everyone this is the lego starwars
republic attack cruiser polybag that first came out in 2011 the larger-scale
Venator Star Destroyer that came with minifigures is one of many hundreds of
LEGO sets that I have not yet gotten and may never get we shall see but I got the
little one so let’s check that out Wow this is even smaller and simpler
than I thought it would be especially smaller it’s really tiny for a polybag
thing I mean it looks like it’s about two times
advent calendar size almost very very miniature but I really like the build it
is simple but it works really well for this type of ship it reminds me of when
I was pretty little and I would make ships kind of to this scale not Lego
stuff just using like scrap materials pieces of balsa wood and just other
random things that I could find you know gloom together draw a little rows of
windows and stuff and you know just this size is is really cool to be able to
amass a bunch of things up I think this looks good from many angles what I like
about at least is definitely the red strip which is just very rectangular I
like the rear third of the whole thing and the superstructure the most by far
and the side angles look pretty good just looks very rectangular with the
nose especially maybe a little bit of tearing would have been nice if they
could have raised up this section and then left this lower and I don’t now
that I say that I don’t see any good options for doing that within this scale
without doing a completely different build there’s certainly some other
options like wearing just a little bit larger and going with more studs on the
side construction I think for these side strikes but most of it I like and it
definitely gives me a good feeling overall
just thinking of building in this scale I like it overall and I think that I
personally would like to attempt more custom things in this sort of size as
well again I’m not sure if I will ever review the larger scale version of this
ship as there are hundreds of LEGO sets that have been made in the past that
I’ve not been able to get to and they continue to make far more every year
than I’m able to get to but this poly bag I think is pretty cool I think the
size is a little bit on the small side for its price if you got it at retail if
you got it as a promotional item then great and if you just want to build it
from parts that you already own even better still let me know if you have any
thoughts about what you’ve seen here and I’ll talk to you in soon