a new study shows thousands of young lives could be saved if parents changed the way they took care of their firearms and now as news for Tucson is Eric Fink tells us there's a new push to lock up those who don't lock up their guns we take it one moment one hour one day one week at a time you you just go forward anything else wouldn't honor maverick Mike and Tracy Campisi are coming up on the three year anniversary of their 16-year old son suicide maverick shot himself with a gun at home after breaking the lock with a screwdriver the rifle was locked up it was in a case a double lock case it also had a trigger lock and the ammo was in a far different location Ethan's law just introduced in Congress would make unsafe storage of guns and ammunition that result in a minors injury or death a crime and punishable up to five years in prison it's named for Ethan song a Connecticut teenager who last year accidentally shot himself while at a friend's house playing with guns a new Harvard study shows more than 30 percent of youth firearm injuries and suicide could be prevented if adults locked up their guns and ammunition was kept separately the Campisi's back the legislation it would help prevent the impulsive type of accidents that occur a pulse of emotionally charged situations that always go bad and with the weapon could lead to disaster Edward shabbos owns two sons RN a tactical this is a common sense rule that gun owners should follow it's another law another rule to control firearms in another way and it's not necessary Shaw has argued some gun owners would be resistant now there's a lot of gun owners that are going to say well I don't want to lock my gun up because I have it in my home for a reason and that's to protect my home and my family against intruders so by the time I located unlock it and engage whatever threat I have then it's gonna be too late the Campisi's say yes there's an inherent responsibilities of a parent to lock up their gun just like they did on that June night three years ago but today they're all about prevention and advocacy all in the name of their youngest boy preventing a tragedy that's what's important to not let other parents and families go through what we're going through in Oro Valley I'm Eric think news for Tucson