on the road under Walmart Walmart tours we don't get much entertainment what we do watch a trucker Josh Shipp do flatbed truck and Sam rides tell them all about it Sam tell them they're on your road tell them tell them Sam you ready to go on a trip diesel gotta be quiet Shh I'm still sleeping got the rock-and-roll shades on got the seat belt on weasel hey I wanna be a part of this we're gonna rock and roll hey fine sleep somebody's got to do some work around here come on come to life baby I'll put you in neutral there you go there you are Hall I've got a new steer tire on here and I've also got my new elog system on here which is very interesting it's a whole new set up here take a look at this I guess you can't really see it because of the glare of the Sun but a whole new elog system hopefully it doesn't confuse me too bad just gonna make sure I have my fast card with me so that we can get across the border there you go the fast card I want paperwork up here I want to get this truck detailed soon I'm not as good at detailing it I can detail at all I want it's never as good as when someone who actually does it for a living does it guess that kind of makes sense alright do you hear that good kind of a nice voice doesn't she I think we're gonna be good friends check this out let's try it again you have 13 hours and seven minutes remaining drive too loud too loud too loud kay we gotta find the right volume right or her and I can communicate the best with each other okay how about that you have 13 hours and zero minutes of remaining drive time said buzzy anyone was one less okay how about that eight hours at zero minutes well thank you my new friend who doesn't have a name yet cool I usually turn the volume right off on the e log I don't need it telling me what it can show me right on the screen shows it in big numbers right on the screen that I have 13 hours left here on Canadian hours of service you don't really have to tell me but you know your voice is a nice change for Mandy's no offense Mandy I get kind of tired after a while I'm gonna throw you out the window event I'm saving up for a new GPS so I tell you Mandy and I are gonna part ways we've been together for 10 years yeah sometimes you know I don't know you just got to move on to the new her the newer models all right let's get out of here I don't know what I'm trying to do here without everything ready to get everything ready ready ready ready ready coffee cake well we had a little short delay with this new elog system already it already wasn't working right I started driving and it wouldn't kick me into drive it would just say I was remaining in off-duty so I turned around and went back to the yard and looked into a little more I called into the headquarters of the company that works with this elog and we figured out that it's not registering that my ignition is even on so for all it knows I'm getting towed across the country it didn't even register at the ignition was on so we checked all the wiring all the wiring was good couldn't figure that out turn the ignition on and off on and off on and off that wouldn't work so eventually we went to the solution that fix is practically 99% of all the world's problems we rebooted it we just unplugged it and plugged it back in fixed its now working just fine apparently that is how you fix everything that's how I fix most things you turn it off and you turn it back on so now I'm officially on my first trip with this new elog system I mean the rules are still the same unfortunately but this whole computer I used to have the the computer part up here the screen up here and the brain was in the back underneath my bunk now the computer screen and everything in the brain are all right here on my – all in one so it's a lot more compact and smaller I think it's gonna be a better system I like it so far it's easier to work with so far other than the initial having to reboot it a man and he logs in elog either way I don't like it gotta be careful on these roads now my usual route across to highway 75 which takes me to the US border it's spring restrictions right now and I can't go there with a full load I think it's set at 90 percent axle weights and I'm pretty much at a hundred percent I don't want to risk a ticket going across there so we've got to go all the way down to st. Pierre past st. Pierre to highway 23 and then take that across that'll shoot us out at Morris Manitoba and then we turn south on the 75 which then turns into the i29 in the US I want to make it to Black River Falls tonight that's the goal that'll be a full day's drive it's about 900 kilometers or 550 miles or so I gotta be there by midnight so that I can get going by 10 o'clock because I have an appointment right next door to there at 10:30 tomorrow morning so the latest I can arrive is midnight otherwise I'm gonna be late for my appointment I have to stop my 10 hours or my elog won't let me it'll get mad at me if I move I can still move the truck it'll just get mad at me and it'll send a message back to the office saying that I'm being a very bad boy I don't want that then I get a phone call then they tell me I've been a very bad boy and then I don't know I don't want to be a bad boy I don't really know what would happen I've never actually driven out of service before I've never actually broken that law I don't know what would happen all I know is they get an email and then they call me and I don't know maybe I'm sure there'd be some kind of punishment maybe incremental punishments maybe because it's my first offense maybe