Hello friends Come, let us talk about the Maharashtra politics What all happened in the past one month.. and what questions does it raise about our country’s democracy Its a very complex story and there are a lot of twists and turns So I’ll try my best to simply it and make you understand it Come, let us begin from the start The Maharashtra elections were declared on 24th October, 2019 In total, there are 288 seats in Maharashtra 148 is the majority mark That is, if anyone has to form the government then more than 145 seats would be required BJP got 105 seats in this election, Shiv Sena got 56 NCP got 54 and Congress got 44 The remaining 29 seats went to the other parties and the independents Now, before the elections, BJP and Shiv Sena were in an alliance If they both came together, then 105 plus 56… The government could have been formed easily But there was a conflict between the two Shiv Sena wanted to have a 50-50 partnership with the BJP That means that if they both came together to form the government Then the post of the Chief Minister would remain with the BJP for 2.5 years and with the Shiv Sena for another 2.5 years But the BJP denied this (proposal) BJP wanted its own Chief Minister in place for the whole of 5 years Now the Shiv Sena says that the BJP promised a 50-50 partnership earlier and it is not fulfilling its promise after the election results So this is an internal matter of the two and we do not know what the truth is Whether the BJP did promise this in reality or not But Shiv Sena expressed its displeasure towards the BJP for this reason and it began talks with the NCP and the Congress From the day of declaration of the election results until 20 days later, this was talked about in the media Reports kept coming in the media about how the Shiv Sena was talking to the NCP Now it is meeting with the Congress Now this is happening with the BJP So all of this kept happening On 9th of November, the Maharashtra Governor invited BJP to form the government Because BJP was the single largest party and a period of 48 hours was granted for the BJP to prove majority The BJP rejected the offer and showed no interest in forming the government After this, on 10th November, the Governor invited Shiv Sena to form the government And the Shiv Sena was granted a period of 24 hours to prove majority Shiv Sena accepted that it could form the government But Shiv Sena asked for a period of 3 days from the Governor to prove its majority and end its negotiations with the NCP and the Congress The Governor rejected this plea And on 12th of November, the President’s rule was imposed on Maharashtra Here the people started to raise questions. Why was the Governor behaving in such a biased manner? The Governor had given the BJP so much time to form the government Could he not have given some more time to the Shiv Sena? What was the hurry to impose the President’s rule? The Governor’s post is a constitutionally neutral post And if the governor of any state favors any party, so this amounts to going against the Constitution in a way The President’s rule remained imposed for around 10 days Shiv Sena challenged this President’s rule in the Supreme court On 22nd November, news started pouring in that the Shiv sena has concluded its negotiations with the NCP and Congress and they are ready to form the government In the night of 22nd November, news prevailed that Uddhav Thackeray will become Maharashtra’s new CM The next morning on 23rd of November, there was such a grand twist in our story that it left everyone shocked People had yet not gotten out of their beds in the morning when the news came in that Devendra Fadnavis had become Maharashtra’s Chief Minister again And Ajit Pawar had become Maharashtra’s deputy Chief Minister It so seemed to the people that the BJP and NCP had entered into an alliance together Another shocking thing was that at 5:47 A.M in the morning, the President’s rule was revoked And this new government was formed at 7:50 A.M in the morning Then the people started questioning even the President The President of our country, like the Governor, has to remain constitutionally neutral It should not be that any party should be favored So the people raised a question that the President of our country sometimes takes weeks to sign important papers But with regard to a decision that should have been carried out in front of the public in our country You’re doing it on a Saturday morning when everyone is asleep Is our President favoring the ruling party here? This is an obvious question that will arise in the minds of the people upon seeing this situation The second question that the people raised was on BJP and Fadnavis regarding their alliance with the NCP As a matter of fact, a lot of BJP leaders, including our Prime Minister, Modiji time and again have maintained that the NCP is extremely corrupt Party There is a famous line of Modiji, “NCP means Naturally Corrupt party” A lot of BJP leaders have been accusing that Ajit Pawar has a 70,000 crore irrigation scam case ongoing But they got ready for an alliance despite that! This means that they do not have morals of their own The person that you have been branding as “corrupt” for the past five years, now you are ready to enter into an alliance with him Infact, there is a famous tweet of Fadnavis of 2014 in which he had written that “BJP will never, never, never have any alliance with NCP.” What could be said here? There is a limit to hypocrisy! What happened next was even more astounding Sharad Pawar