lesson plan so she owns resistance and a country in confusion also also on the show tonight whether you like it or not is that the new mantra in government will of course have the kicker the memo to take the punch line and the angle but let's start in key ambu Fadden invited to arrested and subsequently released here's what he had to say about the whole saga I've been calling for for for my wife for my even sucking being I can easily just be sucked the deputy president we continue with our line of saket all my political opponents have been calling for for for my wife for my even sucking being I can easily just be sucked Frances yes I needed that here in fact let me put it this way it was the next it was not unexpected that Ferdinand Roy Tito would be arrested it was pretty obvious at one point that you would be arrested and in fact one would even argue that the arrest has has delayed since the discussion around his arrest and so on began but it is the drama with which was arrested today and also talks about the arrests and the dramatic arrest of other governors and other public offices alleged to have participated in one form of corruption or the other and the question is what was it an arrest is it a moment of questioning was it an evidence gathering escapade by a sec who was it because eventually you saw the court issue an anticipatory boy bill I had lawyers argue whether I was right or wrong whether it was after the fact or not but let us look the drama around the arrest of governor way T – I saw on social media people saying so what another PR exercise Francis I mean putting it in the broader context if you looked at our bulletin tonight from Story one – I think story five there about and even the bulletin news stories across the week one will be forgiven for thinking that Kenya is one scene of crime I mean the police inspector general should walk along our borders and run that yellow tape that says do not cross police line is a crime scene that is how it feels right now but coming down to white it'll it's very interesting that in his defense yes quickly very quickly and swiftly gone to politics he's introduced tanga tanga is introduced kill America is talking about its political opponents but from our early reports what was found by the investigators include about 28 or 30 title deeds that I in the name of his family members or close relatives companies associated with the family that were doing business of the county government of of kambou properties that are under construction these are some of the details that we are looking forward to seeing once the e SEC puts together the paperwork to say that this is why what what it would face in court but just in concluding this I also want to say that term there is a script that seems to be developing about county government the nature of the questions that they are facing are very very similar it sounds to me exactly how it sounded when the Samburu governor was being arraigned this governor's did they drop their guard as regards to public spending or even how they conducted their businesses in the country did they forget it's an accountable process did they all get their relatives into into trouble I think the paperwork from the SCC Francis will be interesting I'm sorry when you mentioned drama at Elena's I'd want to talk about the drama today especially about waited to where the officers raided his home in Rouen I think it's either I think he was sitting down having breakfast with his family or something when they came and they took some hours searching the house and they country they took about six hours in his house some of the detectives were in wound aware I waited to was and others were camping at Belle crest gardens on Godoy Road in kill Elijah where he has another home and they carted away a pile of documents and evidence and that's where the the thirty title deeds you're talking about Elena's as part of it and they're saying there is even documentation about plots that the governor owns about some that have been developed others are under development and all these issues about being in the name of his family name members because when his daughter was taken away with him and she was questioned for some hours together with the wife the wife and they were released afterwards on this particular case is about a tender tender worth 588 million this particular one a companies that are associated with yt2 and members of his immediate family money was they awarded themselves the tenders or companies are associated with them tenders worth five hundred and eighty eight meter and it's just one of them agasshi I'm sure there'll be a lot more in terms of what is going on in the country of kambou we have the cars over campaign remember that there are lot of questions surrounding it you remember when the governor was before the Senate committee there a lot of questions about how money is being spent in the county I think this is just the beginning for attitudes I think Francis after the course of initiative I would have expected a bit of sobriety from from the governor because there is a tender that is emerging in the country that is extremely disturbing where people use politics to easily wish away very serious things because the governor there is saying he sees new art or tanga tanga I mean he's for the first time actually saying in broad daylight in front of the cameras that the deputy president of Kenya is leading a certain movement called Tonga Tonga whatever movement initiative whatever it's called because up until now all of these people actually have denied the existence of tangible group call tanga tanga everybody else talks about it but he is saying that this is happening because I belong to Tonga Tonga a certain group in government that is led by the deputy president but I think that it also speaks to that attitude that is called uh taboo because the brazen nature of the things that we have seen county governments accused of it smacks of this idea that there is nothing that's going to happen to me because some of them are so often I mean in this day and age assuming that all these allegations are true who does something and then throw the money