okay going live here in Annapolis from the u.s. Naval Academy not far from Gibson Island where Bob Muller and the Rockefellers the Baker's the signing fans the Garrett's the Reynolds all the gangs of all the Millionaire's Club on Gibson Allen not far from here so I wanted to react to Muller's statements if you listen carefully first thing Muller said was there was definitely an impact by the Russians and these were GRU agents these are GRU intelligence officers that affected the election so that was the one thing that Muller again reiterated and I think the important thing here is to take him at his word again these people affected the 2016 election and they affected one candidate over the other I say they affected Trump they tried to take Trump down he did not say they tried to take Hilary down he did not say they tried to take Trump down he said they tried to take a prove a presidential candidate down and again Muller read his first words and his first words today restates how important these GRU officers were and how fundamental they were to taking down our democracy again you would think you would think if they are so critical if they are so important if they were so fundamental in taking down our democracy that people would at least go to the trouble of learning a couple of their names for people to learn the names of krylova and boga Chava krylova and boga chana that's what Bob mother said affecting the election because and we're at the Naval Academy because this is basically brob Muller's primary recruiting round for what he's recruiting political operatives the same equivalent that would have been recruited in Moscow again this is the prime training ground for people who would know about the nuclear industry nuclear submarines being the most demanding form of nuclear reactor the most demanding conditions they would know about ending that a regular missile system than a terrestrial based missile system they would know about radar at sea which is much more demanding and much more where you can see things on land you can't see things through the water so the applications for the tolerances here's our famous table metal here I'm guessing that's I'm guessing that's John Paul Jones there this isn't gonna you would think if this these two operatives that got in in 2014 they did this eight state tour shook to democracy to it's very foundation so much so that in the two years since Bob Muller has been doing the investigation this is the only time he has spoken publicly it's the only time he's spoken publicly and his first words were about the GRU operatives wouldn't you think all the pundits and YouTube channels and mainstream media channels and so forth would devote at least a little time to who boga chavin krylova were when that makes sense or you just Bob Muller has redoubled his assertion that these folks took down the election that you would have more interest than ever and who Boger chavin krylova were let alone going to the next level let alone going to the next level which is any name beyond those two we've of course have tied boo Tina to uranium 1-butene a– to the Iran nuclear deal in town through pre cozen through arms women weapons deals through pre cozen through kiss will yak through the whole uranium one connection again no one else's Barrett barely been able to lift a finger with regard to research as far as bug boo Tina again Trump could easily remove all doubt prove this channel correct by simply publishing the ninety nine nine point eight percent ninety nine point eight percent solution which is already sitting in the basement of the Congress basically you could say look it's about krylova and Bogut Jacob why why is Bogut shaven krylova so redacted because they don't want you to know about the Rockefeller dinners they don't want you to know about the Hank Greenberg dinners they don't want you to connect the dots and figure out that wait a minute when Muller said GRU operatives we're trying to take down a candidate he wasn't talking about Hillary he was talking about Trump he was trying to say that they targeted Trump and I have facts to back it up I have dinners with transition members and meetings I have names to point to on the Trump transition team like Rockefellers daughter I have the daughter of Renaissance technology of Mercer I've got Rebecca Mercer on the Trump transition team I've got at least three meetings three dinners with JD Olsen on the transition team in the month of October with boo Tina Russian operative I've got many meetings during the summer of 2016 with boo Tina at Bistro B I have boo Tina after the election with a delegation of 40 from Russia reading them at Bistro B as they get as they're getting off the train from New York so again the reason why they don't want to drill down on bogus Avon krylova booty no why wouldn't they want to publish their art in Aries why wouldn't they want to say hey this is the Stallman Louise and Charlie's Charlie's Angels this team took our democracy now we can't let it happen again I just heard Jake Tapper say that again heard Wolf Blitzer say that again I heard Dana Bash say that again we can't let it happen again they're gonna attack again the rescue the Russians are going to attack again well why wouldn't we want to publish their names why wouldn't we want to publish their pictures to avert this attack on our democracy ba ba ugh who's at the company which is Mark Lambert's friend from terror attack terror attack four terahertz technologies so we don't know the story there but again it's worth probably looking into the CIA this brick mansion that somehow they just couldn't sell they tried over and over and over to sell this mansion they just couldn't sell it it's in Royal Oak because about two miles away from again every time I see Dick Cheney and I see Donald Rumsfeld living in a small town and I and a place has a history if CIA handoffs I immediately say well where was Bettina again and it's by its it's working theory but somebody and we had to have some place where boo Tina got the 20 different hand offs for that for the 2.2 million dollars to me currents it had to happen somewhere okay so again trunk can declassify all this and make it simple but I'm just looking at places that are probable until we have better information and saying we should again Devin Nunez Devin Nunez is the one who says Devin Nunez is the one who says there's a whole section on Betina in a house intelligence report not me Devin Nunez says there's a whole section wouldn't that logically be the first thing that you would want to declassify let's declassify everything Russians Russians Russians who are the Russians three Rutina krylova Okajima you can immediately declassify the 99.8% unredacted report that's currently sitting in Congress already that's easy and immediately declassify the section for Rutina no by Devin knew the house intelligence report or how about just the testimony of Bettina remember April 2018 last spring latina testifies in front of the Senate now I would immediately declassify her testimony why because if you remember task force and I go up to her house we start looking at all the different locations and connections between butene and Carter page Carter page lifted 5201 Wisconsin we've got several other people at our story that now that lift it live at 5201 Wisconsin up by the British Embassy right across the street from the Russian see and we have a lot of her betina's house right next door just up the street a little bit in Tenleytown so we're looking for Latinas residents we're going to different locations looking for struck and Pete Lisa pages residents etc with Task Force by the National Cathedral and then two weeks later they seize everything at boo Tina's house they seize 12 terabytes of information why did they seize it publish it or to seal it and destroy the evidence again it seems like task force and I wouldn't have went up there this is st. John's I believe task force and I wouldn't have went up there if she hadn't testified in front of the Senate we know she's important because she testified in front of the Senate in April of 2018 we know she's important because two weeks after task force and I went up there to her house trying to find out where she lived they raided her house they raided her house know if she was just a student working on a white paper about Stalin you know and causing a famine in Ukraine and killing a million people 100 years ago doesn't seem like that would warrant an FBI raid to her house and again they collect 12 terabytes of information one hundred and two thousand hours of recorded conversation one hundred two thousand hours of recorded conversation 1.5 million documents if we hadn't had her down with the Ambassador with the Deputy Minister of Defense and with the key architect with over 20 drops over 20 money drops with the key architect of megatons to megawatts I wouldn't be talking about it we know it's important Trump again