What you’ll learn throughout the degree,
firstly you’ll learn about yourself, so one of the key things a really good
manager does is understand who they are, what they do, and how they make decisions. Swinburne Online really improved my leadership capabilities, there was one
particular e-Learning Advisor and a couple of her subjects really helped me
to dig deep and bring out that potential. So one of the biggest things I’ve taken
from the course content and applied to my work life is through a lot of
leadership skills and different strategies in ways to manage people and
lead people. I’ve been able to attribute a lot of the skills that I’m learning
and put it straight into real-life situations. We have career ready
graduates, so by the time you graduate from a Swinburne degree you’ll be ready
to work or ready to get promoted, change careers or move up within your career.
All the tools and content that Swinburne have offered me has really made me feel
confident that I can complete this course and opened so many more doors that weren’t available to me before starting. I can do these things and I now have the
confidence to not only do the job that I’m in but to put myself forward for
further opportunities.