in the Oregon Legislature being the reading clerk is no small job even during a routine session but he has signed SCR 3 Senate bills 53 54 60 61 62 63 and this legislative session is far from routine at Ford delete no Lacey Ramirez holds the job this year in the Statehouse that complies with this chapter she reads with fast and from what I could tell flawless delivery attendants to facilitate the sale or sublease allowed under our RS 9 0.55 5 which is handy because suddenly she's reading for hours at a time Republican House members have insisted that instead of summarizing bills which is typical here every word of every bill must now be read out loud under RS 9 0.394 or 9 zero point six three zero the bills are full of legal jargon and can run dozens of pages her longest so far covered 62 pages and took three days to read and while she's reading the members are well the members ignore her they have to be in this room for the session to be legal but that does not mean they enjoy it or pay attention Carl Wilson is the Republican leader behind the move we are playing for time and we're looking for those opportunities that we have to affect this session positively for our rural constituents before we get out of here pressure is growing the bill reading slows everything down tonight 91 bills are backed up and waiting Democrats outnumber Republicans in both the House and the Senate in Oregon and Republicans started this delay tactic after the massive education funding bill passed over their objections yeah we look at it as the hidden sales tax that is to be borne by for the most part our middle income working families very difficult thing for them now Wilson wants Democrats to agree on something maybe several somethings he wouldn't say in order to drop the delay tactic we'll be more than happy to quit reading when we feel the time is right and we have some possible assurances that will make our constituents happy in the meantime the house is meeting three times a day and Lacey the reading clerk has her hands full there doesn't seem to be anything that can force the Republicans to stop the delaying tactic the legislature is supposed to be done at the end of June but it can be extended by five days at a time for ever I guess in the meantime the delay goes on in Salem Pat Doris KGW news