An MBA is that degree that will take
you to the next level. So if you start without much experience this will be the
boost into the job you want. And the way we deliver that Swinburne means that
you’ll have a career-ready skill set. So won’t just be theoretical knowledge,
you’ll get all the skills you need to to be a real manager we have students who
wish to change careers, so engineers, maybe accountants, people in the medical
field who want to become managers and what they need to do is get a
qualification that is broader and teaches them management skills. We also have people who want to get promoted, and the best way to get promoted is through
a really industry engage qualification. Through the MBA with Swinburne Online
I’ve already had a promotion, I had a promotion before I was even finished the
degree. That’s significantly increased my income which has allowed me to have a
lot more stability and freedom in what I can do. And because of our industry
connectedness we know what organisations want and we know why they’re hiring.