stated that NCP and all its MLAs want an alliance with the Shiv Sena and the Congress and not with BJP This gave rise to a huge question mark Ajit Pawar was already the Deputy Chief Minister and he was saying that the BJP and NCP are in an alliance together A question that arose was: Who was the NCP actually with? After this, NCP, Shiv Sena and Congress gathered all its MLAs in a hotel and they were made to pledge that they all were together and they would make the government in alliance All the MLAs were present there except Ajit Pawar The people raised questions that who was the BJP forming a government in alliance with? How is there a BJP Chief Minister in place? when all the NCP MLAs are pledging in the hotel that they want to ally with Congress and Shiv Sena The people then raised their questions that it was a Chanakya neeti of the BJP that it planned on buying out the rest of the NCP MLAs Rumors were rife that NCP and Shiv Sena MLAs were allegedly offered around a 100 crore rupees to switch sides BJP wanted time until the 30th of November to conduct a floor test when all the MLAs would go vote and prove which party should form the government The opposition politicians raised their doubts that the BJP was waiting for so long because it wanted to buy over their MLAs But on 26th November, the Supreme Court decided that the floor test would be conducted on 27th November There would be no delay and the floor test should be telecasted live On 25th November, some media houses like Times Now, Telegraph and News 18 reported that the 70,000 crore rupees worth irrigation scam ongoing against Ajit Pawar, in which investigations were still under way That case has been shut by the ACB But some hours after these media reports, some ACB officials said that they have not closed that irrigation scam case they have closed the remaining cases that have nothing to do with Ajit Pawar They haven’t shut down exactly that specific corruption case But some other people raised a question that was it a mere coincidence that the ACB has closed certain files of the irrigation scam in these few days? Then suddenly, in the evening of 26th November, Chief Minister Fadnavis and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar- both submitted their resignations They said that they do not want to run this government Fadnavis offered his own explanations of why they were doing this And Ajit Pawar handed in his resignation due to his personal reasons But do you think anyone would believe in such excuses? A simple question that arises is why were they in such a haste to become the Chief Minister? when they did not even have majority They did not even have the support of the MLAs and yet they wanted to become the Chief Minister This proves that they were expecting some NCP MLAs to vote in their favor later during the floor test And how would they vote (in their favor)? To me, this does not seem possible without giving money Until the MLAs would be bribed in some way or the other to vote in favor of the BJP, why would they do so uselessly? when they have been pledging that we- NCP, Shiv Sena and the Congress would form the government together So a very dirty version of politics comes to the forefront here that was also visible to us in Karnataka that the MLAs are bought using money I don’t think a clearer proof of this could be visible The same thing happened in Karnataka Some clips and sting operations too went viral in Karnataka where they were trying to buy these MLAs And later when the Karnataka government fell, and the BJP formed its government, even then it was accused that the MLAs were bought over In my opinion, this makes it very clear that a party like BJP, today, has no ideology They only work on the power of money They offer money to buy venal MLAs, they offer money to form governments And their government that is still in place somehow, it is in place only on the foundations of money One day a party will emerge that has more money it will buy over all their MLAs and make their government fall with extreme ease This is my opinion and there are a lot of proofs of this Not only in Karnataka or Maharashtra, you would get to see this in the rest of the states too Another question people raise is upon NCP, Congress and the Shiv Sena Of how NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena have different ideologies and yet they’re forming an alliance together What sense does it make to form this alliance? The Congress supporters do not agree with the ideology of Shiv Sena The Shiv Sena supporters do not agree with the ideology of Congress So how will this alliance hold? This will lead to the formation of an unstable government This is also political opportunism that these parties would do anything to grab power In my opinion, it isn’t too wrong of ideologically opposite parties to come together and form a government As long as the government remains stable and they have an agreement amongst them Because what happens in such cases is that the ideologies would overlap somewhere and the place where they overlap, that would be a moderate viewpoint regarding things So the extremist viewpoints of the ideologies on both sides would be abandoned And both parties would jointly work together on issues that majority of the public agrees with On which the Shiv Sena as well as the Congress supporters agree upon concertedly So, potentially, it could be a good alliance This is my belief, only if it remains stable, obviously. 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