McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University

McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University

May 16, 2019

it is my privilege to announce an extraordinary gift to Georgetown University a gift that represents a transformative moment in the history of our University Frank McCourt Georgetown college class of 1975 has generously pledged 100 million dollars to establish the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy this is a rare and privileged moment for every member of the Georgetown community the McCourt school will build on the success and distinction of Georgetown's Public Policy Institute we are profoundly grateful to Frank McCourt for making this transformative opportunity this historic moment possible for Georgetown for 225 years Georgetown University and Washington DC have grown up together the two are fundamentally interconnected no more so than in the realm of public policy in the halls of Congress in federal agencies and foreign embassies at the White House wherever public policy is being discussed or made Georgetown faculty students and alumni are at work I'm doing the master's in public policy but my field of study is international development I teach public finance and microeconomics political risk and international economic policy I care about technology policy economic policy I specialize in children and public policy I care about making development programs more effective the prospects of poor workers in the job market I care about building essential infrastructure in the developing world voter turnout and electoral behavior I am the interesting Ameri mental issues I care about emerging markets policies ultimately about people's lives in the 21st century there is a critical need to re-examine public policy and its impact on people's lives we believe the challenges in our world are evermore complex and requires a university seek ways in which it can harness its resources and expand its capacities in a way that will respond to these challenges this extraordinary philanthropy will enable us to do that this is about fulfilling our mission about doing good to be able to not only to study and to teach and to train but actually to affect the world the world's problems don't come packaged in traditional disciplines to make good policy we need faculty that think differently from one another working in teams well bringing these experts from everything from engineers to economists to political scientists to sociologists together to craft solutions that cut across boundaries you don't have people from one discipline making policy usually have people or lawyers people who are sociologists people who are politicians people from different walks of life I think GPI has enormous long-term potential having a really high quality group of faculty interacting with very high quality students and right here in Washington DC locating them occur at school in Washington allows Georgetown to propel itself into an era of intensive data analysis when we think about the keys to policy formation it needs evidence it needs rigorous evidence and fortunately we live in an age where the amount of data that's becoming available is absolutely exploding through a remarkable philanthropic investment by alumnus Frank McCourt Georgetown University is now positioned to have a transformative impact on the study and implementation of public policy this gift represents the legacy of an extraordinary family Georgetown has been a huge part of not just my life but my family's lives because it's it just made us who we are and we've embraced the values and the principles they're so evident here at Georgetown and we try to live them every day we believe this is the right idea the right city the right family the right University at just the right time it just seemed to me to be the perfect opportunity to connect Georgetown's core strengths in core competencies he had a profound and intuitive grasp of what public policy could mean for the development of Georgetown and as a field the kinds of contributions it could make to addressing the challenges in our world today I believe Georgetown is perfectly poised to take this challenge on and do things that really position this university for great relevance and great impact over the next hundred years I am thrilled that the Georgetown Public Policy Institute is now the McCourt School of Public Policy and we're gonna go get them I'm extremely excited and this is something that we have been looking forward to for a very long time those of us were lucky enough to be here in the right place at the right time it's unbeatable great University great location we have an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in the policy debate when people are looking for good policy advice why would they want to take a plane somewhere when they can just take a cab to Georgetown I have no doubt that this school will become the preeminent public policy school in the world it's a rare moment for any university to have a dream this big and to find a partner who shares in that dream and together we have an opportunity to do something that will be truly extraordinary

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