I will call on the member for Northside to say prayers let us pray Almighty God from whom all wisdom and power derived we beseech thee sort of direct and prosper the deliberations of the Legislative Assembly know assembled that all things may be ordered upon the best and surest foundations for the glory of thy me and for the safety honor and welfare of the people of these islands blessed sovereign lady queen elizabeth ii Philip Duke of Edinburgh Charles Prince of Wales and all the royal family give grace to all who exercise authority in a Commonwealth that peace and happiness truth and justice religion and piety may be established among us especially we pray for the governor of our Islands the premier Speaker of the Legislative Assembly the leader of the Opposition members of the cabinet ex officio members and members of the Legislative Assembly that we may be enabled faithfully to perform the responsible duties of our high office all this we are for that great namesake let us say the Lord's Prayer together our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever and ever I mean the Lord bless us and keep us the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious unto us the Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon us and give us peace now and always our name is be seated this Honorable Legislative Assembly is in session proceedings are resumed administration of officer affirmations none ridden by the Honorable speaker of messages and announcements presentation of petitions known presentation of papers and reports no other business have a memo motions probably member motion number 18 of 2018-2019 same-sex marriage court ruling continuation debate I the member from Barton Town West is speaking and we want to give him a few minutes to enter the chambers just to apologize to members for this very late start but it could not be helped as we plan to be here for 10 o'clock but it could not be helped the member for Barton Town West Thank You mr. speaker mr. speaker continue on from where I left off last night and I don't intend to be long but there are some things I need to get off my chest mr. speaker yesterday it was an article in one of the local online media hoses where it was reported that the SEO was disappointed in the position taken by the cabinet of the Cayman Islands with regards to appealing the decision that was made last Friday and mr. speaker when I read that story yesterday I was a little bit ticked off but I also recognized that maybe yesterday may have been a little bit emotional day we were members had to say what they need to see with regards to defend in our way of life so I read the story again this morning just to make sure after a little bit of sleep if maybe yesterday I looked at it with the wrong lenses as the speaker when I look back at the FCO was history and I consider the damage that they have done in places like Africa in India and even right here in the Caribbean and some people can probably say well you know Chris maybe those things are things of yesteryear when they were busy doing the little mischievousness or past behavior but one of the things I always remember mr. speaker is that past behavior is indicative of future performance and when you look no more recent there's an article that was published back in 2017 that read just to give you the headlines black and minority ethnic civil servants in the foreign office earned 10,000 pounds less than their white colleagues this wasn't in the fifties the sixties early seventies mr. speaker this is 2017 it was also another one article here mr. speaker from a few years back the headline was violent and brutal UK Foreign Office admits cover-up in st. Lena child abuse scandal and I won't get into the details mr. speaker but when you look at the FCO was behavior over the years or over the centuries in terms of what they have done across this globe you after of a certain amount of audacity temerity and Apocrypha to really sit down and tell somebody or anybody that you are disappointed in their behavior you must have lived in what you know the new term an alternative reality for you to get up and believe that you are any paragon of virtue that anyone can sit down or you can give anybody any advice mr. speaker when I look at the ultimate boss in the United Kingdom according to them it is Parliament and the full name just to the record it is referred to as the Honorable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and not an island in Parliament assembled the United Kingdom of Great Britain Great Britain and Northern Ireland I am curious mr. speaker as to why is it that the Parliament of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can pass legislation to allow same-sex marriages but for whatever reason the Parliament of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as chosen to allo Northern Ireland to not have seem sex marriage the very Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who pass legislation of basically said you know what Northern Ireland you don't need to do this which then makes me to ask the question mr. speaker is this issue really a human right mr. speaker when true United Nations Charter last night to refresh myself I did not find anything that said same-sex marriage is a human right Mr Speaker I accept the fact that despite the brexit vote the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union even though they may be on their way out and inside the European Union they have a court which my colleague from the Honourable underneath and from Savannah would speak about the European Court of Human Rights of already ruled that same-sex marriage is not a human right and we can now see that the very Parliament of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have a load Northern Ireland to basically not push through seems X March so I was a little bit curious