Thank You Grammy police but you may take your success at this point good morning to everyone yes the president the vice-president's members at the high table ambassador's distinguished give and all for the first course respectfully of your LMC excellencies Chief Justice the honorable members of the cabinet the speaker members of the UN family members of the diplomatic corps and there are representatives here distinguished ladies and gentlemen and protocol is respectful of that once more since coming into office the Paracas name and different partners have been engaging to ensure that they work in language the institutional reform agenda of the government the security sector is no exception today we are gathered here as part of that process in providing the solid policy bees in the security spectrum this is the first time we'll be having a national security policy under the leadership of the adviser to the President on security matters retired Cornell move IG at this point what I will do is to invite him to give the you welcome remarks called a faggy retire welcome thank you very much madam chair parcel it is indeed my pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to all of you on the special and auspicious occasion of the launching of the Gambia's national security policy the first of its kind in the entire history of our beloved country the presence here of His Excellency the President of the Republic and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces the Chief Justice cabinet ministers members of the diplomatic and consular corps vulnerable members of the National Assembly the heads of securities the homeowners and care persons of the area councils and so many leading organizations policymakers and experts indeed boost to suit the strength of our collective commitment to the success of the seeker sector reform and to promote a culture of integrity a lack of leads to create the intelligence of your excellencies and testing is gas totem and indeed comment His Excellency his cabinet the chairperson and the steering committee members including the Standing Committee of defence and security of the National Assembly for given us leadership guidance commitment and support in the development of the security for national security policy and also they are interest in the security of this country the national security policy have been developed and installation process will through along the commitment of the government of body military national security is indeed manifested in so many ways G of which is the establishment of devotees of the national security which is mandated to carry out the crucial and critical responsibilities of provided initiative support for the functions of the National Security Council and the coordination of the activities of the security sector among others ladies and gentlemen we are very good NATO business this strategic national government being officially launched by no other than his excellency president which is indeed a clear demonstration of his commitment and political will to the national security of our country as well as the security sector process the national security policy we are about to run today is a direct product of the coordination efforts from the office of the President and by extension the office of the national security however this achievement would not have been possible without in support the input contributions and collaborations of our various partners and stakeholders and all members of the country's security sector the national security policy in tears the national security concept for the Gambia it is a pertinent like our national palace and interest it compiles the tea shop of deceive development of the country furthermore it determines the current and if it affects the risk the opportunities and the challenges that we face as a country and identifiers the physic area of our national security included the instrument of national power or the kinetic limited areas that are highlighted and that you find in the national security policy in one of the most important issues of be the cross-cutting issues such as gelda and the Kanda grants and the host on triplet people it wants to highlight issues regarding 30 terminals management and oversight of the security institutions as we are 19 national security policy the drafting of the national security strategy is are going to ensure the implementation and also assist in achieving the set rules and objectives of this set policy document the national security strategy will have a time divine action plan that will outline the time that means and the agencies that will be responsible for a performance of particular tasks ladies and gentlemen the security sector processed assess our stresses in need for a comprehensive holistic and integrated approach with a paradigm shift on the concept of security focusing not proposal on the nervously but expanding the focus to include people's perspective so this national security policy we about orange brings together human centric elements of security such as human rights freedom and national development therefore in this plastic national security policy launch ceremony I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the strong partnership between the government of the Gambia and the United Nations the across the European Union African Union and other bilateral partners and by no means less significant the civil society organizations local community from across the entire country who provided empirical data and information during the funds and information – Nene consultation and political process upon which the natural security policy is partly peaceful I would like to now sing out and particularly Prime members of the international advisory firm the editorial board and attracting committee members not forgetting about the National Security Council for their extraordinary commitment expertise – difference there another for my Ahmed party to deliver his statement your excellency with – to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala when we initially started his journey of a security sector reform you had at the early resumption entrusted me with the Minister of Interior I was fortunate at the luncheon of the entire process at La Jolla and today al hamdulillah is the completion of the entire process I'm grateful to Allah to be present again perhaps and thank you for your self-confidence I want to take