In the years since 9/11, employment opportunities in what we’ve broadly defined as national security have multiplied, and so we wanted to create a major that would prepare students for that range of possibilities. They will take government courses, global politics, a variety of political science classes. They’ll also take law classes–constitutional law and also the American legal system. They will take courses in business, economics, psychology. We wanted to create a program that would respond to the changing marketplace and one that was cutting-edge, and we were delighted that we were able to achieve that, and we’ve received recognition, not only here in the northeast, but nationally throughout the United States, as far away as California in the LA Times. If you come to Misericordia University, you’ll deal with experts on a number of different issues, whether it’s the former Soviet Union, or law, who will give you that in-depth analysis. You’ll take one course that gives you a historical overview of U.S. national security, looking at major case studies of intelligence failure or national security crises. It’s an excellent way for students to transition into employment opportunities in government jobs at the local, state, federal and international levels. We study anything from constitutional law to national security. I’ve taken a course on international law. I’ve taken comparative government. We actually just started the Government, Law and National Security club this year and we plan to have some fundraisers and service activities and be able to bring in people from off-campus such as the FBI agent that came a few weeks ago to talk to students about career opportunities and what’s available after they graduate. Frances Townsend, who is a former White House counter-terrorism adviser and a CNN correspondent came to speak to students about her job in the White House With Government, Law and National Security, they have various programs from comparative government and consitituional law and law seminar and national security, so again, a real broad basis of different topics. I worked with the United Nations most recently in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, as well as in Côte d’Ivoire, and the Government, Law and National Security program is a program which could give students a good basis from which to launch any one of these careers.