mr. speaker why are is why is there this argument then that this is a human right when in fact it is not mr. speaker every member and it's always except official members knows what it's like the campaign and people sometimes it'll quit something play in politics I will correct them I said no no no no prior to 2017 you can accuse my playing in politics no I get paid to do politics and I know politics when I see so mr. speaker the facts there are 650 members in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Parliament the Conservative government has three hundred and thirteen members anyone can tell you there's a quick match of the 650 in each 326 to get a clear majority the conservative of 313 members they're short of having a majority the aweto mr. speaker and he got 10 seats from the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland and part of that agreement is that I will help you prop up your government but you can't push same-sex marriage on me so oh yeah they're very adamant against it they've made it clear that you're straight up conservative so the point is if the United Kingdom government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland there are no audio making deals with other politicians to see we need your numbers to come join or no must make a majority but the price for that 10 seats is that we we'll exempt Northern Ireland from same-sex marriage then why are we sitting down saying that this is a human right when in fact when it comes down to its politics they need their numbers and that's all it is I am NOT surprised mr. speaker when I would hear a congressperson from California get up and advocate for gay rights San Francisco the big cities a lot of votes and you have to go and represent the people that put you there I have no problem with that equally so I have no problem with a senator a congressman from Alabama Georgia or Mississippi a pause in the same thing because in this state he doesn't want it by you nor mr. speaker yesterday I lured to the fact that we're opening a door and we don't know who we're going to let through this door I accept the fact that people can love people accept the fact that people can't even love multiple people but that still does not give you the right to say you know what I want to be married come mr. speaker I can tell you something right now that came across me that really frightened me last night as I thought about this yesterday we're talking about it people the transgender they have to get their rights to that's what the T stands for in the LGBT community what's going out when a male who all of a sudden weeks of thinking is female I want to go use the woman's bathroom that's already issue in some places then you think about abortion rights where do we start with you spoke about even the people who want multiple disposes what's the speaker they're actually right now states in the u.s. that are actually trying to push through marriages between brothers and sisters and family members know some places already even in EU mr. speaker is already start looking at Lux in the relationship or incest just relationship between family members some countries still ban it outright and their argument for banning it o tre is that that Union would create the possibility of an L tissue where the child can come out with certain defects and everything basically coming from having brothers and sisters you know doing what it is that you would do to make a child and if they're arguing mr. speaker that this is an L tissue why they will not allow incest despite two people loving each other and demand in a right to marry and granted nor their sums there are some places that are already taking a more liberal view in that regard then the question were to ask ourselves mr. speaker even from my own standpoint what is more dangerous than even an almost sexual relationship between two men I mean does not is that not a l issue also for us here to consonant for others to consider the point of making mr. speaker is that when we open this door we do not know what we're going to let in and we're gonna let him and where it stops and we can't stop anybody from loving anybody but we have to draw the line somewhere and what is the best interest for the people and the country that is what democracy is about the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and no better example is that of that mr. speaker is the constitutional the political crisis and the economic crisis that is going on right now in the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as a result of Briggs it despite 48 percent almost after population saying we want to stay in the EU because it's better for us it's better for health reasons better for job prospect 52 percent said no and that 52 is pulling that out of 40 we don't have these kind of numbers but yet people still want us to abandon what it is that we have become and have accepted as a way of life Mr Speaker we have a responsibility I accept something become an international rate or international obligation for us to follow suit I accept that and this is part of the price we pay of being a British overseas territory but it behooves me that really United Nations stands this issue is not a human right it behooves me that we're the European Court of Human Rights stands this is not a human right and it behooves me that even in the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that even within Northern Ireland this is not a human right so then the real question is why are we really and truly pushiness and the question is what human right dr4 is the youth is the Chief Justice relying on the United Nations says is not a human right the European Court of Human Rights is that a human right and the British Parliament by its own exemption of Northern Ireland as basically accepted it is not a human right so then the question is what