this opportunity to properly thank up initial the office of the National Security Advisor we too have been working closely on this policy and the National Security Council Technical Committee which had I had the honor to chair which select members from video services at the beginning of this year your excellency the president has mandated me to spend a little bit more than half of my time working with office of national security to accelerate this process and I want to thank members of the international action action it was not by sea group for the invaluable support and guidance particularly on behalf of a technical committee I'd like to congratulate what offer how s resource consultant attack began a general ka content this new appointment as NSA of Syria beyond and to wish him well excellency at the beginning of this process they are telling us the with us and it was a very difficult complex period in our history the UN's family United Nations thank you for being with us go through this journey from day one and the respect I'm not by the previous University here's what I believe is not Malawi Wednesday I'm representative I did who studied before process with us and her sleeping here to see the fruitful conclusion but unlike the message to be conveyed to her or not behind her exam she had also might seem to an extent opposition to the European Union particularly it is representative ambassador Attila knives for their partnership and support throughout this period the EU is the first international partner to turn immediately to our aid with a very heavy force and to demonstrate confidence and in terms a new heart-centered project called new Gambia and what of this is all to the personality of the Ambassador himself ambassador Attila other circumstances I'd like you to join me [Applause] let us also remember the great contribution of the savage chief for all their efforts and already international partners who supported you of this fun let me also thank the Minister of Justice who recently took over the chairmanship of the steering committee for his guidance and all those we help one way or the other in making today a reality they can be is no longer the same post 2016 presidential elections created a new nation new challenges new opportunities and new expectations it has also redefined our national priorities including our position within Africa and the world the Gambia is an enemy to Nam friends in our countries our national security concentrations must adequately respond to global dynamics recently our national interest in taking advantage of the new opportunities and Tuffle existence and without rights in the new Gambia we must pursue a forward-looking national security policy achieve the realities of a new era that is to say the governor must aspire to be the most powerful force for peace prosperity and universal values of freedom and democracy our nation's challenges and responsibilities will be to procure and sustain that role by harnessing African regional integration for appellative our people I notice around the world the protector of our African regional integration will offer the Gambia an unprecedented opportunity doctor the new relationships among our citizens and countries the term Africa's first human potential in support of shared aspirations and to create a pirate future by October yet as we seek to get our countries and governments closer the potential for African regional integration presents new complex challenges our interdependent is within the frame of the a new goal for one Africa all of us will also increase our vulnerabilities the forces like extreme nationalism terrorism crime environment of dimension and the conflicts flow of trade and investment that know no borders your excellency the new national security policy in summary is unquote on three core objectives first to protect our democracy and by extension promotes democracy in Africa second and has our security and that also began with economic prosperity your excellency distinguished that is in tension with these three core objectives they can be a strategic approach will be to work within global alliances to promote internal security because we cannot be secured at home if countries in our region are insecure similarly we cannot be effective install the original security if we are not strong internal together with nations in our region we must be prepared and willing to use all appropriate of national power in basic orders actions including the non-state actors towards collective security contemporary complex security environment demands that all our instruments of national power be effectively integrated to achieve our security objectives they can best aspiration to be the most powerful force for peace in Africa will continue to be guided by president barrels strategic objectives and I assure you that we shall deliver on them to foster regional efforts led by a quest to promote peace and security in our region Africa and the world the increased cooperation in confronting security threats that defy borders analytical solutions to strengthen in the military diplomatic and law enforcement tools necessary to meet these challenges and to create more jobs and opportunities for our youth through a more open and competitive system let me briefly focus on one of our own Williams emergence courage stretch terrorism and international crime both serious and put a subject or our nation's drug trafficking illegal trade in firearms financial crimes such as foreign country counterfeiting advance fee and credit card fraud and human trafficking economic espionage intellectual property terms computer hacking and public option all links international criminal activity and all have direct impact on security and prosperity of our people we will use a Memphis from Interpol to build global partnerships in fighting against global minutes while strengthening the financial crimes units of the Minister of Finance to curb the rise in white-collar crimes we must also prove the capacity of from law enforcement agency as well as provide additional resources for a national agency against trafficking in persons we will also come back by quality local threats land disputes resource-oriented violence in a fishing and mining communities inter-communal conflicts an excessive offensive and rising in the Muslim unity of Roman crime protecting our citizens including our vital national interest is an intrinsic and