into the daughters or the wives account or whatever because that's the first place that all these investigators so it seems to me that there is a certain attitude that developed with the governor's coming in place that actually this is a very powerful position nothing is ever going to happen to me that is why you see governors doing all manner of things out there and without a care in the world because they believe that they are small in power and taking power in a very little and I wanted to ask would you blame them for being so brazen because you know what's happened to anyone you know who has been charged with corruption we haven't seen some high-profile ones but I also just wanted to add to the fact that the first thing you would expect when you know someone is released on anticipate or a bail or whatever would be I strongly denied these allegations this is not me this is an issue but the first thing you launch straight into it is what do I kill Eric you complain who cause you see what song that song got to finally be and just to add on to the fact that the castle by initiative that you had talked about Jamila was questioned by critics yes and and these are people who work with recovering alcoholics saying that the idea of paying people to stay sober was never going to be a sustainable one they were paying about 5070 two addicts 400 shillings per day five days a week which meant two million shillings a day was being spent by the county government and then they were being given manual jobs like clearing bushes trenches and drains but then if you recall there was also that little spat that governor waited to had with governor Sanko remember when his buildings and those that leaked phone call that he had his wife was subsequently arrested and she was charged actually in a city for flouting City Planning by laws for that building that they had which then went on so I mean there's so many issues that come up forget just you know what's happening here but I dare say actually all of us that look this guy shouldn't answer all these years of the national government please ask him about Campbell I would have expected him to be giving some answers today just like to add that you know this has been the subject of conversation you know certain publications taking us back to when he was you know a counselor when he was in the municipal council when he was an MP and a governor taking a look at his salaries and all of these properties that he owns now airing of 30 title deeds at least maybe you know there's more who knows but these are all of the issues he has had issues about his integrity for a while but I dare say I don't think this is that moment for him I mean I know people think he's in trouble this just seems to me like it'll blow over like a number of the cases with that perhaps I am a cynic but you know I'm here to see something I mean what we saw with Sam below what you reported some massive things that were happening there nothing but cleanness look at it also in context the politics you remember when the governor went before they sent it you saw the excitement with which the Senators journey in Janet Asimov volumes and um kiyah and that has been the the system around governor's when they appear before the Senate committee is that kucheng Graham cure and then introduces the question of politics is it the fight against corruption or politics national under succession at the county politics works as a defense against corruption has been employed before and it has worked where people say they are not targeting me they are targeting you as a community they are targeting you as the supporters that is what they're trying to do here you see how the governor plunged directly into their own going games between Tonga Tonga and Kilauea he's basically saying I'm being victimized forget about the title this is not about the title deeds it's about 2022 it's about the deputy president you know because it's a card that works but coming to the issue that actually then separates the waters when the court case begins the ball game changes completely and we don't need any other illustration but that of dr. Evans key Darrow Darrow is in court the first time he was going to the ESD see there were crowds there was a lot of politics around that that happens in the initial stages what you two can walk out of a very suspicious bail out because there was this bill that has been questioned by some lawyers that you know what is the legality of that you can walk into a crowd and you can enjoy that moment but there's something very cold about the dock you caught that in that moment will come especially if the a sec the DPP get their act together huh get their evidence get their paperwork together but you don't need all this politics check these things to a quote cut off no cut off law operates in a very very different way leave all the noise out there you enjoy the the clouds but the specifics of a charge you must address the me I want to throw this twice table currently there's a huge debate in the in the in the in the in Parliament the National Assembly versus the Senate on the amount of money that should be allocated to the county government in the financial year 2019 2020 now the Senate is insisting on about three hundred and twenty six billion the National Assembly is saying okay let's do three three hundred and sixteen billion but still there are questions about the amount of money that is devolved to counties this are we the question of accountability is it the question of give us more but we don't want to account for and secondly is there a question of devolution of bad manners that which happens at the national level is also happening at the county government that's really whenever the Auditor General reports come out every time we have the Auditor General reports being table then we have him speaking and we always have discrepancies we always have question marks about almost each and every country in fact we were all shocked when we're told that in the McWeeny I think and was it like a bill of health in terms of an audit terms I thinking AHA out of the 47 only two counties actually able to sort of account for the man that