human right is he referring to mr. speaker as I said before this is politics and I accept one of the shortcomings that we have being inside being quote-unquote British is that they like titles some people like their MBEs some people like that will be easy and some people want a knighthoods and I'm gonna tell you right now mr. speaker if this is an attempt to get a knighthood they need to better than this because this is not a way to get it and I'm gonna say one thing clear mr. speaker cause the press release came out on Monday from the governor's office talking about tolerance the definition mister speak of tolerance is a low the existence occurrence or practice of something that one does not necessarily like and agree with with our interference tolerance mr. speaker well I can tell you this much when I look at FCO is history and the fact that they themselves had a ban on employees or gay working for them they were an exercise intolerance they have had employees who have committed suicide for being fear and avenues that regard because I am glad the cherem employees who have committed suicide from being a normal sexual for fear and yes intolerance when we in the cayman islands for decades have already been exercising acceptance because mr. speaker these people that they talk about are our family members they're our friends we have not tolerated that we have accepted them for who they are and you do not have the audacity the temerity already in progress a to come and tell me about exercise tolerance who is you when you have people killing himself who is you we look at whether you have done in South African apartheid OSU no no sorry and I'm father Jim is a speaker but I'm not yeah I'm not referring to the speaker there so it's clear I'm referring to the FCO yes I'm referring to the FCO that's what clarity but Mr Speaker I say this much in my professional life I have worked with senior people I would say across in British companies a word I've met some of them my first interaction was really when I was working with the Cuba's government I met some nice people and I've met some people that I wish to god I'd never set foot in the Cayman Islands I've worked at Keylong Wireless who's a English company I've met some wonderful people there and I've met some people who are one door they helped me get him a work permit to come here I've worked at the HSBC I've met some wonderful people and I've wondered know some of them even got here what mr. speaker one thing I can give people one thing I do give the English credit for me of mastered the art of divide and conquer mr. speaker at its peak the British Empire at a population of 485 million people spread across after globe the problem is only 30 million people were living in England oh then do you get 30 million people the control 485 million people you master the art of divide and conquer well one of the reason mr. speaker why the British Empire feel is because the English as is believed that all a person who can do the job right is another Englishman and unfortunately mr. speaker men who were designed to be garbage collectors and post office and an imposter workers was sent out into the colonies as governors commissioners and other senior position but it did not change the fact that the only thing that they were equipped to do was pick up garbage and deliver me and mr. speaker at some point in every country's history who has been a part or a one-time part of the British Empire the people rise up and said you know what enough is enough and when you look at a level of hypocrisy temerity and audacity that these people continue to operate in and then want to sit down and tell me to exercise tolerance I know my history yesterday mr. speaker and I don't know I know generally knows where we have private conversations you know made them public I said to the premier yesterday morning I am really sorry for you in government and the reason I didn't go into detail as to why I was sorry for the premier is that he has to work with people who don't mean the Cayman Islands no good yes the sadhana and negotiate into a boredom knowing deep down inside they mean us no good and as such diplomacy 101 you can't say anything bad about the people you have to work with and you have to deal with I on this side don't have that problem and I can call them for who they are and for what they are a bunch of pockets mr. speaker we have a constitution that gives the governor power over the public service on a section 55 mr. speaker in this very same Constitution the governor appoints a chief justice in a sole discretion in this Constitution the governor also appoint the members of the Court of Appeal the governor position is the first position listed in this constitution before that of the executive the governor is an institution nice position and just as ho we have to watch what we see inside here as per our own standing orders for people who all constitutional positions in this country I expect the same of them respect me gets respect you cannot go out and make statements when you know that the very judges for the Court of Appeal is your score point the contracts for them to stay on is your store point and no I have to begin to question when the Constitution gives you that responsibility as your sole discretion I didn't say the Constitution did sole discretion the question is what and how are you no exercise in that discretion what is it that you're looking for in judges that we should be word for are you looking for judges now that gonna be pro-abortion are you looking for judges not gonna be progear right what are you looking for these are the kind of things we need to deal with cause mr. speaker let me tell you something I am 46 years old a lot of miles on me you all but Mr Speaker I do know one thing last Friday I got 71 calls and 17 missed calls and now I know some people understand it