Sansome component of this policy the dividing line between domestic and foreign policies increasingly blurred my discussion recently with the chief of state Intelligence Agency I agree that this definition of foreign policy is nothing overdone aggressively forcing domestic policy abroad globalization enables terrorists criminals drug traffickers and or decline is an activity to challenge the safety of our citizens at home and the security of our quarters in new ways this goes across cooperation between both the central government and local government authorities and of course wide range of agencies including the Ministry of Interior and Defense the intelligence community law enforcement and civil society our efforts to counter these threats cannot be limited exclusively to any one agency within government these threats and their consequences beyond agency lines requiring gross cooperation of ourselves and our local authorities and I'm glad to hear on governors are here today and in industries that own and operate critical national infrastructure such as ID companies seaports and airports energy facilities and order sensitive installations on autopilot and orders in private sector for you this physical relationship must be done to ensure our domestic safety and our forward to another country that orders may be may attempt exploits in order to diminish our resolve to protect our collective interests we must therefore force the broader public understanding and public support necessary to sustain our internal engagement recognizing that some unpopular decisions taken in the national interest will ultimately be judged by where they are furnished the interests of the government people in the long term your excellency the Ministry of Defense and interior I keep primary stakeholders in answering national security what are the minutes of will give you is the parameter we must my policy deliberately provides sufficient resources and capacity to inhibit them execute that all-important mandate we must work equally forget the important role of our national army and I mean that for over 20 years also have been victims in an abused system than assaulted in inaudible people's confidence and trust in the last defenders of a sovereign nation it is not just ordinary can make sure we are victims the armed forces and institutions were also victims of the past game the Canada is now a democracy and this democracy would be incomplete if the relationship between its people and the onion remains for a satisfactory we already have a very dynamic and professional military High Command overseeing our and I believe this tassel skirts policy document which MZ is full control civilian control over the military could not have come at a better time but he can be armed forces to go under for civilian day-to-day control administration allocation the implementation of the UN Authority policy with for the first time in the history of the Gambia create the greatest opportunity to bridge the divide between our not some having and becoming it is there sir thus national security policy with the texts and balances and smear provisions for the signal control of our overall security forces your excellency we also going reforms in the gamin armed forces including right-sizing is laudable however I believe this national security policy has recognized the fact that such reforms cannot be the responsibility of the I mean alone in the absence of effective daily supervision and control of series of civilian political leadership and homicides these national security policy is very unique and must be commended as an instrument for the democratic control and accountability of our armed forces it concludes the Danube MBA needs and our force with a transformation on mindsets to serve exigencies of the Democratic defense different from the mild sense that did not work mean nurture but protected under self a brutal dictatorship over two decades essential but wonderful made if implementing this document we are not doing today will make any practical sense for our national security this is what happens in all democracies and began the edge it's not an exception reform of the armed forces such as right-sizing is much it's not intended to weaken our armed forces why try referee will continue to enhance our preparedness and our capabilities in order to be in a strong position to defend our territorial integrity and national resources your excellency I have found the report to the successful completion of yet another executive assignment the national security policy intended to enable our country to face the complex security challenges of the 21st century I want to thank your excellency for a strong commitments and political will that we had demonstrated throughout and for strong support you have given to me a technical committee that worked on finalizing the documents and all those who support across on the process once again I would like to congratulate the government of the Gambia your excellency and the citizens of Republic of the Ganga thank you for the confidence reposed in me along with the team that worked on this document at this point your excellency distinguished guests the UN European Union a and echo verse and our bilateral partners continue to be by the side of the Gambia while it sails through its transfer transition program high excellency the resident coordinator of the UN in The Gambia will give her statement on this location your excellency Seraphina vikarna please welcome to the podium representing the development partners community in the Gambia and the UN to witness in to Loudoun the launch of the first national security policy for the Gambia I would like to start by recognizing the presence of your excellency the president of the Republic of the Gambia which is a clear testimony of the political will and commitment to accelerate this activity secretary for [Applause] gentlemen this is a very important milestone in the security sector reform process that started in 2017 as part of the institutional reforms initiated by the government it is the result of hard work undefiled by the desire of the cambrian authority to reform and transform the security services after years of difficult experiences the national security policy provides a structured framework through which security matters are clearly articulated to create a security sector that is proactive responsive in countable we as development partners