[music] My name is Francesca. I’m from the Philippines,
and I’m doing a Bachelor of Business
Administration at Macquarie University. I’d say a really
good part of the business administration program would be the PACE requirements. It’s basically, professiona
and communityl engagement. What happens is, the
university gets you to engage with local
organisations, the governments,
local charities. and it just provides you with a
lot of off-campus experience, that you could bring your
classroom theory into, and just get more practical
work experience from that. It’s great because
it really allows you to engage with
industry experts, other entrepreneurs, and
people from the outside world. They’ll just give you
knowledge that you could bring into
the workplace when you’re finally graduated. I was offered the Macquarie University International
Scholarship, and it’s quite a
competitive scholarship. What you have to do is apply, get recommendations
from teachers, given your grades,
your extracurriculars, and write a personal
statement about how you can use your experience at Macquarie to benefit
your home back overseas. What this basically
covers is your entire degree, so
three years fully paid for, which is just
a great experience. What I’d say is a
really different thing about studying abroad, is just the diversity of the population that
you’ll find here. You will meet people
from all walks of life from all over the world, which I think is a great
learning experience in itself. You meet people from
Europe, from Africa, from Asia, and just to come
together in one University, to learn altogether,
and to interact with one another, it’s
a great experience. If I were to give Filipino students
advice on applying to Macquarie, I’d
say, first of all, explore your
scholarship options. It’s quite expensive
studying here, so I think it’s good to be able to lift that monetary
burden off your shoulders, so you’d be able to enjoy
your experience more here. I’d also, secondly, advise you
to probably live on-campus. It’s a great way
to meet new people and make new friends and create great memories. And thirdly,
get involved in societies. It’s just a good way
to really round off your university experience. You’re not just here to study. Obviously, you want good
grades, but at the same time, you want to meet new people. You want get involved. You want to get
involved in something that you’re interested and passionate about, so I’d really suggest getting
involved in a society or a student organisation. I’m a [?], but I also go
to Macquarie University. [music]