was a different thing but you'll understand that mr. speaker the amount of people that are upset over this issue and we have a constitution that tells us as a legislature that we must pass laws to the peace order and good government good government of this country I know they're brought no peace and no order because the Chief Justice has decided to overstep his constitutional bounds mr. speaker a message from the a speaker on cuz I get ready to wrap up now it's Rebecca Lee said this when them people blackballed you and you of all people know when you're blackballed you you know get nothing II will never get his net will because a euro bank okay and there's not that you can do that's gonna change that Attorney General are you rising on a point of order mr. speaker I understand as I mentioned earlier that this is a very emotive debate but I think we need to keep it very civil and the idea that somehow the Chief Justice might be motivated by anything other than the law is unfortunate and is unnecessary and the context of this debate your point of order being that is institution imputation not you and petition not achieve justice marvel member from East End mr. mr. mr. mr. speaker i I recognized that the the Honorable Attorney General may think that he has room here on a point of order but imputation is against another member and tort of five women glasses toward the five-seven May 18th mrs. begun I don't know exactly where but I know it's someplace 3rd – for no third of five for Nord 735 for no member shall impute improper motives to another member 35 for yeah but but Mr Speaker I have no recollection nor do I see the Chief Justice in here as I remember you gotta get elected getting ahead member and four to five goes on to say that and I am going to be fair to the AG but certified seven says the conduct of Her Majesty members of the royal family the governor the presiding officer members judges and other persons engaged in the administration of justice or of officers of the crown may not be raised or impugn except upon a substantive motion we have a substantive motion that's exception no mr. speaker if you saw things that my colleague is out of order then it's for you to rule their own but with all due respects respected attorney general he has no place in here to bring a point of order on iCarly mr. speaker I don't even need a stand in order to tell us that we need to be careful and how we speak about people who all these offices and try to impute improper motives are questioned the integrity that this basic decency does good decorum and I'm telling you that I think it is unnecessary in the context of just a bit to go there mr. speaker I remember me saying I respectfully respect the Attorney General if he's putting it in that order but he and asking my colleague and all of us to be respectful but he don't come up in here about no pie no order if his name is not if he's not being impugn I think what is being asked is that we remember that people are not here to defend themselves and and that and I would debate we be careful as he said not impure members conduct oh no ma'am I think you were getting ready to get me to wind up mrs. Meighan told you I would ask you to move on yeah I will the thing about this mr. speaker is that um and I think it's also clear as a member of this house who work very hard to get here mr. speaker if someone expects to see from their bench and beat up on my legislature the objects they were also have to accept that I have to stay from my position to say what it is that we need to say also I see mr. speaker is a problem that I have with this entire situation that has gone down as to put things in context I believe that based on the ruling that took place in Bermuda that recognizing that the Bermuda Court of Appeals already dealt with this issue I believe that the judges that were associated with that should have basically recused himself from this case because mr. speaker truth be told knowing that they honorable Chief Justice is a member the Bermuda Court of Appeals and they already ruled on this issue I found it hard to believe that you can say one thing to the people in Bermuda and say something else to the people in the Cayman Islands and I believe that and like I said maybe should have recused himself because I'm not satisfied that he didn't look at it with an open mind bearing in mind of what it is and I've been read the reports coming at a Bermuda they have also said in their own publications that well the Cayman Islands are this law inside their Constitution and look what happened to them anyway how about friends don't be VI mr. speaker ask him now to send you the judgment and other stuff because they are no preparing for this onslaught within their community yeah and I also recognize just like oh the Honorable AG point out my weaknesses a human being that many of us our own weaknesses are human beings too including yourself or the colleagues and even the Chief Justice we all make mistakes and all I'm saying is that this is one time that is made a mistake and okay I accept that maybe I went a little bit far but mr. speaker went closer just one simple thing and I've do I reminded you guys inside you already about the story of Jesus in the Bible when his disciples brought the blind mind to him and Jesus asks the man oh do you see people and he said I see them like trees she just took some spit rub it into mine eyes and then he asked him or do you see people no and he said I see them as they are Mr Speaker I see the FCO for who they are I see the United I see the Parliament of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who passed legislation but exempt Northern Ireland I see them for who they are and mr. speaker they need was 10 seats of the DUP to keep your government and that is all it is it is politics and mr. speaker just like oh they have the political right