family here in the Gambia is fully committed to continue providing the necessary support to the certain piece agenda of the country the security sector reform process including a comprehensive implementation of the new national security policy is an integral component of this peace agenda you will agree with me that a lot of work and coordination will be needed to achieve the desired results of the policy and you can count on our continued support we are of the conviction that the national security policy would enable the government centralized command and control of the security services as enabling at the cod civilian oversight of the other activities as is the case in advanced democracies the national security policy would also bring the security services closer to the people and the people closer to the security services it will also allow men swimming jeiza in the security sector the national security policy maps out the way for the Gambia to be a shining example of gender equity in the military police and in other security areas all this the outcome of this is the relayer and more professional military which is based on quality rather than quantity we believe as partners that all this process we serve as a policy document now we address human rights issues in the city this sector your excellency distinguished ladies and gentlemen we appreciate the the fire sadness of the government to have already launched in Mary 2019 the drafting process of the national security strategy and the security sector reform strategy as to plans to implement this new policy being launched today and that of the security sector reform Assessment Report the development partners community here in The Gambia has committed to support the development of both the national security and SSR strategies and we look forward to their completion and implementation after the agreed time frame of 12 weeks this will put the country at the forefront of confronting the security challenges of the 21st century and address the security needs of all the onions your excellency ladies and gentlemen may I at this Junction then is this a steering committee and the able leadership of the Honorable Attorney General and Minister of Justice for providing strategic guidance and oversight of the SSI reform process I would also like to thank the International Advisory Group for continuing to support the design and implementation of the SSR processes please continue to collaborate in your efforts to provide a coherent and coordinated input to the process as a body United's to support the government into achieving its goals of reforming this sector in conclusion let me reiterate again the commitment of the Horne partners develop the development partners and including the UN to continue its support for the Gambia in effort to achieve its security sector for whores within the context of its wider national development plan I thank you all for your work that I have picked proactive accountable and the professional security spectrum I think this is very important the expectations of guardians and heartless alike include an adjusting our people to engage in providing effective and ethical services in our institutions honourable minister and Attorney General Abubakar combat who is the chairperson of this security sector reform steering committee I now invite him to give us an overview of the ls field that is the national security policy Honorable Minister in my capacity as chair of the security sector reform steering committee I am honored to welcome all of you to this historic event the luncheon today of the national security policy for economy the first of its kind in our country it's a clear demonstration of the commitment of this government under the leadership of his Excellency the president when ambitious reform agenda that seeks to align our governance architecture with modern democratic state practice the national security policy is the overarching policy framework for a comprehensive national security reform process that aims to maintain safeguard and defend the national core values which will ensure the safety security and prosperity of the Gambia as an independent peaceful safe and stable country it is the foundation of all other security policies practices and plans from which all the national security services shall derive their documents this include the security sector reform strategy the national defense strategy a national police and law enforcement strategy etc but the previous speakers particularly special advisor to his Excellency the president and the national spirit advisor have both provided some overview of this policy and I need not repeat their statements but the function of this policy today also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the past and for teasing out lessons for the future indeed the first of December 2016 created a unique window of opportunity that must be seized to transform our country into a modern democratic state too many things sometimes good sometimes paths have occurred in our country over the past two decades and they can be an armed forces for one reason or another has found itself at the center of those events well let me make this clear you can be an armed forces our armed forces they are the armed forces they are not enemies of the people yes they have been failures in the past when some of them did not live up to expectations and we cannot deny this obvious factor naturally this has created mistrust between our forces and the people that it seeks to protect and serve indeed this has been publicly acknowledged on several occasions but the reality is that every society every community every organization professional or otherwise has bad elements and so this is not unique to our armed forces the fact remains that an absolute majority of the members of our armed forces are hardworking honest and dedicated professional men and women who on a daily basis put their lives at risk so that the rest of us and our families can live in a peaceful safe and secure environment it is because of them that we can go to sleep at night with our families not having to worry about our safety or the safety of our loved ones and we must show gratitude to them for this desire moreover I hope withstanding what one may think about desirability or justifications our armed forces have helped over the past two decades the most attempts at trying to remove former president German