I'd get a smack on the wrist maybe they'd give me a smack in the face I don't know maybe I don't know maybe it'd be like World War three apocalypse I'd rather not find out working with the head cam here every now and then I like this view a lot better than just two guys sitting on my dash sort of get to see what I'm looking at a little bit better so we're between Grand Forks Fargo North Dakota right now headed south Interstate 29 that were rolling over we still got a long ways to go or the GPS there we got 691 kilometers that's seven hours of driving so I'm guessing that's about four hundred and some miles I'm liking this new new eld system electronic log device so far seems to be working very well me it's exactly like the other one it just looks a little bit more fancy I like that looks a little nicer not much to show you guys so I mean like look at this though a lot of you probably live in areas that are nothing like this so maybe this is interesting to you and this this is what I grew up around I live just north of here just across the border and it's exactly the same flat lands farmers everywhere everything smells like manure especially this time of year it looks like all these fields have been seeded already one over there to the right is of the seated one to the left has not even been cultivated yet that was corn last year okay so we'll probably pile that up or cultivate it soon and client to late crop in there unless if there's planning on leaving it I'd be a lot of model land just to let sit for a whole year it's a lot of lost money I don't know I'm not a farmer myself so I don't really know what they have planned I helped out on a farm growing up we sort of lived on a farm it wasn't ours but you know I helped out on that farm for a few seasons while we lived there and I learned a little bit about the whole seeding process and harvesting and there's a lot of fun a lot of fun but I was a little too young to fully understand to grasp everything that was going on so didn't go I get it those are also my teenage years which like any other teenager or a little bit troubled but I mean not nearly as bad as some yeah went through some stuff who has it right I'm 31 years old now so I'm pretty well pulled out of all that and well on my life path but yet you know I used to think 31 was old that oii everyone who is over 30 must have everything together in their lives already that's not the case I'm 31 I still don't know what I want like don't get me wrong I am happy with where I am in my job my career my marriage but you still feel like the same way you did when you were 21 in a way it's I feel like I still got so much to learn and so much so much that I don't know right there's a lot to learn and I don't think you ever stopped learning what do you figure diesel time to go outside it's definitely time for me to go in there and get a coffee we're in Rothsay Minnesota our regular stop what exit is that again you guys I've said it many times before can't think of it right now I'm a little bit tired I didn't sleep too well last night and I wasted this whole morning with this new elog trying to get it to work properly and now just stop here for our half-hour break I'm gonna walk the weasel running there grab a few things for myself and we still go to get all the way into Wisconsin tonight yet another goes to six hours excuse me Oh so this is what we got behind us just 1414 bundles of two-by-six economy lumber to buy six by ten feet and then my tarps at the back back these let's go this way a little bit closer over there not quite too far of a walk not that I'm being lazy today but we really honestly don't have time I have another about 21 minutes until my half hour break is done and I don't want to waste another minute I only get back on the road I have to make sure I get to my destination tonight pardon me tonight so that I can take my ten hours and deliver on time tomorrow you see this cornfield here as small as it is this has been cultivated and plowed up already I don't know what that other farmer was waiting for before but what do I know I'm not a farmer I'm a trucker not a farmer diesel you almost done there bud come on find a good spot man find a good spot I trust your judgment there that's a good dirt that's your tree now we won't watch that's weird good boy I just love springtime so much all this new life everything's turning green just love it on some of these economy lumber loads that aren't wrapped or tarp or anything you see on the top there those are still doin fine there but you got to be careful as the centerpiece is sometimes like to wiggle out like that and with the smaller boards especially like the two by twos or the two by fours even likes to happen a little bit more often you got to be very careful I'm pretty sure that this used to be a tester oh not too long ago the test oral fuel stop now it's an arco guess they changed that in the last few months even down here in Minneapolis Minnesota the Sun stays up quite long after nine o'clock in the evening here now and the sky is still pretty light further up north and Canada the northern sky at this time of year doesn't even go dark and if you go all the way up to northern Canada the Sun doesn't even set same as Alaska I love this tie me this is my favorite time we're coming up on my favorite month I keep forgetting but every time it rolls around I remember June my favorite month weather-wise I mean everything is so green it is so warm the days are super long daylight hours super long some doesn't even really set not to to