to look out for their people I also have that political right to look out for my people mr. speaker the first part of the Constitution that deals with this legislature says we must pass laws for the peace order and good government we not the courts and what we have right known mr. speaker is an assault on democracy and an assault on the will of the people and that I can tell you mr. speaker as a member for Bordentown West duly elected by put my money up and going out and getting the wishes of the will of the people like every other member inside here that is my job that is my right and that I will have to defend this is not a human right this is politics and I'm going to tell you when the brothers and sisters them start to say they won't get married and people want abortion and the transgenders and the polygamous and all of them and bestiality and pedophilia and all of that that you know arguing something else that is the door we're opening and Mr Speaker I going to tell you one thing I am NOT going to roll over and play dead and watch my society that my forefathers and foremothers were hard to build because some people just believe you know what this is a witness I want to love I'm not stopping anyone from loving anyone all I'm saying is you're human right can infringe on my human right now where you think it is anyway Mr Speaker I want to thank you all god bless and I really wish the two young leaders well at the end of the day we have chosen who they have loved and I respect that and I give them all the props for pushing this issue and at least Aven us that this it because it is something timely that we should have dealt with but at the end of the day it's still a democracy and it goes by the will of the people and that is a contravene thank you all remember for Georgetown central Thank You mr. Speaker I rise to give my contribution on wonders have been rightfully categorized as a historical motion and definitely will go down in history as some hands odds to be read over and over and over again I don't know where it may be read is my hearing or not I'm not hearing a loud enough maybe the volume from the control need to be turned up Thank You mr. speaker very seldom I'm I've been told that I don't speak loud enough but is that better sir Thank You mr. speaker as I was saying that I stand to give my contribution to this motion that will be considered a historical one that generations to come will be reading as to what each members view was or is and how we got to this stage and mr. speaker as the minutes hours and days have passed I realize that this motion before us is more serious than we will ever ever imagined and it's only until time has passed that we recognize what this means today so I hope in my debate to highlight some of what I believe is at play right now and what I think we the people of the Cayman Islands should pay close attention to and some of the things we need to think about now before I get into my views on this motion and my thought process about what we're facing as a country I want to take the opportunity to read my commitment to the people of Georgetown central upon which I was elected and mr. speaker if you need a copy I'd be happy to provide but I think it's something that I've read in this house before but I want it to be read again because it has context to what my delivery will be about it says to the people of the Cayman Islands in my bid for office this is what you can expect from me when making decisions on your behalf I promise to protect the interest of all commands first before any others I promise to always be fair to all people no matter the gender the race income bracket age or nationality I promise never to be influenced or driven by special interest I promise to consider all political viewpoints regardless who or where it comes from CDP ppm independence I promise to protect and maintain our culture and our religious beliefs I promise to never allow ego personalities Alliance or any other biases to hinder the opportunity to work with others that are elected persons to find the best solutions for you the people I promise to make logical fact-based decisions while using common sense I promise to always respect the position that I hold and the positions of the other elected representatives regardless if they are a part or a party or not I promise to always carry out my duties in a mature manner I promise to remain humble and have empathy when making all decisions I promise to always be honest and transparent I promise that all my allegiances will only be to you and never to a party or a group most importantly I promise to serve you with all my heart now that may sound like a political campaign already but it's a commitment between me and the voters of Georgetown central upon which I represent I also represent the wider Cayman Islands but primarily from a legal process position they are Who I am obligated to now Mr Speaker I want to get into what is my responsibility as a legislator and put it simply my job is to represent the majority of the people within my community on their thoughts so how do I do that with this very very sensitive topic mr. speaker the only way for me to do that is to survey the people quantify their views and mr. speaker you've heard of the referendum that was held in 2009 where much discussion has been about the commitment by many members of this house to put protections of marriage between a man and a woman within the Constitution so you've heard references to well that is an example of the people's commitment to protecting marriage and Mr Speaker I agree because I feel my people I talk to my people but the sad part about that statement Mr Speaker is we do not know exactly why the majority of the key million people voted for that Constitution I believe in my heart it's because the protection of marriage between a man and a woman for my