getting into our Kickstarter segment this morning we took a look at what will be happening in a few lasts a few days but ID actually with just one day to the national budget reading a new report by the civil society led by CEO Cheney has shown that Uganda is not doing enough to reduce inequality through tax policy the report yesterday see a teeny country director gen no longer say the country has a regressive tax system with high dependence on indirect taxes like vit exercise and customs duty which are unfair she said indirect taxes are more regressive since they are based on the value of goods services and assets rather than the ability of people to pay this morning we have missed Sophia Hani from the tax injustice Alliance Uganda to help us make sense of these glaring inequalities and what it means to the national economy good morning miss Sophie nice to have you here we are all looking forward to this day as you have seen we have a promo that we are gladly running and everyone is looking to dissect and see who are the winners who are the losers already some are predicting and they can see what the who the losers are going to be and who the winners are going to be as we as we look forward to this day what what what is your anticipation because you you are the people working in there behind looking at the figures and looking at the past the past year and as we are getting into this year what are the changes you have seen what are the changes you are expecting is there anything you see different is there anything that you are anticipating this time around thank you so much anticipation is a good question because at this moment there is not so much that is going to change actually the new not actually the new but the current legal system that we are using to inform the budget making process this time around but they turn the budget is great everything has already been agreed upon members of client have already discussed and debated and any likely changes for a particular financial budget have already been inculcated so it's a bit difficult to expect any change now but since it's a cycle it's a beginning of a new cycle so the issues that we advanced in the beginning of this stage issues that are going to inform the next budget which is actually one of the opportunities that we have so it will be important to have a conversation now and then sustain it's not the whole process by the time we come back this time next year maybe something would have changed thank you about informing the next bit of things one thing that you are mentioning is that now we are looking to the other yes yes that are to come one thing is when it comes to inequalities it's not the first time this is being raised early this year in January actually it was raised and it was through the Fair Tax monitor Uganda report where it highlighted the inequalities versus our tax system we have continued to mention this but we don't seem to see anything changing yes and that's actually where I have a point of contention my view is that I think we need a different system that will answer to the issues that we are highlighting it's a bit disappointing to expect different results from a system that we will well know from its design for mixed formulation never anticipated to addressing