from power as a result while others were jailed mail or went into exam at face value it but it illustrates their collective disapproval of former president damage we must therefore continue to build upon the mother's successes of this renewed civil military relationship since the change of government in order to inspire confidence and trust by the people the gambia emphasis must be really therefore to do what is necessary to shed its past image as an instrument of oppression Westbank after all is not demanded so you men and women in uniform you must regard yourselves as the guardians of our newfound democracy and freedom and this responsibility and expectation as far as it increased remain you can hear your time your services your skills and your professionalism I need it now more than ever before and you will continue to fly our national flag with honor pride and dignity expected of Patriots therefore we won't become be Armed Forces for all Guardians and not just so we must learn from the mistakes of the past and remove all vestiges of factionalism regionalism or other forms of this is a Gambia for all and not just for a few it must not matter whether you are a Mandinka full wall of jolla or so finally excellence distinguished guests allow me to dispel some misconceptions about the security sector reform process this exercise is not all about reducing the size or number of our security personnel this is perhaps at the bottom of a priority list and when it of course we want to assure everyone that it will be done we do it with care fans sensitivity and professionalism and that no one will be targeted on account of their ethnicity by religion or region our position size and equality the armed forces that we won will be molded in the best of military traditions with ones that are reflective of a professional army and proportionate to the size that we need as a country we must get this reform process right and very quickly as well because if we do not succeed in our security sector reform process we risk undermining everything else that we have built and are still building over the past three years most if not all will not come for much if we do not succeed in this endeavor the security sector reform process is therefore perhaps the most important of all reform processes in the country and we must as a government devote the resources both material and human necessary to achieve our objective words the key not wanted to peace to sustainable peace in our country the excellency distinguished guests in conclusion allow me to thank a few they have a nice time but I would like to single out a few on this occasion I would like to start with the National Security Advisor I'm a Southern woman by for his hard work dedication and commitment to this process it was however give him the support that he desperately needs to achieve some measure of progress in his endeavors let me also take this opportunity to attack the United Nations security expert to the Gambia you know telecon do [Applause] assistance to the office of national security and to me since I became chair of the steering committee and finally I would like to extend special gratitude to our brothers and sisters from Senegal and the sub region in a committee their presence here in the Garnier demonstrates a continued commitment of ECOWAS to peace and stability in our country the atomic forces are here for us our invitation as our guest and we should treat them as such at all times but again the reality is that they will have to leave us someday soon hence the audience's of taking maximum advantage of their presence in the colony to carry out the much-needed reforms in our security sector we will forever be grateful to them but their individual and collective sacrifices the sacrifices of their individual families and to their respective governments for availing us their services in the coming commander in Gambia Connors Duke who lost his wife who lost his wife in the car we are for everyone have a silent prayer when we talk about change and the country and the security sector in particular we are always talking about how we can move forward what are the best practices your excellency distinguished guests it is best practice to have clear policy guidelines for a successful implementation of any development agenda equally important is to have a required the required human resource base that is committed and is ready to dedicate its knowledge and skills advance the development of our country commitment to the state is a sure way of sustaining our policies next in today's together is a recognition of individuals who have worked so hard that resulted for us being here to be on that note I would call out in recognition of their national service it really in contributing to the development of the first-ever national security policy of the Gambia this includes Khadija Lucy please come forward a marsala Mamadou back to smile gallo demo Fiat a city guide and Sally podium these are the works who are present but we have others who are absent they are learning Japanese a boomerang longing quarter and Musa fan dog please give them a round of applause [Applause] who's smart gala is the necklace at this point we have a certificate to a group of people who have been recognized for their conversation in not only mentoring but that ended process for the development of the first-ever national security policy of the Gambia at this point may I call on his Excellency an animal [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] next we have Francois Swanepoel when we talk about developing policies we must have officially and how do not be shown mostly we see he does not have a vision of what they want so that direction excellencies ladies and gentlemen we cannot happen please allow me to invite the chief launcher of the national security policy His Excellency the head of state and commander-in-chief President Adam Ofuro the women he's keen on advice on this [Applause] the vice-president from Apple typically speaker the National ascendant my god he just Attorney General Minister of Justice a chairman of the security sector reform steering committee under ministers excellencies ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community the chief of Defense staff and heads of security institutions distinguished ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to be here with you today Robert the country's first-ever national