we've been given and I think that's they're worried that when you when the money is given in the county did use the way it's supposed to and we have all these governor's coming before the Senate committees to account for for for for the monies that have been given to them and they are able to explain instances of let me go a County where you told I was unable to account for it because this office is a loon worry City saloon what we are able to account for this money so I give them more when they can't even say how they used it we talk about governor's who are being questioned by the SEC on corruption allegations we had a McGovern on one gray area this one is dave was the e ACC offices in the area of a controversial patches of a 10 acre piece of land in Karachi at an alleged inflated price of failure and 19 million when you hear such things as a Kenyan as someone who's in the counties was expecting to get services and they don't get it because we're not sure how this money is being spent when we own a small city repair so I predict III think differently III do not believe that those two issues should should be looked at together in the sense that there are many places including the national government where we keep putting money we pay our taxes all the time and they do very many bad things there I think that we have to do this two things hand-in-hand there is no doubt that the counties need more money up and that does not take away the fact that the governors who engage in what we are calling bad manners you have to be brought to book I mean you cannot say that there might be a governor somewhere say for example professor Kubek Ivana who's doing an amazing job there with Nora without a whiff of corruption or whatever Amen you are saying that oh yeah all these governors are stealing so don't give professor keep one or more money develop McWeeny so I think that we have to strengthen our ability to bring people to book and then give counties the money that they deserve but to continue using this excuse that because there are few crooked governors therefore you will keep all the money in a row B I think is hypocritical we need to look at this as a question of are we bringing people to justice when they mess up with our names is money yeah oh sorry yeah the national government cannot cast a stone yeah it's a login it's AI so so you can't even argue that devolution money is being wasted in in the in the grassroots because why would you like it were stirred up in Arabi I add on to the idea of so do we give counties less money because they're misbehaving and some argue that that would be penalizing the residents and then yet others say but even if we continue to give them money the money isn't going to the residents to begin with but it is actually something that is anchored in law and that a lot of people have been talking about and that's article 2 to 5 of the Constitution which talks about financial control and says that if there is a serious material breach or persistent material breaches of the measures in the pfm act that's the public finance management act that there can be a decision to stop the transfer of funds or to reduce it by half for more than 60 days but everybody is wondering who triggers this is it the Cs of Treasury is it CS devolution and what would these serious material breaches be but many people then say why hasn't this been affected but even if it is as juices why not catch the criminals and then that sends a message to others because you know it's a very dicey situation you stop money go into the counties and then they lose out altogether or you continue to send it and you know you know there's been serious breaches of finance if only speak about criminals and Ellen LaVonda on Twitter says why Tito is arrested and freed our money centers to 30 years among what two thousand eight hundred and twenty shillings without option of fine is it that our prisons are for the high notes while the corrupt haves are to walk free remember that story is a very different but still 30 years in jail after she was found guilty of trafficking bout 2827 vision defender I still think it wasn't fair I'm looking at lastly um look at the other governors on SE C's Raider I mean padam in dookie from him from the rockin easy monkey way rear from Marana John Yaeger AMA from Jung Mira to mention just a just to mention a few I mean it seems like there is something that esse needs to do to ensure that public money spent well prudently otherwise Yoshida true I mean the list would be quite long considering what we've just Illustrated here is the suspicious questions what are the areas what we are the red where are the red flags when it comes to spending in in countries principally it's in how they execute their projects who is which companies involved and is it delivering and the others something that always doesn't come out about the counties is how much they owe suppliers pending bills pending bills they owe them a lot especially those who do not have connections to to to the center of power and it comes to their to their county government so I think the a sec and I hope they're out there the DCI should be out there and I think what would come out is going to shock 47 times just as the number of counties Joe what do you expect him over governor who spent or who spent about half a half a billion shillings to campaign for that seat get fit and the salary and the salary of a governor is about a billion Schilling he spent half a billion governors I've spent about two five and who told him suspended I think when you spend of money you'd better know how to get it but not from the taxes of the one ing anak senator anak wah wah says the fact that we have thieving governor's in office can't be justification to deny account is more current more fun yeah those fans will do not belong to the thieves the ESC CDC and DPP must round up the thieves and herd them into the courts to face the full force of the law shall we take a break yes we shall take a break a news guy takes a break a fully constitutive news guys taking a break we'll be back shortly there's more to talk about this gold is curriculum these SMEs will be back shortly