as the rhetoric is rising to new levels it is too cold to plant in the United States too wet to plant in Brazil too cold in Spain too wet in Italy too dry in Pakistan too wet in Kenya and indeed around the world because agriculture is basically on pause prices are rising and serving sizes are shrinking if you've not noticed already you soon will now the governments of the world are intent on fomenting Wars and fabricating any means of distraction to keep your minds off of what's actually going on but the reality is that the changes and the sun's output combined with the loss of our magnetosphere the wandering poles and geoengineering all of these add up to spell certain catastrophe from modern agriculture now you see these headlines announcing it as a question have we reached peak food is this the end of cheap food but it's no longer a question Australia just suffered losses of up to 70% of some other wheat crop no usually a lot of that is bound for Asia so they'll probably have to go to the u.s. to get some of their wheat except await the u.s. is down 25% year over year as well yeah we're gonna have to zoom in on the day be here because you won't see a headline about that you will however hear about them here on this channel and you can see them on the crop loss map which I've got at ice age farmer calm slash map as an ongoing record of these things as they are mounting around the world and indeed you can see they are global now despite the fact that there are mainstream headlines acknowledging we are entering a grand solar minimum and open acknowledgement of the ramifications it's it's a world with food scarcity despite all of that those of us who are willing to acknowledge this and who want to help humanity move to be prepared are somehow still called climate deniers and there is an agenda perpetrated by the establishment against us the same thing is playing out we see it here it just tends towards the extreme it becomes jail climate deniers and then just kill them outright and we're seeing the same progression play out now with respect to gun control and begin with bump stocks and then it was give them an inch and we'll take a mile ban them all kill them you know that same progression has played out with the global warming narrative and a lot of people are still under that mass hypnosis although people are slowly coming around to that realization and if you were here watching this video then you have reached it and I welcome you because this video is also here to challenge you now to start getting ready for the times ahead because we have an enormous task ahead of us and just as the cryptic recei is actively funding giant indoor vertical farming and robotic bees to pollinate so too must we be standing up now our own agricultural production for our families for ourselves for our communities we must be surveying the incredible work of innumerable homesteaders and permaculture practitioners and researchers and farmers and indoor growers and everyone and assembling from these experiments and this knowledge a new toolset that we can all use because we're all in this together to move to the grand solar minimum and indeed this video is also a call to action to get out there and spread the word because we now have all the data we have the history we know what's going on we just need to wake people up and start working on this problem so be neither distraught nor distracted by these political stories in the press just stay focused and let's get to work please spread this message and if you see fit support my work on slash ice each farmer take care folks