religious heritage is the reason why but I cannot be certain it is not something I can say for a fact unlike a referendum that spoke specifically to a question do you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman only Mr Speaker I don't have that as surety but Mr Speaker I want to also read from another document that I have and I'm happy to hand it up to you for you to see but in my hopes to be elected here for the election I did a survey like probably what some of the other members of this house may have done to understand their constituents as to what to stand up for on their behalf in the campaign time what is the issues that are important to them and I want to take the time to read some of the things with your permission mr. speaker of what I had on this survey first question was what do you want Kenneth Bryan as a MLA to address fix focus on implement or change please number in the order of importance and I have a employment concerns on employment and wages be cost the living and have subsections like electricity food water business fuel education C education the health insurance and cause basically health housing business and children insurance as a subsection E iguana's as a pest because it was relevant at that time still relevant today F the dump G crime each cost of doing business I discrimination against K Manion new subsections against c'mon Ian's gender race convictions like criminal records J immigration matters subsection work permit numbers lack of enforcement K trade schools L pensions subsection losing money concerns not working should it should it be mandatory why we have pensions M attention to the less fortunate n corruption and most importantly on the survey in respect to this discussion today o seem sex marriage for or against mr. speaker I have twelve hundred and fifty-six voters in my constituency I surveyed over 500 and I have the documents at my office for history not one person in my constituency even answered that as a matter of priority for them not one and I say that mr. speaker in context to my responsibilities as a representative my job as a representative is to come here on behalf of my people talk to them find out what they want me to do and come and put their voice here in this honorable house my stomach my heart tells me that my people do not want same-sex marriages again I go back to the fact that I don't have a fart and I think Mr Speaker we should have had a referendum on this topic ages ago because they would given us a clear sign to everybody that wants to know how we feel about same-sex marriages why we are here now today mr. speaker is because of a number of reasons and some of those reasons is that the stance against and the protection of marriage has not been clear on behalf of the people mr. speaker we've heard discussions about the Chief Justice's ruling and I want to be ever so gentle in my delivery I don't wanna be before the courts ever again so I'm gonna be cautious with that but he said some very important things in his judgement that we had the opportunity to rectify problem before it got to the stage does that justify the speak the chief justice from making a decision that he made in my opinion no mr. speaker he had other options and the appropriate option in my mind would have been Sen that solution back to the people and the people of Georgetown central is Kenneth Bryan in this legislative assembly so I believe is wrong and not but Mr Speaker we have a serious problem and here's the problem mr. speaker this motion is asking us and forgive me mr. speaker as I find the motion I can paraphrase mr. speaker this motion we have to recognize what it's asking us to do the motion is asking us to appeal to a higher court that the Chief Justice didn't have the authority to change the law the motion is not saying that the Chief Justice was wrong that the complainants rights were violated and as and as awkward mr. speaker is that reality may be this is where we're at we have a bill of rights in our Constitution we also have within our Constitution the protection of marriage it is conflicting I think we can all agree on an and the Chief Justice was right to say they are conflicting and it needs to be fixed mr. speaker I am a Christian and I am very very proud of that no one will ever take that away from me and I think the definition of marriage is one that has a religious context to it now there may be other people in other jurisdictions may disagree with that the Chief Justice even referred to it in his ruling talking about when the state took over the conventions or the the ceremony of marriage from the church so before the state had marriage it belong to the church that's in his ruling not mine so for me as a Christian believer marriage by definition is God's God's Word not the state's Word now mr. speaker what we've come down to now is what's the what what is perceived in different jurisdictions as what marriage is and over time in the UK our mother country that interpretation has changed it hasn't changed for us as K manion's it hasn't changed for me as a representative and I have no indication on behalf of the people of Georgetown central that they think that definition is any different either even though we don't have a clear measure there's no tool there's not way to quantify the people's feelings because we've never asked them directly we always assume so I think we filled with that so this goes down to a matter of definition and I was reading an article beg your indulgence Mr Speaker I paraphrased again Mr Speaker I was reading an article yesterday about the various different views of what the definition of marriage is and what the argument points are and there is some psychologists and neurologists that say you can affect a person's viewpoint on something if you force it on them and I believe the actions of the Chief Justice changing