bad bugs out yet everybody's all excited because we've been cooped inside all winter and refined ly able to go outside and enjoy camping and swimming the lakes start warming up to the point where you can swim in them towards the end of June and you know you got all summer ahead of you yet and it's not too hot you know what you get into summer like July and August it gets really hot up in our part of Canada like really I like 100 degrees Fahrenheit hot and humid but then end of August it gets really dry I mean we get everything and then we go back down to winter where we have Christmas the best time of the year and then after that we have hell if he'll was cold down to minus 50 – 60 it's just such a rollercoaster of a life living in Manitoba regarding the weather it's just nuts we get everything but there's no place like home well it is that season we're just talking about it we were using the other name for it before the summertime it's also known as construction season as you know in Wisconsin is no exception see what I don't understand is like they they block off a lane here for a twenty miles get they only work on a boat maybe one or two miles at a time my question is why don't you just block off the section of road that you're working on like maybe even that week instead of blocking off a whole lane for twenty to thirty forty miles and then not work on it all again there's nobody working here check out the flashing orange light over there what are you doing you're just probably sitting there doing nothing guys you're setting up cones and stuff for no reason there's no actual construction going on here they're setting up cones I'll never get that and they couldn't put them like in the other lane either they got to put it partly into our land so we got a drive on the shoulder oh oh dude Yeol's hit the code the guy in front of me he was like half an inch from that cone just pulling into the rest area here in Menomonie Wisconsin it's the people are parked way out here on the shoulder already which usually means that the rest area is probably full hopefully there's a spot for us here gonna start looking here it's pretty late already it's 10 to 11:00 good part right there yeah parked right here right by the light why not yep this is our spot for tonight truck off the road came right in by this guy no I'm gonna keep going I don't like this spot tilted too much I'll find another one hopefully I don't like it that it's right around the corner like that people might drag their trailer into my truck that way okay okay nice of this guy ever here to park so far away from that guy I could have fed another truck in there you guys just tighten up a little bit all right is there room at the engine trip to Josh and the weasel come on somebody tell me you saved a spot for us come on oh there's a spot up there off to the right I like that right in front of this ASL guy asshole ASL right in here beautiful there's no no parking signs is there okay well we're gonna hang up the imaginary park here trucker Josh signs and make ourselves at home right here beautiful okay yep yep we're gonna leave these windows rolled up oh it stinks like pee out there oh but somebody just dumped their sewer into the ditch right there or what diesel your porno is hundred times more sensitive than mine shut her down oh yeah all them feel so good oh my hair is falling out though approach shouldn't do that oh okay let's let the e log-odds know the new e la goes o nope nope nope that's not what I want right okay no no no no no I'm in the sleeper berths sleeper berth there you go okay see ten hours from right now we can get going or we can start our pre trip which will be pretty much at nine o'clock then I gotta be there for 10:30 it's gonna be pretty close but we can do it we can do it right diesel we can do it have faith okay well I gotta walk you so plug your nose buddy it stinks out here guys like there's a bathroom this is a rest area they provide this is this is not just a restoration this is an American rest area running water and flushing toilets that way it really isn't that hard it's amazing how how good they have it down here how wonderful it is for them and they still don't use the toilets they still just pee out in the parking lot on their tires or just off beside their truck it's why I see it so often at like American truck stops and American rust areas not all the time not too often but every year you know once in a while I see it I'm just saying you have no idea how good you have it man I would love it if we had flushing toilets in our rest areas in Western Canada now Manitoba actually does but Alberta like Alberta of all places they just have like a hole in the ground with a little hot built around it that's their rest area and people still use it I shouldn't sound like I'm complaining I'm just going off on a little rap to get you to chuckle a little bit as I think it's it's it's kind of funny in a way shake your head like come on people but that's the end of today's vlog anyways let's end it on that note isn't that a great note to end it on I'm so sorry I hope you still feel like tuning in tomorrow I promise we won't talk about it all day I'll have to remember that I promise not to talk about it in the morning but if I forget don't hold me accountable I have a forgetful brain I'll try my best to remember not to talk about the smell in the morning oh this is why people think we're disgusting dirty greasy tractors because of this smell that said Oh yep yep Oh have a good night everybody we'll see you in the morning