My name is Dale and I study my MBA at
Swinburne Online. So I am currently the National Sales Manager at a sales and
marketing agency. Brands will come to us and they look for ways to grow their
brand presence. In my day-to-day life I travel a lot with work, so the online
study model really fit in well for me because I can do it in my own time and
in my own pace. Being someone that manages a lot of people I’ve found that
it’s really easy to take some of the coursework and apply it straight to what
I’m currently working on at the moment. So managing my MBA studies and working is all about prioritising study. Couple of nights a week and then some time on
the weekend, I find that I can get it all done. I would say to someone that’s
considering studying MBA online that it’s a great choice, it’s a really
convenient way to manage your studies and your work and your personal life all
in one. A couple of years ago I set myself a goal to complete my MBA.
Swinburne Online has really helped with this because I can do the course in my
own time and at my own pace I am now on track to complete that goal.