the narrative of marriage without the people's voice involved in it through us the legislators is him forcing the definition of marriage and I think that is forced from his interpretation as to his obligations to mother country England now in the article also had talked about a definition of any word is about what the majority of people in in one area believes it to be and what that did for me was clarify that my view of marriage and England's view of marriage can be two different interpretations so what it boils down to a mr. speaker and this is the crucial part that we must think about this is going to boil down to the crossroads of our relationship with the United Kingdom because guess what you know what we all are as came on we are grown children living in our parents whom I know what I believe marriage to be but it doesn't matter what I believe it doesn't matter what any one of us in here believe marriage to be if we continue under this relationship and by all means Mr Speaker I am NOT suggesting that we go independent but we have to be honest with the realities that is facing us as a people we live in our mother's house and what our mother says is what was and until we as if people recognize the reality before us we're playing games let me tell you something mr. speaker and for the people who are listening this motion is asking us to appeal his overreach let's say we win that appeal you know what will happen he will have to change his order or some process will be changed as to coming back here to the house and you know what it will then be first to find a solution to the rights that were violated because nobody this motion is not calling for us to say that their rights were violated is saying that he he took the responsibility that was given to me by the people of Georgetown central and it was given to each one of us by our people in our constituencies that's what this motion is about it's not about the fact that those rights were violated mr. speaker it's time to get into what rights were violated and again I remember I want to remind this horrible host Mr Speaker we are grown children living in our mother's house in the summary of the ruling of the Chief Justice on page 26 it lists those rights under the Bill of Rights that were violated a the right to private life and family rights be freedom of conscience see freedom of expression by basically saying that they're not allowed to get have any kind of Union not even specifically the marriage but any kind of Union I'm not allowed to express my commitment to my partner freedom of movement due to the restrictions placed on the second petitioners understand and the petitioners daughter's right to remain in the Cayman Islands as an immigration matter II as it protects the right to follow the family so they don't have a right to become a family based on the fact that we don't allow them to have marriage F freedom from interference with the peaceful enjoyment of property and G protection of a child's right to family and parental care mr. speaker the fact that they don't have the option to get married or have some sort of union has violated those rights a common sense stuff now so the question we have to ask ourselves is recognize mr. speaker that if we are successful with this appeal that means we have to come after this Parliament and create a legislative structure that allows them to have these rights because we're not talking about the fact that their rights were violated we're talking about the fact that the Chief Justice did the job of the people and he doesn't shouldn't be doing that well he has the right to do it or not could be another time for another constitutional change that needs to happen because as far as I know he had every right to do it whether he should be doing it is another question but that's another debate so we have two very have to rectify these violations of these rights that means in simple terms two things we either accept same-sex marriages and I don't agree to that and I don't think anybody in this horrible house agrees to that because of our Christian and hair and our Christian heritage and our cultural norms to that or we have some sort of union that allows them to have those rights because otherwise we'd be sued every day that's the reality whether I agree with it or not has no bearing mr. speaker let me make the Honourable house know something the petitioner in this is my constituent she lives in my constituency I have an obligation to her she is not a part of the majority and respected seen seeing sex marriages but I am obligated to understand her views and her rights that's what they sent me here to do and I cannot agree and my in my role and my responsibilities that these rights were violated now if we are saying that as a people in this country we do not think that a person who is of the same sex should be allowed to have a child if we are saying that the people of the same sex should not be allowed that their partner have immigration rights to this country if we are saying they shouldn't have the fright the freedom of movement freedom of expression freedom of private life well let's say that but I'll tell you one thing there's only one way you can say it because England is not going to allow you to do it mr. speaker the only one way you can say and that's independence that's the situation that we're in we live in our mother's house I agree with everybody in this horrible house that the Chief Justice chose to take the power in his own hands but you know something as serious as that is I want the puncher to know that even when we were successful or if we are successful not when if because I want you to recognize all the things that are against this honorable house today we've got a governor who's already came out and said he supports it now what part of the ruling he supports I can't say what he says supports