security policy Tennessee this is a history and an important even as it demonstrates my cognate commitment to the transformation of our second sector and previous project a more positive appropriate and decisive step for securing our trip our people our welfare and everything that belongs to us the cylinders and gentlemen now set the stage I compliment the people of the caliber of our partners for the unity the resilience and language we generated to dislodge details and restore peace freedom under the national security policy that will be like today forget a reporter relevant legal frameworks seeks to protect obtaining these games listen gentlemen national security policy is the other series of extensive consultations and modulation exercises conducted nationwide it was developed through the preparation of all stakeholders involved called the private sector bilateral multilateral partners civil society organizations and local communities the product of these consultations laid the foundation for the formulation of this importance as it will be various form of security tests risks and opportunities associated with the secret sector and the country experience of Saunders it is difficult to successfully reform any signal set in the absence of the necessary and appropriate framework loci and direct each operation most need for a policy and strategy framework is more special and my government has launched the number of in cities including correlation between and among different institutions I'm transferring outward into a sustainable and economically viable democracy we can save the critical piece in increasing [Applause] the security and justice system that is more responsive to the company's needs this is what the attainment of the national security reason is but this test implicitly a safe and secure environment for the people my government is mindful of the current reality regarding the safety and security in our society and it's responsible to secure our day apart fulfilling this responsibility he plays establishing the basis to pursue the mission and strength in our national development plan the basis of growth development and progress peace security and study after its own notwithstanding the government responsibilities the overall aim of national security policy 2019 is for everyone to be responsive encounter in secret days while utilizing opportunities that prevail the NSP sets out the directions going to be take two circle of people and natural the policy sufficiently provides a robust coherent and study the upward tourists from collectively the national security test receive dissing making processes clear lines of account meet a pessimist from the execution of action I'm committed to building the nation resilience ladies objectively it is important to note that this policy is not intended to duplicate nor to overlap in order exist in sector plans policies and strategies on national security rather it is to strengthen effective coordination of the at implementation this national security policy as of that experiment concept of second Whitner in groups more traditional and new forms so trace and converse bottom an unsecured climate change natural disasters economy security environment unsecured automatic with focus of gender-based violence and the fight against non communicable disease ladies and gentlemen the national security policy about too much for a striped coronation at national level to achieve our security goals and studies protect our national security interests and facility proper management of resources contained on Absalon secure division the policy seeks to create the United and secured nation where in the people's Kobach welfare many way of life the total integrity and some protect the government origami with steady to the penis that hold the security of the nation and secure that security becomes that and so that security becomes a top man considering the importance link between development and see here perhaps of this judge we should remind ourselves of the common same policy should be as good as its Infinity's by this I have directed that and implementation started to be wisely Carter and without delay second motion plans to immunity when completed standing government should help by overnight and harmonize our national security policy efforts and provide a common framework with the entire nations to focus attention the national security study some foreign assets in mentally establishing of the nation to appropriate and some use of economic power diplomacy security and governance structures ladies and gentlemen in an increasingly complex and interconnected study if combined no country can do it alone therefore we can only succeed by working smart and working again I'm sorry we will continue to work closely and effective with our development partners in the sub-region the result an international community will assist our foreign partners in every way possible especially true capacity interventions resources comparison of experiences in this Phoenix automatically with sincere appreciation in support and assistance of our development before countries so can you a the e across a and our diplomatic and pilot for supporting and leading the drafting process of the national scale please I call service to communicate of our country all those who have contributed to the preparation of these national policy let me emphasize that strong an active cognition itself is our central or productive success as building and maintaining would one was close collaboration and strong policies recently our force national policy in mark the beginning of contact between government and the Gambia to build trust and confidence as well as new foundation of our next opportunity I'm saying I time old ambience and our partners what they are going to give support of my administration especially for supporting a security sector reform process it is now my pleasure it's now my pleasure to officially launch the governor's maximum security policy 29th may Allah continue to help us protect us and the one man sorry divine place and case of attacking [Applause] thank you very much excellent and thank you to determine Islam 180 citizens participation is for the mention in creating ownership those responsible citizens so they strengths and opportunities that exist ladies and gentlemen at this point would like to tell every one of you for taking time to join us in this national endeavor