There’s been a crisis unfolding in the northwest of the Central African that in many ways has been neglected by the national government and by the international community. The attackers arrived in town very early in the morning and started shooting. . They chased us into the bush, shooting at us. When we made it back to the village, we discovered the bodies of three men and a woman. In November 2015 a new rebel group called 3R emerged in the country’s northwest. We’ve met with 3R, and they claim that they’re not a rebel group, but that they’re simply there to protect the lives and the interests of Muslim Peuhl herders but that neither justifies nor hides the fact that their men under the command of general Sadiki Abbas have committed very serious abuses. Sidiki entered the town. It was 6 am. I was with my father when they started shooting. . I told him to run away with us but he responded that he was 65 years old, that he was too old. He wanted to stay at home. So we ran away into the bush. When we came back, we saw that he has been shot by Sidiki’s men. He had been shot in the arm and the jaw. We couldn’t bring him to the hospital because we didn’t have any money, so he died. Over the course of our research we’ve documented cases of villages that have been burned, homes that have been pillaged, rape of women and girls, and murder. All of this committed by fighters belonging to 3R. Sidiki Abbas, the 3R command, and Anti-Balaka leaders should know that the abuses they’re committing are crimes, and that they will be held accountable for their actions.