it was that does he talk about the overreach that that is or the power that's been taken away from the legislators he's talking about I don't know the Foreign Office has said they're disappointed so what do we expect to happen next and we as a people my job you asked me to represent you and to be honest with you and I'm being honest and I think that we as a culture have to recognize the reality that's coming I'd be honest yeah I'm worried that it might be too late the Chief Justice was right by saying we had an opportunity I am failed to because there's two years now I've been before this house I should have come and said let me bring a motion to have some sort of union so I fail to but unless we are saying we don't wanna give these rights then we are called for independence that's the reality that we have Mr Speaker and this has nothing to do with my religious foundation because nobody got questioned whether I believe in Christ or not they have to face God not me and at the end of the day if I feel too uncomfortable with my role as a representative I will resign but I tell you what my job and as I said before in respect to my commitment to the people I'm gonna be honest are gonna be fair gonna be straight and I won't tell you no lies and that's the reality that is here and I don't think that if we don't start thinking about that now we got ourselves in a mess that's the reality that we're facing now if you want somebody else to tell you a lie not the guy for the job I'm gonna be honest I'm gonna tell you what I will continue to fight for the majority of my constituents because all of them that I've spoken so to said they don't want same-sex marriages what the question is would they allow same-sex unions and we have to ask the people because I believe that the UK won't say on a two-faced a you living in my house you wondering how I like to do it that's what they're gonna say that's what I believe they're gonna say and they've already shown signs of it mr. speaker I'm disappointed this sounds like a parent doesn't it so maybe I said to myself mr. speaker gonna tell you the truth this bothered me so much I pray it on my bathroom floor this morning on my bathroom floor after my wife and my kids went to sports day because I didn't know what to do the UK has put us in a position decide our religious beliefs and rights and I think they're mad I think they're upset and I think they want the sole marriage between same-sex donar thought because the truth is the Chief Justice and I am sorry if I'm stepping on the place I know that the Attorney General may have his views but I think he could have used his conscience to say let us go back one more time to the people's representative to find a solution rather than ordering that he knew mr. speaker that the people of this country would not be happy with same-sex marriages is not a part of our fiber and our fabric as a people yes we have to give them their rights but you should send it back let us figure it out let the people figure it out maybe your signal as a Chief Justice to say under gonna get sued this is wrong this is wrong maybe then we would have wake up but he struck the pen and I tell you something whether he liked me or not I do not respect him for because he had two options he didn't have to choose that option and I believe in my heart that they were instructing him to take that option rather than send it back to the people yes we all have to give him their rights yes we got you um their rights we could have found a different way Mr Speaker I feel I feel it for those who are disenfranchised in our community but my responsibility as a representative is to represent the majority and that's what democracy is the majority of people in my constituency has said to me and this no you can't say what bar the survey or the the Constitution or they referendum was ten years ago I did my own poll in and that's just under two years ago so I can speak out from an informed position that's what I do whenever there's something serious I go to my people and I ask them so I got foundation understand on and the people of Georgetown central the majority of them say they don't want cm sex marriages but I can't even say that they want seems that unions either because I haven't asked them that but it's either that or cm sex are cm sex marriages or independence that's the two options and I just want to be real I just want to be honest about what we're facing and I encourage the people of this country please understand what is before us understand it because we may have to if it's something that we are so committed to by way of saying we do not accept any kind of Union at all maybe it's time that we consider independence because that's the only way you're gonna get out of it that's the only way we're gonna get out of it I believe and ice try to say this to more of a positive note no mr. speaker genuinely in my heart I do not believe that the two challenges of our marriage system in this ruling generally really wanted to be quote unquote married religiously I don't think that they're saying I want to be recognized under God's eyes or under the church I believe they wanted a union one that yes our Christian heritage and beliefs don't support and it's hard I know it's hard for the people can you say listen I want representatives that there is that it's in there to stand on my Christian beliefs I am a Christian but our obligation in here is to do what the majority says and God forbid that 20 years from now that majority changes they're going to be obligated to hear that honorable member are you close to winding up or do I take the break at this point 10 minutes 10 minutes like you must sleep reported complete at this point you prefer to complete at this point Mr Speaker I think it's best that we go for lunch and then come back the house will take a suspension and come back at 2:30